Wrestling Omakase is back with our second episode, and this week John is joined by Jeff Hawkins (@Crapgame13) of Shake Them Ropes and Fightful!

Jeff is here to talk about what it means to be a regular WWE viewer in 2017, as we get meta about the promotion and various common critiques from internet wrestling fans.

Other topics include what it means to lose the older generations of WWE stars, whether the returning guest star trope can continue forever (and whether it’s damaged the current roster), Roman Reigns, the women’s division, the brand split, and more.

Plus, Jeff was at both of NJPW’s US debut shows from this past weekend live, so we’ll talk about those two shows and get his general impressions from someone who was in the crowd. The two biggest promotions in the world are both well covered on this week’s edition of Wrestling Omakase!

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