This week’s Wrestling Omakase focuses primarily on Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest show of the year, the annual Ryogokutan show from Sumo Hall in Tokyo, and as such we have two passionate BJW fans on to discuss it!

Regular host John is joined by Brennan Patrick (@bren_patrick), Burning Spirits co-host/VOW writer and longtime Twitter puro mainstay/one of the most knowledgeable Western BJW fans out there Jesse (@K0jiii), as all three give a full breakdown of the entire 10-match show! Plus if you’ve ever wanted to get into BJW the three give a ton of tips and background information that you’ll probably find invaluable to begin your journey.

Hear us discuss everything from the big boys of the strong division (and Hideki Suzuki’s mat stylings) to the new junior heavyweight division to the gruesome deathmatch division. After the BJW talk is over, we shift to Wrestle-1, which just wrapped up their annual Grand Prix tournament and have begun building toward their biggest show of the year in Yokohama at the beginning of September. We talk all about why you should give this small, young promotion another chance if you’ve passed them up before, discussing the big changes they’ve made in 2017 and how all the storylines have played out so far. Don’t miss an informative and unique discussion on two great Japanese wrestling companies, this week on Wrestling Omakase!

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