Hello, my name is ScorpioCorp (okay, not really, but anyway) and I am from Australia. The goal of this article is to give more exposure to the under-covered Australian wrestling scene including wrestlers to keep an eye on.

Mick Moretti

Mick Moretti is a weird and enigmatic wrestler from New South Wales. Moretti is currently doing a tour in the US and wrestling for Mike Quackenbush’s CHIKARA. He is a much needed hand for a promotion whose roster has been ravished over the last couple of years. Moretti has an entertaining presence, personality and a great move set. His recent ‘YoureGonnaNoticeUs’ promo about the Australian wrestling scene was terrific and got a bit of buzz on social media. Best described as a combo of Dean Ambrose, Marty Scrull and Australian comedian Sam Simmons.    

Elliot Sexton

This 6’5 beast is very much like a Drew McIntyre in the way he carries himself. Sexton has reinvigorated himself as a big bully heel after a long run as Melbourne City Wrestling champion which made him a bit stale. Sexton has some great power moves including his signature slingshot german suplex. If there is an Australian wrestler that Vince McMahon would adore, it would be this guy as he has the looks, size and can go in the ring.

Mr Juicy

A treasure of the Australian scene. Mr Juicy is known for his comedic antics, but is a good pro wrestler in his own right similar to America’s Chuck Taylor or Colt Cabana. For a big guy, he is surprisingly agile. I’ve seen his do Big E-esque spears to the floor, suicide dives, moonsaults and Canadian Destroyers. Mr Juicy has a reputation for being an excellent and versatile entertainer.  

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is mainly based in the state of NSW, which means there is a severe lack of footage of him. However, the little I have seen has been fantastic. Davis’ match with Marty Scrull at the MCW Invitation Tournament was top notch and he did not look out of place against his world-class opponent. Davis is about 6’4 and very nimble for a man of his size. His entrance complete with the TV show Glee’s rendition of Don’t Stop Believing is awesome. Davis is currently touring the UK and representing Australia in the WCPW World Cup.

Marcius Pitt

Marcius Pitt is an athletic/strong dude from Western Australia. He is a member of highly-regarded The Mighty Don’t Kneel stable and one of the top guys from Explosive Pro Wrestling, which is consider one of the best promotions in Australia. Pitt has a tremendous arsenal of power offence. Pitt is versatile and has worked in a number of different promoters whether as an ass-kicking babyface in the Wrestle Rampage & EPW promotion or being a villainous manic in MCW.

Chris Vice

Chris Vice is similar to Marcus Pitt, but with a better all-round game. Although, Pitt has him beat in the charisma department. The ‘Smashing Machine’ has an offense that relies on strength and hard-hitting strikes not unlike Michael Elgin. Vice is very much no-nonsense in the ring and could be an example of “Australian Strong Style.” Vice is one of the top guys in the EPW promotion.

Josh Shooter

Josh Shooter is another strong as an ox wrestler with a hard striking game. Shooter is not only one the best young wrestlers from Australia but one of the hardest working. ‘The Axe’ has a very unique offence and a playful arrogance which makes him a great heel. Only 23 years old, Shooter has an extremely bright future.

Robbie Eagles

Robbie Eagles is the best high flyer in Australia over the last decade. I have seen this guy jump off a balcony, do a Scott Steiner fallaway slam moonsaults and a litany of other crazy stuff. Eagles is an explosive and dynamic wrestler who can hang with any other high flyer in the world. Unfortunately he is based in NSW, which lacks footage. At the moment, he is the current Pro Wrestling Australia (the top promotion in NSW) champion.


Aside from Madison Eagles, Kellyanne is arguably the best female wrestler in Australia. There’s a strong possibility she shows up for WWE’s Mae Young Classic. Kellyanne’s series of matches with Evie in MCW has shown that she is a top female talent and her Last Woman Standing match with Evie was arguably the best match that took place in Australia during last year. Kellyanne has a tough and intimidating presence that few women wrestlers can replicate. She also recently a match in SHIMMER against Lucha Underground standout Sexy Star.

