Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Thursday, November 17
Impact Zone
Soundstage 20, Universal Studios
Orlando, FL

Photo: @TheModern_Myth

TNA World champion Eddie Edwards opened the show upset over being attacked by DCC (who revealed themselves as James Storm, Eddie Kingston and Bram last week). He wanted to fight them and they obliged. They beat up Edwards before Jeff Hardy made the save. That set up Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards vs. DCC for the main event. I like that the most notable aspect of the DCC isn’t who they are, that inevitably ends up being a disappointment and they dispensed with that reveal pretty quickly, but rather what they actually want.

Jessie Godderz def. Aron Rex

I watched an Xplosion match between Jessie Godderz and Marshe Rockett yesterday where Godderz looked like a fun, emerging talent. That was not the case here and hasn’t been every time Godderz has been in the ring with Rex. Rex’s work has been so uninspired and so bland that it sucks the life out of everybody around him. Things should improve for him as a heel, a role he seems more naturally suited for but he’s needs to take a more engaging ass kicking if he’s to make that work. This was non-title and wrestled under regular rules, Godderz won with the Adonis Lock. *1/2

Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne def. Laurel Van Ness and Sienna w/ Maria

Maria sent Allie to the back before the match before the match thinking she’d be Brandi’s partner, but Rayne ended up being Brandi’s partner instead. Elements of this, particularly Brandi’s comeback, were extremely rough. She needs to work as often as possible – she’s clearly extremely  inexperienced and just needs to keep wrestling. *1/2

Ethan Carter III def. Mike Bennett, Trevor Lee, and Bobby Lashley

This was a number one contenders match. After throwing Lashley to the floor Bennett and Lee started to work together to wear down EC3. Naturally Lee and Bennett’s relationship broke down allowing EC3 to run wild. Trevor Lee got a minute or two to shine before EC3 put him away with a rear naked choke. While Lee was the obvious fall guy here at least he got an opportunity shine before being put away, and he got a chance to show he belonged among TNA’s main event scene. Elevation by association. This was a little slow to start, especially during the Lee and Bennett heat sequence, but it was lots of fun once it picked up. Hopefully this is the beginning of a concerted effort on TNA’s part to put more effort into Trevor Lee’s presentation. ***1/2

Eli Drake hosted the Fact of Life, still accompanied by needlessly obnoxious sound effects, with guest EC3. Drake, fresh off losing to Eddie Edwards last week, offered EC3 the same deal EC3 offered him a few weeks ago. EC3 declined just as Drake did a few weeks ago. Drake then sweetened the deal by saying that if EC3 put his title shot on the line and Drake lost he wouldn’t challenge for the World title for a year. Because EC3 actually enjoys Drake as competition he declined again and made a counter proposal – if Drake loses to EC3 he’ll be banned from speaking for the rest of 2016. While this was counter to everything Drake believes in, he wanted the World title so badly that he accepted. These two have been the best thing on this show since Bound For Glory and this feud has been really well constructed with shifting power dynamics altering the nature of their relationship.

Mahabali Shera def. Basile Baraka

Placing Shera against one of the less compelling wrestlers on the TNA roster is not a winning formula. The Tribunal attacked Shera after the match and Al Snow made the save. Josh Mathews said Al Snow is trending worldwide on Twitter… *1/4

DCC (James Storm, Eddie Kingston and Bram) def. Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has a new theme song. He performs it of course. It seems to be a more fully fledged version of Obsolete. Hardy and Edwards hit some dives before DCC took control. Edwards suplexed Eddie Kingston onto two upright chairs and it looked absolutely terrifying. Bram DDT’d Edwards off the apron through a table. Storm pinned Hardy after a Last Call. Like the four way this was a little slow to get going but developed into a fun plunder brawl. **3/4

Final Thoughts:

This show was a game of good segment, bad segment. Lashley vs. Lee vs. EC3 vs. Bennett – good, Shera vs. Baraka – bad. The Fact of Life – good, Rhodes and Rayne vs. Sienna and Van Ness – bad. DCC vs. Hardy and Edwards – fun plunder brawl, an Aron Rex match – dreadfully boring.