Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Thursday, October 27
Impact Zone
Soundstage 20, Universal Studios
Orlando, FL

Impact began with The Hardys navigating and subsequently getting lost in a corn maze of Senor Benjamin’s design. I must say I do enjoy a good Hardys cold open. The Hardys got up to a bunch of Halloween chicanery throughout the show. Matt and Jeff interacting with children and giving them green beans instead of sweets was an utter delight. Senor Benjamin tased Donald Drumpf, Vanguard 1 (wearing a ghost costume to be seasonal) chased away Hillary Clinton – it was all a whale of a time. It ended with a threat from DCC.

Eli Drake and Aron Rex def. EC3 and Jessie Godderz

A lazier show may have thrown this match out simply to combine two separate issues into a single match, but TNA actually put in the work to establish why this match is happening on the Fact of Life last week. Longer than a match like this usually is on Impact (considerably so really), it was nice to see the match get time to actually develop rather than rushing from the outset. Rex is doing a loaded fist thing with rings on his hand, which gave him the win over Jessie Godderz. Fun opening tag match. ***

In the spirit of Halloween Grado decided to dress up as a BroMan, much to the chagrin of Robbie E. Josh Mathews started talking about how he doesn’t understand why people like Grado on commentary. I was always under the assumption that the idea of commentators was to talk up the talent. Robbie was a begrudging participant in much of the BroMans antic before he embraced it with cartwheels. DCC appeared and destroyed the new look BroMans.

Go For Broke (DJZ, Mark Andrews and Braxton Sutter) def. Rockstar Spud and Decay (Abyss and Crazy Steve)

This is a Team X Gold match. Team X Gold is basically a six man tag X-Division spinoff without any titles. Obviously something will need to be introduced so that the division has actual stakes and means something, but that’s how it exists right now. Abyss is a former X-Division champion and Steve is a former X-Division competitor so the idea here is that Spud is trying to cheat the system by choosing his as his partners. Simple match, with Decay controlling much of it only for Spud to eat the fall at the hands of DJZ’s ZDT. The division needs more teams to make it viable – five is probably the bare minimum. Go For Broke are a really fun combo though, even Sutter brings something different relative to Andrews and DJZ. **1/4

Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards had the contract signing for their title rematch next week. Physical contact was barred. They unfortunately didn’t air clips of Lashley slaughtering that fellow in Bellator last week. Bobby Lashley, king of all men, was uber confident as usual. Lashley said Eddie should simply forfeit the title rather than be destroyed by him. Lashley said this isn’t a movie, Edwards won’t have a happy ending, and Lashley will destroy him. Edwards wasn’t deterred and signed the contract. Edwards wound Lashley up which caused collateral damage to a table but Lashley signed the contract and left. This was really good stuff, Edwards is a strong underdog and Lashley exudes an ass kicker aura.

Laurel Van Ness def. Allie

Allie was given the opportunity to back out of the match by Billy Corgan but she declined. Van Ness controlled most of the match, Allie made a fiery comeback but Van Ness shut her down with a curb stomp for the win. **

Cody and Brandi Rhodes def. Maria and Mike Bennett

Cody and Bennett did their thing for a little while. Maria accidentally low blowed Bennett allowing Cody to make the tag to Brandi. Brandi and Maria did their thing for a little while. Cody and Brandi won with duel submissions. It was what it probably should have been. Lashley destroyed Cody backstage after the match. **

Final Thoughts:

Not as good top to bottom as last week (elements of this show were a little bland) but otherwise another fun two hours of TV. That’s pretty much been the hallmark of TNA in 2016.