OTT returned to their homebase of the Tivoli Theatre for the final time before the biggest show in the promotions short history next month in front of an already sold out 2,000 seat National Boxing Stadium. The Road to show is headlined by the twin OTT debuts of British Strong Style and Jeff Cobb taking on the Kings of the North and Ryan Smile respectively.

Over The Top Wrestling
Road to ScrapperMania
March 4, 2017
Tivoli Theatre
Dublin, Ireland

Watch: Vimeo

Lads from the Flats def. The Gymnasties

Two fan favourite teams face off with this ostensibly being a #1 contender match for the OTT tag titles. There was a lot of comedy in this match that the live crowd loved, but it didn’t come across quite as well on video. In the end Justin Shape proves the difference maker as he distracts B-Cool of The Gymnasties allowing Workie to get the schoolboy and pick up the win for The Lads. **¼

OTT Womens Championship
Katey Harvey def. Nina Samuels

A first title defense in the Tivoli for Katey since she won the title from Martina at the December OTT show in Belfast. Early on the crowd didn’t seem fully engaged in the match but both women worked really hard and by the end the crowd was fully behind Nina. Nina’s high flying nature was to prove costly as Katey crotched her on the top rope and was able to get Nina in position for her Gory Special finisher. Following the match Martina came out to confront Katey and a match is set; at ScrapperMania Martina gets her title rematch. ***

Mark Haskins def. Jigsaw & Travis Banks

Three OTT semi-regulars next as we have the striker (Banks), the highflier (Jigsaw) and the submission specialist (Haskins) facing off. This started fast and never relented for a moment. All three men gave their all and on another night this could easily have been match of the night. Mark Haskins has been phenomenal since his return from injury and he picked up another impressive win in this match via tapout by Travis Banks to Haskins deadly sharpshooter. ***3/4

Scotty Davies vs. Connor Andrews (NC)

Two young Irish wrestlers were making their OTT debuts here, and the crowd could not have been more supportive of them. Scotty brings a legit wrestling background while Connor is the young highflier. Neither guy showed any sign of nerves and really delivered a great debut match up with the fans right behind both of them all the way through. The end comes when the Social Elite attack both guys, causing a no contest. While I would have liked a clean finish this was an effective way to build heat for the next match up, so I won’t complain. ***1/4

Social Elite def. The Wards

The Wards are back and they got a hell of a welcome home from the OTT faithful. This started as an all out brawl but would eventually settle down into a straight six man tag match. Charlie Sterling continues to be a highlight anytime he sets foot in OTT and he is in my opinion slightly under utilized. The match closed with a couple of believable nearfalls for both teams but in the end Gorgeous Ward falls victim to a Devlin package piledriver followed by a Charlie Sterling corkscrew moonsault. ***1/4

This is followed by a segment involving the Justin Shape, Logan Bryce & William Humperdink trio and Gerry Humperdink the owner of OTT. Gerry retired and handed ownership over to William on the condition that he makes his previously unmentioned half sister Valerie a star in OTT. An unexpected and unwanted twist in the Humperdink story. As Shape and Bryce are about to attack the ring announcer the Gymnasties hit the ring and finally get their hands on Justin Shape for the first time since he turned on them.

Kings of the North def. British Strong Style

In wrestling folklore people talk about the Road Warrior pop, well the reception British Strong Style received here may be as close as I will ever get to experiencing that famous pop. The atmosphere in the Tivoli throughout this match was phenomenal and made this a pretty special match in OTT history. All six men seemed to be having fun but Pete Dunne in particular seemed to be having the absolute time of his life in this match, and for as great as the atmosphere was the action was just as good as both teams brought their A game. This match had it all including a triple Canadian destroyer spot that has to be seen. The Kings of the North pick up the win via boot of doom on Trent Seven but as corny as it sounds the fans were the winners. Just an amazing match. A spectacle. My absolute favourite OTT match of all time. ****3/4

No Limits Championship
Ryan Smile def. Jeff Cobb

The main event saw Mr Athletic make his OTT debut opposite the new NLW Champion Ryan Smile after he defeated Pete Dunne last month to win the title. Another quick start here with Cobb showing he can match Smile in the athleticism department while using his superior power over the champ. Some really good action and Jeff Cobb’s strength is downright scary at times. Again Ryan Smile occupied the underdog role really well despite being champion and fights from underneath to score an impressive win over Cobb following a top rope splash. ***3/4

Final Thoughts:

Another great outing for OTT who are on a serious roll heading into the biggest show ever next month. Some stories were progressed, the champions of the promotion all proved their worth, some talented youngsters seized their moment and a triple threat match took the breath away. But the show was ultimately stolen by Pete, Tyler and Trent. British Strong Style were amazing. If this was just the Road to ScrapperMania I can not wait to see what OTT have planned for ScrapperMania. A show definitely worth 2 and a half hours of your time.