This coming Saturday Over The Top Wrestling (OTT) will present the biggest show in its short history: ScrapperMania III. It will air live on Floslam from the sold out 2,000 seat capacity National Stadium in Dublin, with the show being headlined by the OTT debuts of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks while also featuring such well known names as Will Ospreay, Lio Rush (a late replacement for the injured Ricochet), Jay White, Marty Scurll and Grado. That this event will take place just 2½ years after OTT’s debut show really is a phenomenal achievement for all involved.

‘F*ck PG’. That was the name of OTT’s debut show on 3rd October 2014 and was the premise on which OTT sold itself. This was an over 18s promotion aimed at disillusioned Irish wrestling fans who had grown tired of WWEs family friendly product and longed for the Attitude Era glory days. And this “Attitude” was very much evident in the imports that OTT would bring in for the first 12-18 months with guys like Rhino, Sabu, Mr Kennedy and Too Cool.

But while OTT would use the imports and promise of violence and a non PG show as well as the availability of cheap alcohol (a rarity on a night out in Dublin) to draw in crowds, the remainder of these shows were filled with lesser known talent from across UK & Ireland. Guys like Pete Dunne, Ryan Smile, Jordan Devlin, Sean Guinness and Charlie Sterling would regularly steal the show and over time they would become the reasons that fans kept coming back every month to OTT. Following the progression of Pete Dunne from the first OTT show to the star of the WWE UK Championship Tournament has definitely been one of the highlights for longtime OTT fans.

It was the February 2016 show ‘Ah Ted’ that was to really put OTT on the casual fans radar in Ireland. The show was to feature three cult favourite characters from the legendary Irish sitcom Father Ted and this was to lead to a surge in social media attention for the promotion. It was from this point forward that OTT has never really looked back. While they have still occasionally gone back to the WWE well for their big imports, with Tommy Dreamer and Bull James being brought in to mixed reactions, it has mostly been the bigger “indie” stars that have been featured, with names like Chris Hero, Tommy End, Big Damo, Matt Riddle, Colt Cabana, Trent Seven, Jeff Cobb, Ricochet and Zack Sabre Jr. all gracing an OTT ring over the last year. All of this has been on top of Marty Scurll, Tyler Bate, Mark Haskins, Travis Banks, Mark Andrews and Will Ospreay regularly featuring on the monthly shows.

The December event ‘The Dream Before Christmas’ brought OTT to international prominence. The show was main evented by Will Ospreay facing off against Ricochet in a rematch of their infamous Best of the Super Juniors match earlier in the year.  This show was the first time OTT was featured on FloSlam and also had an unadvertised appearance from Finn Balor for the live crowd before the show began.

Now as for why somebody unfamiliar with OTT should check out ScrapperMania III on Floslam, well I have a couple of reasons. The atmosphere created by 500 fans packed into the Tivoli Theatre is always something special, so 2,000+ in the National Stadium should be amazing. The production is always of a high standard and OTT produce some the best video packages in all of wrestling. Lastly the OTT talent always deliver in ring and you can be sure that when the lights are shining the brightest at their biggest show yet that every single member of OTT is going to bring their best to ScrapperMania.