The Voices of Wrestling flagship podcast returns as Joe and Rich talk a number of topics across the world of the wrestling.

We begin with a breakdown of Dragon Gate’s 10/12 show including the 5 vs. 4 Captain’s Fall Elimination Unit Disband match and how Dragon Gate connects with you on a different emotional level than any other wrestling promotion. We follow that with a discussion of WWE Hell in a Cell including the rumor Charlotte/Sasha Banks main event, if their match should be a Hell in a Cell, if it should main event and what we can expect from the match.

After that is a lengthy discussion of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, who we voted for, why we didn’t vote for other candidates and who else could find their way into the Hall of Fame this year.

Last but not least, listener questions where we touch on a ton of subjects including Wrestler of the Year votes, Omega vs. Okada at WrestleKingdom, Pentagon Jr.’s long-term viability, BOLA and much more.

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