A new era begins for your-favorite-by-default Dragon Gate podcast, in more ways than one: Michael Spears joins us full time as the new fourth co-host, we record our first podcast since Our Tozawa Left Us, and oh yeah, it’s the first episode since the American electorate revealed the full depths of its stupidity. No, thankfully there is no election talk on this episode to speak of really, but still: last month we had Tozawa and no Trump, now we have no Tozawa and a Trump. Depressing!

But don’t worry, we’re here to be your shining light in the all-consuming darkness. We discuss Tozawa’s final send-off and the entire Gate of Destiny PPV, his comedy fat man days from 8 years ago and how far he’s come since then, the first post-Tozawa Korakuen show BRAND NEW GATE, the children of DG play dress-up, and more!

Plus we introduce our first-annual OTVG Year End Awards, which YOU can vote on RIGHT NOW! Visit http://bit.ly/OTVG-Awards16 to see the full ballot and send in your selections by 1/4/17 to openthevoicegate@gmail.com. Let’s see if we can do better than 53% of the eligible electorate! Yeesh.

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