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They Said It…

  • “Now all I have is to dive into AIW, and…I think that is not healthy.” – John Thorne on breaking up with his girlfriend
  • “I wrestled Sabu a couple of times in Border City Wrestling. And I mean, you know you’re working with someone who tends to be a little snug when before he punches you, he says sorry and then throws the punch.” – Don Callis

The Usual Suspects

VIP Lounge (12/4/16): Another episode from the road, as this time MVP taped a few short interviews while in Puerto Rico. First up is Aaron “Damien Sandow/Aaron Rex” Stevens to gab about working in Puerto Rico and life post WWE, and then Robbie E talks about being a new parent, his wrestling career, and his stunning lack of knowledge. Then we get a postscript where MVP and Stevens talk the best frontmen in music. Stevens was a dud here, but Robbie E was a surprisingly engaging guest. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Conversation with the Big Guy #15 (12/5/16): It’s a politics episode, as Ryback and Pat both lay out why they supported Donald Trump. The episode appears to have been taped soon after the election, and I’d be curious if any of their thoughts have changed in the last month. I don’t begrudge anyone their political opinions, but the question is who on earth wants to hear election talk in December? THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Card is Going To Change #22 (12/5/16): The recent Double Dare tag tournament shows is the topic this week. The content breaks down to two topics: First, the personal setbacks surrounding the show, as Chandler lost a friend, Steve lost his job, and after the show John lost his girlfriend. Second, the hilarious attempts by random wrestlers to get booked on the show, even if they weren’t technically in a tag team. Some funny stories and also a look at having to put on a show despite personal adversity. THUMBS UP

The Steve Austin Show #381 (12/6/16): MORE Ted Fowler this week, but the show is a Q&A session which makes it much more palatable. Maybe I’m in a giving mood. One letter writer is going to rehab and another’s dog died, so it’s not all a barrel of laughs. But Steve and Ted’s contempt for hunters who don’t clean up the animals they killed before posing for pictures makes for some high comedy. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Killing the Town #8 (12/6/16): Dr. Luther is the guest this week for a short but funny segment talking rib stories. The rest of the show sees Cyrus and Lance run down TLC, Lance’s problems with Jack Gallagher, more on the feud with Disco Inferno, and a rundown of ECW #308. I’ve come to really appreciate the ECW reviews, as it’s not as overexposed as a lot of retro wrestling and both hosts often contribute funny anecdotes. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #255 (12/6/16): MVP sits in the hot seat this week. He, Court, and MSL run down the recent news, including MVP’s time in Puerto Rico, the TLC PPV, World of Sport on ITV, the states of TNA and Lucha Underground, and John Cena on Saturday Night Live. MVP’s not really up on current events (he didn’t watch TLC and doesn’t follow TNA) so he may not have been the best guest, but Court’s dissection of Lucha Underground’s current situation is worth hearing. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Ross Report #147 (12/6/16): JR opines for a while on Final Battle and TLC before being joined by Chael Sonnen. Sonnen talks about his upcoming grappling show, the Goldberg/Lesnar finish, commentating, weight cutting, PEDs, Dana White, Ronda Rousey, CM Punk, and more. Chael is always entertaining and I got a kick out of him constantly haranguing JR over Buff Bagwell of all people.   [Sonnen’s interview starts at 31:48] THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #306 (12/7/16): Ghost Hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from TLC’s Kindred Spirits are the guests this week. They talk about how Adam got to be on Ghost Hunters, leaving to create their own show, some of the spooky encounters they’ve had, whether they get scared, and more. Jericho does these type of shows every now and then, and they’re all basically the same. For diehards only. [Bruni & Berry’s interview starts at 5:37] THUMBS DOWN

