It’s a special bonus episode of Open the Voice Gate, as John and Michael are joined by a very special guest to discuss the unique history of Dragon Gate/Toryumon’s many units! Joining us all the way from Japan is Jae of, the man who has run the primary English language site for the Dragon system for the past 16 years! Jae shares his expertise with us as we discuss as many units as we can cram into a packed three hours, everything from Crazy MAX and M2K through Blood Warriors and Junction Three!

Plus, hear Jae’s thoughts on what’s kept his coverage going through all the ups and downs, the current state of DG’s unit situation and what he thinks might happen in December as the shakeup continues, how being in the crowd in Japan every month has changed him as a fan, his favorite years of DG overall, and much more! It’s an extremely packed episode that literally takes us to the limit of our podcast host, so there’s a ton in here for longtime and new DG fans alike! Thanks again to Jae for joining us and we hope you’ll enjoy!

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