OTT returned to Northern Ireland for the second leg of their Martina’s Gaff Party double shot. The show was highlighted by Matt Riddle taking on Mark Haskins for the first time ever and an unofficial farewell match for Pete Dunne, the longtime face of the company.

Over The Top Wrestling
Martina’s Gaff Party 2
February 5, 2017
Mandela Hall
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Watch: OTT Vimeo

Tucker def. Charlie Sterling

Tucker is the local hero here in Northern Ireland and is hugely popular following his impressive showing at the WWE UK Championship Tournament. This was a clever way to open the show with the crowd fully behind Tucker, and Sterling being his usual abrasive self. Really solid action with Tucker providing the feelgood victory following his lethal superkick. ***

Lads from the Flats (Paddy & Workie) & Martina def. Paul Tracey, Rene Dupree & Jinny

Intergender rules here as the Jinny versus Martina series continues, along with Renee making his OTT debut. There was some fun action here with Paddy M, to the surprise of nobody, working the majority of the match for his side. Despite recent criticisms Martina remains as popular as ever with the OTT crowd. The Lads & Martina get a victory rave following a Paddy M Swanton Bomb on Tracey. **3/4

Tyler Bate def. Jordan Devlin

Two more WWE UK Championship alums are pitted against each other as we have a rematch from OTT’s A Matter of Pride event last June which was when Devlin embraced his dark side following their first match. The crowd was fully engaged as they seem to hate Devlin just as much as they love Tyler. Great technical wrestling on show early on with neither man able to stay on top for too long, and once the intensity picks up these guys don’t disappoint. These two don’t seem capable of having a bad match together and the Tyler Driver 97 proves to be the difference again as the UK Champ maintains his winning ways. ***3/4

OTT Tag Team Championships
Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Corvin) def. The Wards (Pa & Rocky)

I am a huge KOTN advocate; they never fail to deliver in an OTT ring. Yes, the tag titles are being defended in a six man tag which makes no sense. It is somewhat unusual to see the Kings treated as the faces as they were here if you are only familiar with the Dublin OTT shows, but it makes sense given that this show took place North of the border. This did not take long to break down into an all out scrap. Luther seems to really enjoy goading the Belfast crowd and The Wards do a fine job of working over Duncan. Its all in vain though as, much to my personal delight, the Wards fall to a Boot of Doom/Top Rope Splash combo as the Kings continue to reign as OTT Tag Team Champions. ***1/2

Matt Riddle def. Mark Haskins

Does this match have a reason to take place? Absolutely not, but boy am I glad it did. Story of the match early on was Haskins using his superior experience to stay one step ahead of the Bro. But as the match wore on Riddle’s freaky strength, vicious ground and pound, and willingness to throw caution to the wind became more of a factor. At one stage Riddle very obviously even seemed to surprise himself with his ability. But in less of a surprise Riddles MMA background proved crucial as he picked up his first OTT win via Cross Armbreaker. A phenomenal first time singles match that needs to be seen. ****1/4

Eddie Kingston def. Luther Valentine

Eddie Kingston closes out his first OTT weekend against another local lad in Valentine. Following the previous match the crowd seemed a little worn out here. While both men worked hard, the match just didn’t seem to engage the crowd, and as such it was a relief when Kingston ended it with a spinning backfist to the back of Luther’s head. **1/4

Pete Dunne def. Mark Andrews

A WWE UK Championship Tournament semi-final rematch took the main event spot, and Pete Dunne definitely got the best reception all night. The guy is without a doubt a superstar. Much like Devlin and Bate earlier in the show, Andrews and Dunne seem incapable of having a bad match when opposite each other. Early on Dunne maintained control over Andrews by working over his arm and keeping things at a slower tempo, but once the speed picked up Andrews proved to be the better of the two men. Following a great closing stretch though it was the Bruiserweight who was able to score a submission victory with a kimura. ****

Final Thoughts:

Another top showing from OTT here. A must see match between Matt Riddle and Mark Haskins, and two other quality bouts in Devlin-Bate and Andrews-Dunne make this show definitely worth a watch.