Two weeks ago we brought you a crash course into men’s puroresu, and now this week on Wrestling Omakase we’re back to talk the other side of the coin: Japanese women’s pro wrestling, also known as joshi! John is joined by Alexandra (@NOAHs_Savior) of Wrestling With Words and the Ringside Revolution podcast, and Sean Williams (@STARDOMProject ) of the STARDOM Project blog & STARDOM reviews for the official English We Are STARDOM site.

Together the three go on a deep dive of the current joshi puroresu scene. First we really get you up to speed on the three biggest promotions, Ice Ribbon, STARDOM, & Sendai Girls! We go over a ton of the biggest names on all three rosters (plus the big freelancers and gaijin too) and introduce you to who the major players are, talk about the current champions, recommend recent matches & shows, and more. After that’s done, we talk a ton of the smaller joshi promotions; everything from Oz Academy to WAVE to Tokyo Joshi Pro to much more.

This is a great introduction to the vibrant world of current joshi, and if you’ve ever wanted to get started or learn more about it this is the podcast for you.

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