This Saturday (September 10), in anticipation of CM Punk’s UFC debut, members of the Voices of Wrestling staff will rewatch and live-tweet WWE Money in the Bank 2011 starting at 7:00 p.m. EST. The conversation will take place using the hashtag #VOWMITB11 and we strongly encourage you to join along in the fun. We’ll be pressing play on the entire pay-per-view event at 7pm EST on the WWE Network for those who want to follow along.

Why Money in the Bank 2011? 

WWE Money in the Bank 2011 holds a special place in our hearts at Voices of Wrestling. Money in the Bank 2011 was the event that inspired me to create this site. While the idea behind the site has evolved, the core idea is rooted in this PPV and how I felt leaving the Allstate Arena after this monumental event. Sitting in bed around 2:00 a.m. desperately trying to fall asleep, clinging to the last few hours of potential sleep before my work day, I threw in the towel. I love wrestling and I want to follow my dream of covering professional wrestling in some form or fashion. This led me to a few months later breaking up with my long-time girlfriend who flat out said she would not support me covering or watching wrestling.

I was all-in.

I jumped out of bed, went to my laptop and worked on developing the fabric of this site. The name of the site, logo you see and the color scheme were developed hours after Money in the Bank. I worked on the site until roughly 5:00 a.m. when I decided I wasn’t going to go to work that day, instead, I was going to work on this site. That and the fact that I didn’t have a voice after screaming the entire night certainly played a factor in that as well. What came is most of what you still see on this site today. Of course, we’ve went through numerous re-designs and the site itself is no longer of my original concept but regardless, this was a pivotal moment in my life and my “career”. From the moment CM Punk walked out to the biggest pop I have (and ever will) hear in my lifetime, I was a changed man. The old me was gone and he would never return. This was my life’s passion and I finally learned to embrace it to the fullest.

It’s cliche but the rest is history. The site has evolved into what you see here today but the concept of the site was developed in large part to my emotional attachment to Money in the Bank 2011. Now, with CM Punk about to make his UFC 203 debut, we thought there’d be no better show to kick off our series of live rewatches.

Money in the Bank 2011

While the tie-in with CM Punk was paramount to us choosing Money in the Bank 2011 as our re-watch this weekend, we can’t ignore how great the rest of this card was — it’s an all-timer from top-to-bottom. Outside of the ***** (per Dave Meltzer) main event, Christian vs. Randy Orton is a stellar match and one of the highlights of the duo’s great feud throughout the summer of 2011. Likewise, both Money in the Bank Ladder Matches delivered big with shocking endings to both.

  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan defeats Cody Rhodes and Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel and Kane and Sheamus and Sin Cara and Wade Barrett
  • WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly (c) defeats Brie Bella
  • Mark Henry defeats The Big Show
  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio defeats Alex Riley and Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and Rey Mysterio and The Miz
  • World Heavyweight Title Match: Christian defeats Randy Orton (c)
  • WWE Heavyweight Title Match: CM Punk defeats John Cena (c)

Join Along! 

Join us Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. EST and be sure to use the #VOWMITB11 hashtag to join the conversation. If you don’t have WWE Network but still want to join along, you can sign-up today and receive a free month using our affiliate link

See you Saturday!