January 27, 2017
Woodlawn Lake Park Gym
1103 Cincinnati Avenue – San Antonio, TX

Watch: FloSlam.TV

Meet our previewers:

  • Warren Taylor: Warren Taylor is a utility player at Voices of Wrestling focusing mostly on the world of American independent wrestling. Follow him on Twitter @WarrenETaylor
  • Case Lowe: Case Lowe is Voices of Wrestling’s college-bound young lion who focuses primarily on Dragon Gate and Chicago-based indie wrestling company AAW. Case is also co-host of VOW’s Dragon Gate podcast, Open the Voice Gate. Follow him on Twitter @_InYourCase

Chris Dickinson & Jaka vs. Sammy Guevara & Jason Kincaid

Warren Taylor: Guevara and Kincaid will have their day in EVOLVE, but that day will not be Saturday. They better be ready to put on their jobbin’ boots and put Dickinson & Jaka over strong. Prediction: Chris Dickinson & Jaka

Case Lowe: I’m thrilled that Sammy Guevara is being booked in the WWN Universe on a consistent basis. He’s been waiting to burst out of Texas for the longest time, and this seems like the perfect time for him to take flight in EVOLVE. My main issue here is that I don’t love the idea of Jaka basing for him, and I’m not even going to pretend like Chris Dickinson will try to protect him. This could be a painful night for Kincaid and Guevara. Dickinson and Jaka have the momentum, and I don’t doubt that they’ll come out on top. Prediction: Chris Dickinson & Jaka

Tracy Williams vs. Laredo Kid

Warren Taylor: Confession: I have no idea who the Laredo Kid is or how good he potentially is. Regardless of both, I think he’ll be in good hands facing off against the new top gun of Catch Point, Tracy Williams. After a breakout year in 2016, Hot Sauce just might be in the hunt for the top prize in EVOLVE and the Laredo Kid seems like a logical launching pad.Prediction: Tracy Williams

Case Lowe: Laredo Kid! This luchadore was one of my favorite discoveries of 2016, and I’m incredibly excited that Gabe is giving him a chance. Hot Sauce will make him look like a million bucks. Even if this doesn’t steal the show, I expect it to be an exciting showcase for one of the most dynamic flyers going today. Hopefully the first of many appearances in EVOLVE for Laredo Kid. Prediction: Tracy Williams

Fred Yehi vs. ACH

Warren Taylor: The common theme for the three remaining members of Catch Point is that they are ready to explode in 2017. Fred Yehi is a double champion in WWN, holding half of the EVOLVE Tag Team Championship and the FIP World Championship. Yet, for some reason, he continually serves as a deluxe fall guy to the stars. This match will be bonkers, but it will also be ACH’s first win in EVOLVE. Prediction: ACH

Case Lowe: This is my most anticipated match of the weekend. Yehi has yet to disappoint in a big singles match, and ACH is chomping at the bit to deliver in a big way. This could very easily be the match of the weekend and a way to establish both men as dominant threats in EVOLVE. I feel like Yehi needs one more big win to establish that he’s not just a Catch Point youngster, but a legitimate, deserving champion. ACH has charisma for days and I know he’s going to work his ass off. This can’t get here soon enough. Prediction: ACH

Matt Riddle vs. DUSTIN

Warren Taylor: Eh, this is a weird combination and I have no idea how these two will mesh in the ring. Will fans get a comedy match? Maybe. Will fans get a Matt Riddle special spring? Maybe. Will these two zany personalities produce some great interactions? Definitely. Prediction: Matt Riddle

Case Lowe: How about this, Big Dust vs. Matt Riddle. This is not the most exciting Riddle match on paper, but DUSTIN will be able to handle himself here. My fear is that instead of serious DUSTIN, we get Chuck Taylor vs. Matt Riddle. I don’t need to see Matt Riddle do comedy. No thank you. This should be a fun, easy-to-watch way to ease us into the second half of the show. Look for Riddle to bounce back and look very strong here. Prediction: Matt Riddle

Chris Hero’s Final Match
Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Warren Taylor:  I fully expect this to main event the show. It’s Chris Hero’s indie farewell and the culmination of my favorite in ring rivalry. In their previous encounters, these two men pushed each other to the limit with Big Bully Hero coming out on top both times. The past, current, and future Kassius Ohno is the one man epitomizes ZSJ’s failure over the last 365 days to ascend to ace status. When he finally slays the dragon and pulls the sword from the stone, it will be a special moment. As will the curtain call for the best independent performer since the American Dragon. Prediction: Zack Sabre Jr.

Case Lowe: Ugh, I don’t want to write this preview. I don’t want Hero to leave. There was something romantic about Hero getting fired from NXT in late 2013, only to rebuild himself up and become better than ever. Hero’s second match after his departure from NXT was a grueling Open the Freedom Gate (you read that right) match against Johnny Gargano. From then on, it was clear that Hero belonged in the WWN family, and it’s fitting that he says goodbye in EVOLVE against arguably his best opponent over the years, Zack Sabre Jr. The two tore it up at EVOLVE 48 in 2015, then at the WWN Supershow last year, and then again at EVOLVE 60. There’s no way this match won’t be great. This is Hero in his best environment and ditto for Zack. Prediction: Zack Sabre Jr

EVOLVE Championship Match
Timothy Thatcher (c) vs. Jeff Cobb

Warren Taylor: Timothy Thatcher works well best when his partner in the ring drags him out of his comfort zone. If Cobb can resist the urge to prove he is a good as gold grappler and works the monster we know he can then this one as the potential to be good. If not, who the hell knows what will happen. Personally, I think it is time for Thatcher to lose the belt and Cobb is a hot name who will produce quality matches at the top of the card. Prediction: Jeff Cobb

Case Lowe: I’m not feeling this one, folks. Thatcher has held the EVOLVE Championship for almost 18 months, although it feels like a lifetime (which, for me, would be 18 years). Cobb has very high peaks, but he’s not consistent, and heading into a Thatcher match, that’s a scary thought. Cobb on an off-night vs. Thatcher on…any night is a bad thought. Hopefully they can prove me wrong. I’m rooting for them. I would love another solid match to add to this show. Prediction: Timothy Thatcher