The wXw World Tag Team League had a solid if somewhat unspectacular first show, but this show on paper looks well set up to kick on with four more league matches highlighted by LDRS vs. Death By Elbow as well as two wXw championship matches.

Group A Standings

  • Los Gueros del Cielo – Jack Evans & Angelico (3 points)
  • Team Ringkampf – Timothy Thatcher & WALTER (3 points)
  • JML – Shane Strickland & David Starr (0 points)
  • Moustache Mountain – Trent Seven & Tyler Bate (0 points)

Group B Standings

  • LDRS – Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll (3 points)
  • Death By Elbow – Chris Hero & JT Dunn (3 points)
  • A4 – Marius Al-Ani & Absolute Andy (0 points)
  • Cerberus – Ilja Dragunov & Julian Nero (0 points)

Westside Xtreme Wrestling
World Tag Team League – Night 2
October 1, 2016
Oberhausen, Germany

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I went into details on the scoring system in the Night 1 review, but it’s three points for a win and one for a draw.

WTTL Group B Match
Cerberus (3) def. A4 (0)

After both losing their first encounter this was a must win match for both these team, or if we’re getting technical it was actually a mustn’t lose match as it would be mathematically possible to qualify with four points. They wrestled a traditional tag structure in this match, with Cerberus taking control after some early shine for the faces and then repeatedly cutting off attempts at the tag before eventually breaking down. The match reminded me a lot of what the Revival have been doing in NXT: taking a traditional structure and weaving in modern elements. They made great use as who the legal guy was at any one time, and overall all four guys looked great here. The match was leaps and bounds ahead of the quality of their title match last month, and personally I preferred it to any match from night one. A great way to kick off the show. Cerberus eliminated A4 from the tournament after hitting the Torpedo Moscow. ***3/4

Shotgun Championship
Pete Dunne def. Francis Kaspin

Francis Kaspin was very clearly here to give Dunne a win after his title victory the previous night, but he had himself a very good showing here. They kept things short and compact, but everything both guys did was crisply executed and looked good, and there was a nice flow to it. Pete Dunne over the past few years has really become a great base for opponents, and has become a sure fire way to make an opponent look good. Dunne retained via the pumphandle facebuster. ***1/4

WTTL Group A Match
Moustache Mountain (3) def. Los Gueros del Cielo (3)

This was yet another really fun match on this show. Moustache Mountain needed to win here to stay alive, and there was a palpable level of urgency portrayed by them as a result. The pace was kept high and the crowd really bought in to all the action, with a handful of near-falls from both teams having the crowd biting. Seven looked far better here than he did the previous night, taking charge of the action far more. The biggest negative I had with this match was there was one spot where a piledriver was completely no sold, which just felt completely out of place especially when the eventual finish ended up also being Tyler Bate hitting a body-slam setup piledriver. A somewhat minor complaint, but a complaint nonetheless. ***1/2

WTTL Group B Match
LDRS (4) vs. Death By Elbow (4) went to a Time Limit Draw

I know for a fact that some will absolutely adore this match, but it just didn’t quite work for me. With the quality of the wrestlers in the match there was of course a lot of good stuff, but going as long as it did really came off as forced and not a natural conclusion to the match. I feel I would have far preferred a tightened up fifteen to twenty minute version of this match, but obviously that was not an option given the tournament booking. Couple that with some sloppy tag legalities and you end up with a match that just didn’t quite seem to come together which was disappointing given how good the match looked on paper. ***1/4

Next up was an extended talking segment done all in German, so I’ll quickly run through what occurred. Initially former champion Karsten Beck made his return to a wXw event after being forced to take time off to have surgery on a brain tumor for ‘Beckstacy Live’. Before long he was joined by wXw owner Christian Jacobi, who while initially friendly became more and more smarmy. This evolved into a full blown argument, and Beck ended up shoving down his boss after Jacobi got in his face. This then brought out Ringkampf (WALTER, Thatcher and Dieter Jr.) to back up Jacobi and force Beck out of the building, confirming an alliance that has been teased for a while.

Bad Bones John Klinger def. Dirty Dragan

This was basically an extended squash. Dragan’s only ever offense resulted from Klinger being overzealous and crashing into things, but after not too long Dragan was caught and put out of his misery. Fine for what it was. Klinger won with the Rebel Lock crossface. *1/2

WTTL Group A Match
JML (3) def. Team Ringkampf (3)

In the night one I gave some faint praise to Thatcher, saying I enjoyed him there far more than I usually do. In this instance I’m removing all backhanded-ness from the compliment, I thought he was actively really good here, showing a level of stylistic versatility that he doesn’t usually exhibit. It wasn’t just Thatcher though, everybody looked great in this one. The match had a simple but great dynamic: the exuberance and flash of JML going up against the ruthless efficiency of Team Ringkampf. When a wrestler is trying to convey the idea of efficient offense in a match it’s all too easy for he or she to end up grinding things down too much and becoming boring. Neither WALTER nor Thatcher did that here, they went for a minimalist approach centered around striking and throws but kept things impactful enough to be exciting to watch. They ended up being a great foil for both Strickland and Starr’s pluckiness, who also brought the energy required to make the story work. Overall it was just really good stuff, a big thumbs up from me. JML picked up the three points with a top rope double stomp/straitjacket German suplex combination. ***3/4

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship
Jurn Simmons def. Mike Bailey

I am not a fan of Jurn Simmons. He’s a parody of a top Memphis heel, grinding matches down into total boredom territory with restholds and mountains of interference. Somebody must have kidnapped that Simmons for this match though, because for this match we got a FAR more dynamic and impressive performance free from any outside interference. I had to pinch myself when he hit a moonsault to check I wasn’t dreaming. Unsurprisingly this also ended up having the most crowd investment I’ve ever seen from a Simmons match, and fairly comfortably the best. It wasn’t free from flaws by any stretch of the imagination, it went twenty two minutes and would have really benefited from shaving off about a third of that, but this was so much better than I was expecting I’m barely even bothered. I haven’t even mentioned Bailey yet, but he put in a very good performance and brought the energy to facilitate this out of nowhere performance by Simmons. It has been a long time since we got a really enjoyable wXw title match, but this was it. Simmons retained with a sit-out piledriver. ***1/2

Final Thoughts:

After a solid start to the League with night one, this show really delivered. Nothing was bad (Bones-Dragan was fine for what it was) and overall this was a super-easy watch with two really good tournament matches, and I know some people will really enjoy the LDRS vs. Death By Elbow match a lot more than me too. A total thumbs up show that has me very excited to watch the final night.