**Originally Recorded: May 21, 2013**

Wrestling’s youngest 14-year veteran, TJ Perkins, joins Joe & Rich on the Voices of Wrestling podcast for a nearly two hour interview. The guys take TJ through his career, from being a teenager skipping class to sneak over the border to Tijuana for bookings, training in the New Japan L.A. dojo, his surreal first tour with New Japan, the genesis of the PUMA gimmick, the on and off nature of his TNA relationship and whether he would like to work there full time, why his latest ROH run ended, the story behind his split from Evolve & his relationship with Gabe Sapolsky, walking on eggshells in the WWE locker room, working tryout & dark matches for WWE, some NBA TALK, why he never stays in one place for very long, his upcoming two out of three falls match against ACH for St Louis Anarchy, and more.

This is a two hour interview that could have went twice as long, and we still would have had things to talk about. Perkins is an open book, and has great some great insight, so just click play and listen to this great interview with one of the top freelancers on the planet!