Bischoff on Wrestling #20 (12/8/16): Bischoff’s old friend Ernest “The Cat” Miller stops to chat with Eric and Nick. Miller tells a bunch of lengthy stories, from getting into karate, playing football, meeting Eric, and working on The Wrestler. Some of the stories seem a little out there, but they are definitely entertaining. They also debut a new segment where they go over newsletter headlines from a certain period, but the first one bombs because they go back to June 1991 when Eric was just starting with WCW and doesn’t have a lot of insight. The show’s just too long at 2 hours. [Miller’s interview starts at 26:53] THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Ric Flair Show #23 (12/8/16): No guest this week, as Ric and Conrad dedicate a show to listener questions. They run the gamut on content, from the origins of the Flair Flop and Whooo, the Ric’s favorite arenas, the Hulkamania tour in Australia, and of course some partying stories. Decent listen, but Ric too often doesn’t have a good answer and the audio sounds like he’s recording in the middle of a highway. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Art of Wrestling #327 (12/8/16): ROH wrestler Ray Rowe makes his AoW debut. They discuss Rowe’s rough upbringing, finding amateur wrestling before trying to be a pro, being all in for wrestling, and the motorcycle accident that almost ended his career. Rowe’s story is really interesting and the accident talk is fairly harrowing. THUMBS UP

The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed! #384 (12/8/16): Santino Marella talks to Steve about a variety of topics, including his neck injury, the Santino character, judo, transitioning to training, and Santino’s new interest in hunting (which was largely the impetus for the interview). If you’ve heard Santino making the podcast rounds a lot of this was covered, but on its own it’s a solid listen. Ted Fowler does sneak into the intro yet again. And speaking of Santino… [Santino’s interview starts at 21:33] THUMBS UP

Jim Cornette Experience #158 (12/8/16): Jim opens the show by apologizing for his performance on last week’s show (which I thought was OK, but I guess the sentiment is appreciated). They dabble in some topics like politics, but the bulk of the show is Jim’s retort to a recent Santino Marella shoot where Santino says Jim called him and said he was glad Santino suffered a career ending neck injury. Jim’s response is a lengthy recount of the slapping incident in OVW. I’ve already heard the story, but if you want it in great detail and aren’t aware, it’s worth a listen. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Keepin’ it 100 #23 (12/8/16): The usual morning zoo has the gang reviewing TLC, Matt Cross discussing the first time he met Konnan and Rey (which was apparently taken from another show), everyone talking about Vince Russo’s recent comments on women as well as racism, Kevin Kleinrock returns from banishment to talk When World Collide, Dave Meltzer talks more wrestling in a 10 minute segment, Jeff Jarrett shows up to chat about pro and college football, Shane Helms and Bobby Lashley talk about Lashley fighting career, Juventud Guerrera speaks on joining the Breakfast Club, and more on the feud with Killing the Town. The usual mixed bag (the Juvie segment is particularly baffling). [Meltzer comes on the show at 45:57] THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #307 (12/9/16): Sean Waltman is here to discuss his myriad experiences in wrestling, from his training, the famous match with Razor Ramon, being in the Clique, WCW, returning to WWF, and tearing his butt on a Bronco Buster. Numerous Waltman appearances on other podcasts have delved into his personal problems, but this one is basically all wrestling and is a great listen.  [Waltman’s interview starts at 4:58] THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

MSL & Sullivan Show (12/9/16): Kevin talks about his recent weekend with Ring of Honor (and puts over all the wrestlers, which is nice to hear), boxing copying the “beat the champ but don’t become champ” formula, and the road to Roadblock: End of the Line. The lengthy mailbag session is fine, but I’m anxious for the return of the Nitro reviews. THUMBS UP

Not enough podcasts for you? Here’s what the Voices of Wrestling team put out this week:

BritWres Roundtable (12/4/16): Oli and Arn run down their recent live experiences at Fight Club Pro’s Infinity tournament and PROGRESS Chapter 39.

New Japan Purocast (11/28/16): Colin and Damon talk the NJPW tag league, Final Battle, and the 2016 End of the Year awards.

Open the Voice Gate (12/5/16): All four hosts discuss the upcoming 2016 Awards, review the last Kouraken show, and preview Final Gate.

Shake Them Ropes #186 (12/7/16): Rob and Jeff ask: Can Alex Bliss cry? They also run down TLC and review Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat, which was apparently good.

K&P #31 (12/7/16): Jon and Rich discuss Chris Sale going to the Red Sox, Klay Thompson crushing the Pacers, and the pretty good Golden State Warriors.

Voices of Wrestling (12/8/16): Joe and Rich talk all about 205 Live, TLC, the WON HOF, Final Battle, Sumo Hall, and more!

Burning Spirits #8 (12/9/16): The crew review the big DDT Osaka Octopus show and break down the Big Japan Shopping Centre Brawl.