The true peak of Burning Spirits Cursed Audio is reached this week with a horrendous sounding episode. We’ve got Trump Rally crowds, tornado warnings, audible thunder claps, double and triple echos, underwater mic effects, ambient music, hypnosis directives and more to confuse and disorient the listener.

If you dig through all that, you will also find a tremendous episode with an even more tremendous guest! We are joined this week by Chad Campbell (@bigboysplaywcw) of Place to Be Nation/Pro Wrestling Only fame to review DDT’s flagship show, Peter Pan!

DDT Peter Pan 2017 (August 20) Results & Review

We review every match on the card and have a lengthy discussion of the main event and current ace Konosuke Takeshita. We talk about the future, what the company’s plans are for Tetsuya Endo going forward, and bring in some past DDT history and insights to flesh out our thoughts. There’s a great episode in here that, while at times frustrating and even veering into the surreal, really delivers the goods as far as match discussion goes (in my humble opinion.) Come to think of it, that’s almost like a microcosm of DDT itself right? Check it out!

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