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The Bruce Prichard show will be covered next week. No Tiki Bar this week.

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They Said It…

  • “I put him on the list when he took a shat in a Family Dollar parking lot one time. That was enough for me. Can’t be pooping in public, that’s gross.” –Chandler Biggins on why he stopped booking Dalton Castle
  • “Would everyone please stand for the playing of our Natural Anthem?” – Bruce Prichard, recalling a faux pas during his
  • “Why, was The Tiddlywinks Channel taken?” – Konnan, when Vince Russo told him Rocky Mountain Pro was going to be on the Hunt Channel

The Usual Suspects

VIP Lounge (9/25/16): Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson joins old running buddy MVP and Alex. For those wondering, there’s nothing about his tenure in TNA and his leaving the company. In fact, the vast majority is about their time together in WWE, traveling, partying, and learning from the Undertaker. It’s an interesting look at being a young guy thrust into the spotlight in the WWE. There’s also some funny stories of trying to get paid at independent shows. I have little use for Mr. Anderson as a wrestler, but I enjoyed this much more than I expected. THUMBS UP

The Card is Going To Change #17 (9/26/16): Grado joins the gang to talk about his exploits in America.  They talk about how Chandler and John tried to book him, shady wrestler and sex offender Jay Phoenix, Xavier getting Grado a lap dance, Dennis Stamp, propositioning Dalton Castle, impressing Booker T, getting a call from the BBC at Denny’s, Beyond the Mat, wrestling Vince Russo, and a lot more. I really don’t care much for Grado, but there’s a lot of funny stories here. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin Show #363 (9/27/16): Steve has his wife Kristin on. Guess Ted Fowler was busy. They talk about their dog’s spider bite, their malfunctioning washing machine, Kristin’s mom and QVC, and Steve getting his car towed. Just go find some random couple and eavesdrop and you’ll get the same effect. THUMBS DOWN

Conversation with the Big Guy #5 (9/27/16): The theme of this episode is Ryback’s time as Skip Sheffield. Ryback and Pat talk about Ryback’s time in Florida, the reason he transitioned from Ryback to Skip Sheffield, being on NXT, the Nexus angle, his injury, and a lot more. I appreciate the return to wrestling discussion and this is a nice overview of a time in Ryback’s career that he hasn’t really touched on before. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #245 (9/27/16): In a rarity, Court and MSL are recording together live in Florida. They talk about Florida’s place in wrestling history, the dearth of fat wrestlers, the flood of WWE programming, Raw booking, should WWE have invested in Twitter, Ryback in MMA, fake relatives in wrestling, the state of TNA, Alberto Del Rio’s status, D-Von Dudley as an agent, Cody [Rhodes] in TNA, and MMA running in New York. I liked the live vibe of the show and there is some good discussion here. THUMBS UP

Eastern Lariat #2 (9/28/16): Strigga and Dylan spent the early portion of the show running the New Japan Destruction shows, then move on to Akira Tozawa’s final Dragon Gate shows, the Michinoku Pro Fukumen League, All Japan & Wrestle-1 feuding, and a revealing Jun Akiyama interview. Very nice wrap up of the week in Japan. THUMBS UP

