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They Said It…

  • “You’re like a drug dealer for fucking dumb shit.” – John Thorne, on Chandler Biggins’s career selling old magazines on eBay.
  • “I wish I could wrestle Brock [Lesnar] right now.” – Hulk Hogan

The Usual Suspects

Conversation with the Big Guy #11 (11/7/16): Addiction is the theme of the week. Heavy stuff, right? Well, it gets Pat into a story of a man who paid wrestlers to put him in a full nelson (and apparently paid over 1 million dollars for this right), as well as Ryback’s tale of taking too much GHB and alcohol and taking huge dumps all over his apartment. How on earth do you rate a show like this? You don’t. NO RATING

The Card is Going To Change #21 (11/7/16): After a week’s hiatus to upgrade their recording equipment, the show returns with new host (Steve Guy, who was fine). This episode is all about Johnny Gargano’s last show and all the craziness that went with it, from a referee fight (sadly glossed over), problems with the building, and Tracy Smothers being unsure of how to wrestle a midget. The story of the photographer seeing no problem with taking a nap in a van that’s parked at an elementary school killed me. THUMBS UP

The Steve Austin Show #375 (11/8/16): On a tense election day, who do we need to calm a worried nation? Ted Fowler! Yes, Steve forgot to do a show so he called up Teddy to get a show done. They talk a little about baseball and wrestling food fights before getting back into hunting and Ted’s business. I’m presuming this is all new material, but really who could tell? THUMBS DOWN

Killing the Town #4 (11/8/16): Lance and Cyrus have an extremely annoying conversation about whether the best wrestlers are from Calgary or Winnipeg (and which wrestlers can make the claim of being from those provinces). Much better is the talk about the upcoming cruiserweight show and an extended series of “Bulldog” Bob Brown stories. No interview, but the Greg Kulka story at the end makes up for it. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

MLW Radio #252 (11/8/16): Bruce Prichard finds himself in the host seat this week, as he, MSL, and Court break down some recent news with Survivor Series, the Cruiserweight Division, and the ongoing saga of TNA.  I wasn’t feeling this at first, but then Bruce shifts into talking about old wrestling, specifically trying to make Lex Luger a star. MSL even gets into the Conrad role, challenging Bruce on whether John Cena is really a huge star given all the audience erosion. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #144 (11/8/16): Another double dose this week, as JR is joined by Shane Douglas and Michael Elgin. Douglas is up first for an interview that appeared to be taped backstage at a convention, as there’s a ton of background noise and the interview is inaudible at times. Douglas talks about working for Bill Watts, and JR of course gets around to his favorite topic. Then Michael Elgin is here to talk about working in Japan, the style, selling (sigh), and more. Decent discussion but it was taped before Elgin’s recent injury, and can’t help but feel outdated. [Douglas’ interview starts at 19:35, Elgin’s interview starts at 37:50] THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #298 (11/9/16): Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart makes a rare podcast appearance, accompanied by his son-in-law Tyson Kidd. They talk about Neidhart’s early days in Stampede, transitioning to the WWF travel schedule, teaming with Bret Hart, Who, the Hart Foundation in 1997, and life in WCW. Kidd also gives us an update on his neck injury. The interview pretty much covers everything you would want from the Anvil, and Tyson being there as a sidekick helps keep things moving. [Kidd & Neidhart’s interview starts at 9:04] THUMBS UP

Bischoff on Wrestling #15 (11/9/16): Eric and Nick talk the election (Eric is pleased at the result, but doesn’t openly gloat thankfully). Then they’re joined by Hulk Hogan to talk Trump as President, Goldberg’s return to Raw, and a possible return to the WWE (Hogan denies the rumors about a return at next year’s Mania, for what it’s worth). Hogan takes credit for the idea to run the Hogan/Goldberg match from the Georgia Dome on Nitro, which is interesting. A short but noteworthy interview with the Hulkster.  [Hogan’s interview starts at 9:51] THUMBS UP

Ric Flair Show #18 (11/2/16): Ric has food poisoning, so they stitch together the two-part interview with Shawn Michaels from episodes #3 and #4 as a substitute. I liked the interviews at the time (my only complaint was that both portions were short, but combining them fixes that problem) as they really tell the story of Flair and HBK’s intertwining careers, but if you heard them in July you can safely skip these. [Michael’s interview starts at 7:27] THUMBS UP

