We may not be the most prolific of podcasts when it comes to producing episodes, but over 18 months into our run Open the Voice Gate has finally hit episode 20!

Your favorite DG podcast is here with a number of big topics to discuss, including: the King of Gate finals that we were finally able to watch, the July Korakuen featuring the Jimmyz-MaxiMuM Naniwa elimination match and why it might be the best Korakuen of the year, a full preview of the upcoming Kobe World show (DG’s Wrestlemania!), our latest entry into the Retro Rewatch series with Mochizuki-Yoshino from early 2014, and finally a number of interesting listener questions!

It’s a jam packed episode we somehow managed to keep under 2 hours, so check it out and enjoy! Thanks for sticking with us through twenty episodes!

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