We needed to do this. Open the Voice Gate returns after a long absence to tackle a major subject: T-Hawk, the 2017 King of Gate winner and soon to be two-time Kobe World main eventer.

Needless to say, this is not a development any of us are happy with, so we get it all out there and talk about how it’s also emblematic of some of the other problems we have with Dragon Gate in 2017. But it’s not all negative, as we also discuss a wide range of other topics, including a long conversation about anime conventions (of all things) in the context of whether or not Mike should go to Anime Expo this year!

Plus we break down the July 1st Korakuen, talk several of the other shows that have made tape (Yamanashi with Shingo’s homecoming and Osaka), preview the upcoming major matches, answer a few of your questions (mostly on T-Hawk, oddly enough) and do our latest edition of the Retro Rewatch series with SUWA vs. Dragon Kid (mask vs. hair) from June 2000! If you thought we were fired up before, wait until you hear us on this one….

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