Deep Blue Something #8 (11/10/16): Bryce and Mike talk about Juan Francisco de Coronado’s recent match against Zack Sabre Jr., memories of Darkness Crabtree, Joey Styles commentating Chikara events, and a lot on Max Moon. The story of someone in WWE sending Mike a DVD of a Max Moon match he missed as a kid is one of the nicer things you’ll hear this week. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #324 (11/110/16): A special in car podcast sees Colt talk to Grado and Kikutaro during the filming of Wrestling Road Diaries 3 (actually, Kiku doesn’t say a lot, so it’s mostly Colt and Grado). They talk about comedy in wrestling, being in America, and a variety of road stories. The interview itself is pretty old, but you don’t really notice, and it probably makes a nice companion to the movie. But while I appreciated the road trip vibe, there aren’t a lot of laughs to be had here, and this didn’t make me more inclined to buy the movie. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed! #376 (11/10/16): Steve talks to SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts. Norton does a lot of the talking, and they gab about his old show with Opie, getting together with Sam, UFC, tense interviews with Nancy Grace and Jesse Ventura, going to jail, comedy, and a lot more. Wasn’t really looking forward to this one but it is pretty entertaining, as there are enough entertaining stories to keep things moving. [The interview starts at 9:17] THUMBS UP

Jim Cornette Experience #153 (11/10/16): This is the post election special. You can imagine everything said. If you’re a Trump fan you won’t like this, if you aren’t one you may find it cathartic (err, except when he says Omarosa should be dyed white for being a race traitor). Can’t really rate this one, but you don’t need me to tell you anything. NO RATING

Keepin’ it 100 #19 (11/10/16): A special show sees everyone pay tribute to Eddie Guerrero, with appearances from Vickie Guerrero talking their relationship, Juventud on working with Eddie, Shane Helms shares some memories (he also talks UFC , since why not?), and Eddie and Dominick talk their famous angle with Eddie. They play a bunch of Eddie promos and clips and also some songs he liked (Eddie was a Rush fan, who knew?). It’s a long show (just under 3 hours) but it goes quick and is a fitting tribute to one of the best ever. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Talk is Jericho #299 (11/11/16): Oz Fox of Stryper joins the show to discuss the 30th anniversary of the band’s hit album “To Hell With The Devil.” Oz talks the band’s glory days, having to go work in a warehouse, the “Christian Rock” label, meeting his wife, and the origins of his stage name. OK show, but talking about THWTD like it’s some sort of landmark classic is a bit weird. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

MSL and Sullivan (11/11/16): A very short intro sees the duo discuss TNA’s quest for writers and WWE’s obsession with the term fantasy warfare. Then we bounce to the 12/30/96 Nitro with a discussion on the Giant’s first stint with the nWo. We close with a lengthy mailbag, which was fine outside of an unwelcome return to Montreal. THUMBS UP

Something to Wrestle With (11/11/16): Brian Pillman’s tenure in the WWF gets the nod for this week. We hear about his unusual departure from WCW, his signing with the WWF, the gun angle, problems with injuries, and his demise and how the WWF handled it (which gets contentious). A long show (3 hours) thy flies by. THUMBS UP

Not enough podcasts for you? Here’s what the Voices of Wrestling team put out this week:

BritWres Roundtable (11/6/16): Oli, Robin, and Arn run down the big NJPW/RPW Global Wars shows, European participation in BOLA, and the future of Mark Haskins.

New Japan Purocast (11/7/16): Collin and Damon review a very fun “Power Struggle” show and nominate candidates for their year end awards.

Shake Them Ropes  #182 (11/10/16): Rob and Jeff blast through the following: Bayler’s crowd reactions, Baron Corbin off the Survivor Series team, and the Cruiserweights moving to Smackdown.

Voices of Wrestling (11/11/16): Rich and special guest Case Lowe discuss Power Struggle ad ponder the upcoming tag league.

Burning Spirits (11/11/16): Burning Spirits heads back to the punishing world of Big Japan Pro Wrestling, covering the finals of the Saikyou Tag League.