Hey, it’s your favorite podcast that normally takes two months off between episodes, but this time they’re back in just two WEEKS?? Wow! The entire crew is here to discuss the February 2nd Korakuen show, as we dive deep into the many changes due to injury (to Yoshino, Kotoka, Gamma, and Ishida; we discuss possible timetables for their returns and what the original plans might have been as well), give another big rant on the Dr. Verserk reveal, and break down every match including the Open the Dream Gate title defense.

Then we talk about the upcoming DG taping schedule and big matches that are already booked for the next month.

Plus, we talk about the latest match in our Retro Rewatch series, Do Fixer vs. Blood Generation from March ’05.  And if you like our tangents, boy do we have a varied bunch for you: we talk long-term DG babyfaces who have never/rarely gone heel, all thing Secret Base (who is their ace? where the hell are their shows held? what the heck is Secret Base anyway?), the origins of the name “TNA”, and, for some reason, give a full rundown of the main events and guest musician commentators of Wrestling Society X.

Where else can you get that kind of variety? Hopefully nowhere, but you’ll get all that and more on this week’s Open the Voice Gate!

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