The Pro Wrestling World Cup recently had the second of its eight qualifying show, this one being the Scottish qualifier. The show would see eight men would battle to see who could join Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr. in the tournament finals stage, as well as a huge triple threat non-tournament main event.

What Culture Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling World Cup
March 23, 2017 (Aired March 31)
Motherwell Concert Hall
Motherwell, Scotland

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Matt Striker is joined by Sean David for the night’s action.

Pro Wrestling World Cup First Round
Kenny Williams def. Joe Hendry

This was Williams’ debut in WCPW. Considering how familiar these two are with each others, having faced off numerous times as well as being former tag partners, I was suprised to see that their chemistry and timing seemed a little bit off through a lot of this contest. Both these guys are usually a lot cleaner in their work than they were here. Williams picked up the upset victory (although correctly predicted by myself in the preview as I pat myself on the back) to advance after a fairly short match when he rolled up Hendry while in an ankle lock. **1/4

Pro Wrestling World Cup First Round
Joe Coffey def. Liam Thomson

This was another fairly short match that’s purpose was to give Coffey a fairly dominant win. In that, it filled its role fairly well; Coffey did come off looking strong. Thomson didn’t get too much offense in, but whenever he did it would usually end when he went for a Backcracker but couldn’t hit it due to Coffey just being too strong. Coffey advanced via submission win by turning his giant swing into a Boston crab. **3/4

Grado def. El Ligero

This was 100% a Grado comedy match, so your enjoyment will entirely depend on how much you enjoy that side of his work. We had Generico masks come out. We had walking the ropes. We had ref comedy. We even had an RKGrado onto a packet of Doritos, which proved to enough for Grado to pick up the win. It was sure something.

Pro Wrestling World Cup First Round
BT Gunn def. Lewis Girvan

Girvan is the self proclaimed ‘Best Young Wrestler in the World’ but he really didn’t show that in this match. Here he looked sloppy, somewhat basic and with a lot of improvement to be made; I can name off twenty or so better wrestlers who like him are in their early 20s who blow him away. Gunn looked pretty good here though, being made to look super-crisp in comparison, and advanced to the next round with a twisting DDT. **3/4

Pro Wrestling World Cup First Round
Drew Galloway def. Mark Coffey

We finally got a properly good match in the last showdown in the Scottish first round. Mark Coffey is a little bland, but he’s got enough about him as a bull to do some fun stuff when put in there with the monster that is Galloway. The biggest limiting factor here was the live crowd who were fairly tepid; this match would have greatly benefited from a rabid crowd going crazy as two big lads slugged it out. Galloway advanced with the Future Shock DDT to set up a match between him and BT Gunn. ***1/4

Martin Kirby def. Travis Banks

This was a rematch from the final two of the Magnificent Seven match from Bulletproof where Kirby came out victorious. This was a fairly basic but well worked match that served the purpose of getting Kirby onto the show and giving him a win to keep up his momentum ahead of his title shot. Both guys looked good, and Kirby won with the Sable Bomb. ***

Joe Hendry comes out next, angry at his elimination from the Pro Wrestling World Cup earlier in the night. He cuts a really good promo, which then brings out Gabriel Kidd out to rebut him. Mid reply though Hendry lays a beatdown on Kidd, and starts whipping him with his belt.

This then leads to Matt Striker chasing him off. Yeah, that Matt Striker. Striker then calls him a mark, and challenges him to a match for State of Emergency. Imagine caring.

Pro Wrestling World Cup Second Round
Joe Coffey def. Kenny Williams

This was another solid match that never really took things into a higher gear and was hurt by a reserved crowd. They worked your typical big man-small man match, with Williams relying on his speed but paying big time whenever he was caught. Striker was particularly annoying and distracting on commentary during this match. Coffey advanced to the finals stage of the World Cup by picking up the submission victory with a hanging Boston crab. ***

Pro Wrestling World Cup Second Round
Drew Galloway def. BT Gunn

This was comfortably the best match of the night so far. Gunn was really good in his role as the scrappy and unpleasant underdog who knew that he was the inferior wrestler to Galloway and so jumped him early and did everything he could to hang onto that early advantage. In the end Galloway proved just too much though, as just when Gunn thought he had his chance to advance he took too long setting up his twisting DDT which allowed Galloway to pounce with a short piledriver followed by a Future Shock DDT. The subsequent pinfall lead to Galloway joining Ospreay, Sabre Jr. and Coffey in the final 16 of the Wrestling World Cup. ***1/2

Will Ospreay def. Matt Riddle & Marty Scurll

This was an excellent way to close out the show and save it from being a totally thumbs down affair. All three guys here just exude a different level of star power to anybody else on the show with the exception of Galloway, even this tepid crowd perked up when they came out. They all played off of each other really well too, with the dynamic working particularly well here in WCPW with Ospreay under his cocky Swords of Essex role. The two Brits teamed up a lot in the early goings to get the better of Riddle, which really did a great job of getting across how dangerous Riddle was; two rivals were willing to put their differences aside to try to neutralise him.

From there the match seamlessly flowed into an every man for himself scenario, and while it did frequently adhere to the ‘one man on the outside while the other two fight’ stereotype of triple threats they managed to fit that well enough into the match that it never really felt contrived. All three guys got their chance to shine, and they all looked great when doing so. Few triple threat matches flow as well as this one did, and in doing so they managed to find the perfect balance of Priestley interference without disrupting the aforementioned flow.

While the crowd was at its loudest at any point in the night for this match, I still wish this match could have been transported to one of BritWres’ more vocal meccas. As it is this match was very good, but give it the electric atmosphere it deserved and it’s climbing up to reach the four star mark and beyond. A shame, but still worth a watch if you enjoy these three guys. Comfortably the match of the night. ***3/4

Final Thoughts:

I was well on my way to calling this a bad show, but then the final two matches happened and just about saved it from that distinction. In fact the entire second half of the show was a really solid effort, but it was let down by a poor first half, a quiet crowd and some awful commentary. Riddle vs. Ospreay vs. Scurll is worth a watch though.