To celebrate Ring of Honor’s 15th anniversary, Place to Be Nation and Voices of Wrestling have teamed up to present The Honor Roll: ROH’s 50 Greatest Wrestlers Ever and an offshoot poll ROH’s 10 Greatest Non-Wrestlers.

Here are links to both pages at Place to Be Nation, which include the embedded form for voting (there is also a direct link to the google form). Links to the nominees’ discussion threads and other project info are also within:

Top 50 ROH Wrestlers

Top 10 ROH Non-Wrestlers

We’d like to thank everyone in advance who takes the time to submit a ballot. Voting is open through the month of February and the results will be released March 1st – 9th in advance of their 15th Anniversary show.

We encourage you to discuss the project, your votes and more on our The Honor Roll subforum at the VOW Forums.