Every year of my adult life, my New Year’s Resolution has been the same: drink nicer whiskey, listen to more music, and watch more wrestling. I have yet to fail in keeping them and they make me happy and nicer to be around so I figure they are the best ones I can make.

In 2016, I had a more active year than I could ever imagine. I met awesome people at shows, I participated in the Great Wrestler Ever poll, I wrote for two of the absolute best wrestling sites on the internet. I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of many people who championed me from the very beginning: Bill Thompson, Trask Bryant, Ru Gunn, Rich and Joe here at Voices of Wrestling. They made my world better in 2016. I couldn’t have done it without you as well, for you took time to read words, you invited me on podcasts, you followed me, you retweeted. I bow before you in thanks, and I can tell you that I plan on being better in 2017, and more importantly, I plan on making sure I help other people reach a larger audience the same way that those listed above did for me.

As 2016 comes to a close, you will read plenty of pieces about the year we just had, the matches we watched, the stories we followed. There are so many people who will do a much better job than I can summing it up, and so I won’t try. What I would like to try is to think ahead to the year we are about to have, and try and find ways to make it better for all of us beyond more whisky, more music and more wrestling.

So this may be trite, and it may be brief, and it may be impossible, and it is certainly naïve. Here are my New Year’s Wrestlutions. I want us to love this stupid and wonderful thing together, and I want to remember that we are all real people who have conflicts arise not because we hate each other, but because we love something in completely and totally different ways.

So in 2017 I’m going to try and do all these things. I’m going to fail, but I’m going to try and hopefully that effort will be a step in the right direction.

  • I’m going to find other writers I love and I’m going to find ways to work on stuff with them. I’m going to help writers who have a minority voice in this community speak a little louder.
  • I’m going to make popcorn and buy beer and show some matches that I love to people who have never seen them before. I’m going to laugh when they laugh and not get mad when they don’t feel the same emotional connection to it that I do. At the end of the night we will all make a toast to do it again.
  • I’m going to spend a night talking to a wrestling fan who knows way more than me about it and I’m going to take their opinions at face value. I’ll watch something they want me to watch and I’ll try to watch it with their perspective in mind.
  • I’m going to spend a night talking to a wrestling fan who hasn’t been watching wrestling nearly as long as I have. Instead of trying to give them things I think they’ll like, I’m going to watch all their favorites. It’s going to be awesome to remember what it was like when I was a fan like them.
  • I’m going to go find a year of a promotion I’ve never seen before and watch it all in order. Maybe something from Japan.
  • I’m going to not get so mad when people say they “don’t get” lucha. Instead, I’m going to ask what they like about wrestling and find a match I think they will like and send it to them.
  • I’m going to make some wrestling friends and take a road trip to see an indie show instead of always going to things by myself.
  • I’m going to spend more time telling people about the things I love about professional wrestling, and they good things I see it doing now and doing in the future. I am going to celebrate it. I will endeavor to not waste words telling people that something they like sucks. I will try desperately to never use the word actually when talking to someone I disagree with.
  • I’m going to make my little corner of wrestling fandom as good a place as I can, where we can love the things we love together, where we can celebrate things like flips and good punches and blood and mouth kisses.
  • I’m going to have a good 2017, and I’m going to make sure that all of you are as much a part of it as you want to be. Everyone can come along. Let’s do it together.
  • I’m going to listen to your Wrestlutions too. If you have any, tell them to me on twitter. I’ll add those too.

Happy New Year!