CZW Best of the Best 2017
Saturday, April 1
8:30 PM

We live in interesting times, my friends. A year ago, I never thought I would say the words “why would I go to NXT when I can go to CZW?” But here we are.

CZW very quietly put together what could be the best show of the entire weekend. While there are plenty of strong cards this WrestleMania weekend, CZW came out of nowhere with Best of the Best 2017. You know the show is going to be good when you see people dumping their NXT and WWN Supershow tickets so that they can buy CZW tickets. If I’m being honest, I don’t really follow the company, but this wasn’t a show that I could miss going to. This will be my final live show of Mania weekend and my hopes are that these guys deliver a killer finale.

CZW champion Joe Gacy vs. Brian Cage

As I said earlier, I don’t regularly follow CZW so I’m not really familiar with Mr. Gacy, but from his look, I have to assume that he’s a decent brawler. Another man that can brawl, and can also get his shit in, is Brian Cage. I always like being exposed to different wrestlers, so I’m very much looking forward to this match. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a title change (is it even a title match?), but it is Mania weekend, so anything can happen.

Matt Tremont vs. Penta OM

When you think CZW, you think blood and guts. This match will be exactly that. We know that both men are proficient in the hardcore style and I fully expect to see a mask ripping lucha brawl. As far as I know, this is Penta’s last match of the weekend and the chances of him doing something insane are pretty high. The use of light tubes will depend on the feelings of the venue, but I would not be surprised to see some barbed wire and skewers involved. I feel like this one has a really good chance to go on last.

BOTB First Round
AR FOX vs. Jason Cade vs. Ricochet vs. David Starr

The Best of the Best tournament was my initial draw to this show. Regardless of CZW’s usual deathmatch reputation, that is always set aside for great wrestling and flipz with a z in this tournament. With Ricochet and AR FOX in this match the flipz are bound to be plentiful. If there was ever a match to see a double rotation moonsault in, it will probably be this one.

BOTB First Round
Dave Crist vs. Sami Callihan vs. Rey Fenix vs. Jake Crist

Speaking of flipz, hey look, it’s Rey Fenix! One thing I really like about this match is that Fenix and Callihan are both on different ends of the wrestling spectrum and the Crist brothers fall in the very center of it. One has to assume that the OI4K threesome will team up to neutralize the lucha star, but these seem like some mighty fine odds for the bird of rebirth to overcome.

BOTB First Round
Scorpio Sky vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Anthony Henry vs. Michael Elgin

I’m super psyched for Elgin to toss some flippy boys around.

BOTB First Round
Shane Strickland vs. Lio Rush vs. Joey Janela vs. Dezmond Xavier

This might actually be the first round match that I’m most looking forward to. Lio Rush and Joey Janela have been involved in a rivalry that has seen them doing exceedingly more dangerous things as it goes on. If Janela was willing to climb across the rafters of a venue in his return match after having his thumb almost ripped off in a match with Zandig, I can’t imagine what they’re going to do here. They’ll also be helped along by Strickland and Xavier to up the insanity levels even further. This is going to be a must see match.

I also have to assume that we’ll get the Best of the Best finals as well, but I have not seen anything officially announced about it. I’m predicting that the finals will be AR FOX vs. Rey Fenix vs. BIGMIKE vs. Shane Strickland. I don’t want to fantasy book things out, but that would be an incredible contest.

Ethan Case vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Alexander James vs. Caleb Konley vs. Ace Austin vs. Tony Deppen

I’m not very familiar with any of the men involved in this match and that’s the way I like it for a scramble like this. Matches of this style are perfect for introducing people to young wrestlers. The men that are destined to stand out will stand out in an environment such as this. Years ago I was first blown away by Uhaa Nation in a DGUSA scramble and I look forward to being blown away here too.

And there you have it, that’s the card for one of the most exciting shows of WrestleMania weekend. I’ll be in attendance and if you are going to be as well, I look forward to seeing you there.