Bischoff on Wrestling #10 (9/28/16): Eazy-E and Nick double up on guests this week – first up is Bellator CEO Scott Coker to talk MMA. Coker doesn’t say a ton, but most of the discussion is about pro wrestlers doing MMA like Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, and Ryback (which doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere). Russ Francis comes back part 2 of his interview. There’s not a lot of wrestling this time around (outside of working WrestleMania II) and it’s more about his football days and avoiding injuries. OK show overall.  [Coker’s interview starts at 16:42, Francis’ interview starts at 43:22] THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Ric Flair Show #13 (9/27/16): Lucky number #13 finds Ric and Conrad without a guest, so they return to audio commentaries, this time for Ric vs. Ricky Steamboat from Chi-Town Rumble ’89. You get a lot of Flair nuggets about crowd reactions, calling the match, referee Tommy Young, where the match ranks in his pantheon, and a lot more. There’s nothing too surprising, but it is a nice addition to an all time classic. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #137 (9/27/16): Bobby Lashley is up first for a brief chat about his upcoming Bellator fight and a little bit on TNA (just what he thinks of Matt Hardy and Moose, nothing about any impending sales). Then John Pollock makes his Ross Report debut to help JR run down Clash of Champions and review all the news in TNA, ROH, UFC, and more. It’s an OK discussion but it seems they don’t get much deeper than the surface. [Lashley’s interview starts at 1:57,Pollock’s starts at 15:38 ] THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #287 (9/28/16): Comedian Ron Funches is on to discuss comedy and his wrestling fandom. Most of the show is about the nuts and bolts of comedy, influences, making a name for yourself, life on the road, dealing with hecklers, and a lot more. There are a ton of similarities between comedy and wrestling, of which Funches is a huge fan. The interview is a bit old (they talk about Chad Gable still being in NXT) but still a lot of fun. [Funches’ interview starts at 6:35] THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #320 (9/29/16): Former WWF wrestler Trevor Rhodes is the guest this week. We hear about his upbringing with 10 brothers and sisters, how he got into wrestling, training with Harley Race, skipping developmental and going straight to the main roster, life after the WWF, and a lot more. There’s not a ton on his time in Federation, as the show is mostly about what it took to get there, but what is here is quite interesting. THUMBS UP

The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed! #364 (9/29/16): Ted Fowler again. We get to hear about his fishing trip to Louisiana (he lost his hat). There’s stuff about Steve meeting Sylvester Stallone and hunting and guns. Not Austin’s finest week. THUMBS DOWN

Keepin’ it 100 #13 (9/29/16): Our show includes: Disco and Konnan briefly breaking down Clash of Champions and baseball playoffs, a rap from Psypher, Ruben Zamora from Masked Republic talks hanging out with Juventud Guerrera, Juvie himself drops by to drop a sick beat, Shane Helms stops by to talk the recent TNA empty arena match and his beef with Vince Russo, Konnan and Disco talk football, Vader comes on to talk growing up in Compton, causing a riot in Japan, his true thoughts on Osperay/Richochet, and his battles with addiction. For some reason there’s a Jeff Hardy interview after they wrap up the show, like it’s a hidden track on a CD. The Vader stuff is really good, everything else pretty middling. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Jim Cornette Experience #148 (9/29/16): Jim and Brian talk at length about the Presidential Debate (if you close your eyes and imagine you can guess everything Jim says) before being joined by MLW colleague Bruce Prichard. They chat about the old Houston office, how Bruce came up with the Brother Love character and pitched it to Vince, working with Vince Russo and more. Prichard has told these stories before but if you haven’t heard them they’re still enjoyable. Pity no one asked about his low opinion of Jerry Jarrett, but there will be part 2 next week. [Prichard’s interview starts at 32:10] THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #286 (9/30/16): Steve “The Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi is here to discuss his 32 year run with the WWF. Basically you get a bunch of stories about Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, the Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, and a lot more, along with a discussion on what it’s like to be an enhancement talent and ultimately move up the card. It’s an enjoyable show although some of the stories do seem a bit off. [Lombardi’s interview starts at 3:52] THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show (9/30/16): This week’s discussion topics include the idea of Live Nation running their own wrestling events and wrestling companies owning television stations (as well as an aside on the foolishness of non-title matches). Then MSL and Sullivan crack open the mailbag with questions on a possible Netflix wrestling promotion, 50/50 responses, and the validity of the sleeper hold. Then it’s the second half of the 12/16/96 Nitro and the problem of heavyweights not wanting to job to cruiserweights. The usual goodness. [The Nitro review starts at 42:37] THUMBS UP

Not enough podcasts for you? Here’s what the Voices of Wrestling team put out this week:

New Japan Purocast (9/26/16): Collin and Damon review the final 2 New Japan Destruction shows.

Shake Them Ropes #175 (9/28/16): Rob and Jeff discuss the potential sale of TNA, Eva Marie’s future in the WWE, the great Mix & Dolph Ziggler segment, John Cena on Talking Smack, and more.

Lucha of the Hidden Temple (9/29/16): Chris and Miles review the 9/21/16 episode of Lucha Underground and The Mack getting a title shot.