Syd Parker

Syd Parker is a personal favourite of mine and a rising star of the scene at just 22 years old. Syd ‘The Jurassic Punk’ Parker has one of the most unique looks in professional wrestling with his voodoo punk inspired attire and personality. Parker has a frantic energy much like a Darby Allin or Hiromu Takahashi and his high flying striking ability helps him excel. Parker has a great tag team with “The Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor called pANIC.

Damian Slater

Damian Slater may be familiar to some of you as he represented Australia in last summer’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Known as the “World Beater”, Slater’s short match was only a small preview of what he’s capable of doing.  Slater is the best technician in Australia and an extremely smooth worker who can work well as a lovable babyface or a cocky heel. Slater’s main promotion is EPW.

Adam Brooks

The ‘Loose Ledge’ Adam Brooks is one of the most charismatic wrestlers in Australia. Brooks can be a detestable jerk (MCW) or a lovable larrikin (Riot City Wrestling in South Australia). Brooks is also brilliant in the squared circle and consistently puts on great matches notably Match of the Year level matches with Dowie James. Brooks has a good tag team with Kellyanne known as The Bestos, which recently appeared at the Broken Hardy’s Tailgate Party.

Jonah Rock

Jonah Rock, the big Samoan of TMDK. Rock has previously toured with Pro Wrestling NOAH, which is shown in the way that he wrestles and Rock is one of the most underrated HOSS wrestlers going. Rock has “killer” feel to his matches and knows how to boss people around in the ring, with strikes among the most vicious in Australia. Rock is currently the Wrestle Rampage champion in South Australia after beating Damian Slater in a **** match.

Dowie James

Dowie James is the ace of MCW and the best all-round wrestler in Australia. James has a genuine charisma and is a great promo, working an edgy babyface character similar to CM Punk. James can do it all: sell, mat wrestle, fly, strike and more. That James is a triple crown champion with MCW (Intercontinental, Tag Team & Heavyweight) is a testament to his talent.

Hopefully, this article was a good little introduction into the Australian scene. If you want to check out Australian wrestling, highly recommend Melbourne City Wrestling as the must-watch promotion. MCW has a video on demand service hosted on Vimeo that is perfect for catching up on the company.

Here’s a list of matches to check out as you begin your journey into Australian wrestling:

  • Dowie James vs Adam Brooks – 30 Minute Ironman Match: MCW Clash Of The Titans 2017 (****½)
  • Dowie James vs Adam Brooks: MCW At Our Best 2016 (****¼)
  • Evie vs Kellyanne – Last Woman Standing: MCW Final Battle 2016 (****¼)
  • Carlo Cannon, Robbie Eagles, Damian Slater & Billy Suede vs Hartley Jackson, Jonah Rock, Elliot Sexton & Mick Moretti: MCW Third Year Extravaganza 2013 (****¼)
  • Jonah Rock, Marcius Pitt & Mr Juicy vs Damian Slater, Chris Vice & Havoc – TLC Match: Wrestle Rampage Final Showdown 2016 (****¼)
  • Elliot Sexton vs Mr Juicy – Falls Count Anywhere: MCW Keep it 100 2017 (****)
  • Damian Slater vs Jonah Rock: Wrestle Rampage Moment Of Truth (****) (YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1-D5kGFg7U)
  • Chris Vice, Marcius Pitt & Alex Kingston vs Damian Slater, Hartley Jackson & Jonah Rock: EPW State Of Origin 2015 (****)
  • Syd Parker vs Josh Shooter: MCW Sixth Anniversary Extravaganza Night 1 2016 (****)
  • Marty Scrull vs Mark Davis: MCW Sixth Anniversary Extravaganza Night 2 2016 (****)
  • Syd Parker & Benny Factor vs Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury – No DQ Match: MCW Ascension 2017 (****)
  • Marcius Pitt vs Alex Kingston: EPW Goldrush 2017 (****)
  • Marcius Pitt vs Logan Grey – Steel Cage Match: EPW Evolution 2016 (****) (YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aqPcZreECY)
  • Robbie Eagles vs Jack Bonza –  No DQ: PWA Road To Ruin 2014 (****) (YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqkrIJkassE)