Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Thursday, May 18
Universal Studios
Orlando, FL

Global Force Wrestling Tag Team Title Tournament
LAX (Santana and Ortiz) def. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr

This is the Semi Final of a tournament to crown new GFW Tag Team champions after the Bollywood Boyz were so cruelly stripped of the belts when they signed with WWE. I wonder are the Bollywood Boyz still considered Ring Ka King tag champions? These are two teams you build a division around – I’ve been looking forward to this since both debuted under the Jarrett regime and they delivered a super fun match here. Bar a few tiny instances of miscommunication (and maybe an unnecessary second heat sequence even if it was pretty brief) this was fast paced and full of cool double teams and nifty sequences. It feels like they have a tonne more in them too. LAX won with the Street Sweeper. ***1/4

Kongo Kong def. Braxton Sutter

Sutter showed some fight but Kong weathered the storm and picked up the win with a Michinoku Driver. KM attacked after the match before Mahabali Shera made the save to set up a tag match next week. *

EC3 vs. James Storm – No Contest

Magnus joined commentary to moan about his loss to El Patron last week. The fact that Magnus was on commentary for a James Storm match and failed to mention that Storm once attempted to push his wife in front of a train is frankly deeply disappointing. Storm went to whip EC3 but Magnus intervened. Bruce Prichard then ejected Magnus. EC3 controlled most of the match before dropping referee Brian Stifler and whipping him with a belt. Magnus attacked James Storm afterwards. Magnus vs. Storm vs. EC3 was made for next week. The non-finish was understandable here considering neither of these guys should lose and a rematch is on the horizon. The match was more a prolonged angle than anything. EC3 threw Prichard down to end the segment. **1/4

Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship
Sienna (c) def. ODB

Basically a squash. ODB doesn’t seem to have much left to offer bell to bell. *

JB made his way to the ring and announced his attorney has had him reinstated. His attorney turned out to be the wonderful Joseph Park esq. Josh started shouting “You’re Abyss!” at Joseph Park which was fantastic because that has been made perfectly clear within Impact continuity. Park proposed a tag team match at Slammiversary. JB and Joseph Park vs. Josh Mathews and a partner of his choosing. Josh accepted. Joseph Park is my favourite random TNA character and if you haven’t seen the spoilers, Josh Mathews’ partner may make this whole thing worthwhile.

TNA X-Division Championship
Low Ki (c) def. Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee

This was the 41st Ultimate X match since it debuted from the mind of Don Callis in 2003. Low Ki was still in his Hitman gear. So he loves Hitman more than SquareEnix does. This is the second time the X-Division has main evented Impact since Jarrett took over. The story of the match was Low Ki badly hurt his hand punching a steel chair (as one is wont to do) so he won by climbing over the top of the truss rather than using the cables. This was a tad slow to start, getting bogged down in some aimless climbing sequences but it sprung to life after the break and while the Ultimate X structure plays less and less of a role in these matches over the last few years outside of the finish, this was still a really fun main event. More combinations of these guys getting time is good for this show. ***1/2

Final Thoughts:

I’m just going to cut and paste the “Watch the good opener and better main event” thing again because it’s broadly true. While this show was better paced than recent effects and the midcard stories are ticking along perfectly fine – only the opener and main event were the essential components of this show.