All four hosts are back for our latest episode, and we’ve got a number of topics to cover. First we discuss the ongoing Open the Voice Gate awards, going over each and every category and providing some of the names who are currently leading in the balloting (remember, you have until 1/4/17 to submit yours!). Then we get into the latest Korakuen Hall show from 12/1, discussing all the matches as well as a particularly interesting edition of Doi Darts. We then preview the four announced title matches for Final Gate, DG’s last PPV of the year on 12/25.

Afterwards we introduce our newest feature, the Retro Rewatch series, as we’ll be picking an old-school Dragon system match to rewatch for each episode! For the first edition John got to pick, and they picked their all-time favorite match, Muscle Outlaw’z vs. New Hazard for the Triangle Gate at World 2007. Finally, we wrap things up with another batch of your questions, including our thoughts on the controversial Dragon Gate USA promotion! All this and much more on another edition of Open the Voice Gate!

Don’t forget that you have about one month left to submit your ballots for our year end awards! Go to to download your ballot and submit it to [email protected]. Thanks as always for listening!

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