Since his return to WWE, Brock Lesnar has become one of the biggest stars in the sport (again). When you consider his MMA career coupled with his wrestling accomplishments, there’s a debate to be had that he’s the most recognizable fighter of any kind on the planet. An article last year took a serious look at the question of whether he might be the toughest wrestler of all time, with the term applying both UFC and in the WWE.

Now the question is no longer whether or not Lesnar can rise to the top of the WWE again. It’s whether he can continue to lord over the sport.

We last saw the Hulk-like fighter at WrestleMania 33, when speculation of a showdown with Goldberg proved accurate and the two iconic athletes faced off in what was effectively the main event. More specifically, it was a Universal Title Match where it felt like anything might happen. Lesnar wound up dominating, and he pulled out some unexpected and dramatic moves to seize the title—which he still holds today.

But getting such a title and keeping it are two very different things, and there are already rumors of a major challenge to Lesnar’s supremacy in WWE.

Roman Reigns has declared that he wants to face the Universal Champion at SummerSlam, and that means Lesnar. Fans will be forgiven, however, if this seemingly obvious hint feels a little bit confusing. It had already been reported by some that Lesnar would instead be facing off against Braun Strowman at SummerSlam, with a Reigns matchup slated for WrestleMania 34 next year.

That leaves us a little in the dark about what to expect this summer. We could well see Lesnar face Strowman, and it could turn out that Reigns simply doesn’t get his wish.

It would be a nice way to drag out anticipation for the fight, and it’s not as if this would be a particularly unusual tactic in WWE promotion (or any kind of fight promotion for that matter). Alternatively, we could see the two face off in SummerSlam only to fight again come WrestleMania next year. And then there’s always the possibility that they don’t have a scheduled bout, but wind up in a minor scuffle or verbal sparring match just to help raise tension heading toward 2018.

Given how predictable the Goldberg match was before it was even officially announced, one has to wonder if Reigns will actually take on Lesnar this summer. If he doesn’t, we can be almost certain that Lesnar will hold onto his title. The WWE is not setting up a WrestleMania 34 heavyweight clash between these two fighters without the Universal Title on the line, at this point.