Super Showdown IV
August 21st 2016
Pickering, Ontario


The final stop before the much anticipated SMASH vs. Progress shows, SMASH’s biggest show of the year, Super Showdown IV. Historically, there have been some very great matches and big moments on this show over the years. These shows have been traditionally stacked with former competitors such as The Young Bucks, Chris Hero, Paul London and Johnny Gargano.

Where this year’s show may not have the same amount of outside talent, they certainly have more of a well built card as well as a preview for the upcoming SMASH vs. Progress show.

The Muscle def. Sebastian Suave

This match had a very minor story. Suave, trainee of Tyson Dux, is looking to take out a member of Kevin Bennett experience before Dux’s match with Bennett later in the show. It sounds more intriguing than it actually is unfortunately. This was your typical Kevin Bennett Experience match without the best part which would be Kevin Bennett. This match really didn’t do anything for me. Honestly Overdogs are missing purpose from a storyline perspective. Without tag titles or any sort of storyline they aren’t really doing anything that is particularly interesting. Beyond that, just from a technical standpoint, Suave is not the most interesting worker. His offence isn’t the most convincing and really just feel like a complete JAG. Muscle wasn’t much better to be completely honest. It just felt dry and lacked any real interest from me. I would skip this.

SMASH Wrestling Championship Number One Contendership
Brent Banks def. Scotty O’Shae

This is continuing the recent tag team/rivalry between Banks and O’Shae. For those who haven’t been following. Scotty has been hinting jealousy towards Banks for his reception by the fans despite Banks ideology of winning at all costs. These two guys have great chemistry with each other, consistently working with each other for different promotions in Ontario. This match featured a lot of call backs to prior matches as they attempted to put each other away going for their big spots. Banks was finally able to beat Scotty by using his own move, the control alt delete This caused Scotty to snap and hit Banks with a keyboard and, from my vantage point, turned Scotty heel. I’m more then happy about this since his gimmick is in desperate need of some retooling. He’s a very good worker but he feels too much a of a joke character. This match was very enjoyable and furthers the Banks/O’Shae feud into a new direction with a disposition reversal. This was a fun little match setting things up for the future. Really looking forward to them in the Fans bring the Keyboards match at SMASH vs. PROGRESS. ***

Kevin Bennett def. Tyson Dux

This match is built around the fact that Bennett believes the 20-year veteran Tyson Dux is washed up and isn’t afraid to tell him about it. This match centered around Tyson more concerned about getting his revenge on the Kevin Bennet Experience then just winning the match. Dux probably has some of the most vicious looking offence on the show which truly added in this case. Dux gave a gross suplex on the outside of the ring that had to suck for both men since the floor wasn’t padded at all. Ultimately the Kevin Bennett Experience numbers game plays against Dux allowing Bennett to regain the momentum of the match. Bennett gained the victory with two Remixes (Swingin Neckbreakers). Grumpy Tyson teaching the young cocky brat a lesson was a lot of fun. Dux is a very proficient worker and can’t have a bad match. I really hope the Cruiserweight Classic opens more opportunities for the guy since he is a very talented worker. Kevin Bennett was pretty great in his own right in this match. He plays such a good heel and to me is one of the biggest potential stars on this show. This kid is solid in ring, plays his character to a T and in his early 20s. I would keep my eye on him in the years to come. ***1/2

No Disqualification
Rosemary (Courtney Rush) def. Allie (Cherry Bomb)

This feud has been building for 14 months and is a rematch after the DQ finish from Any Given Sunday 4. This match was really well built and was something I was really looking forward to but unfortunately being in front of a new crowd in Pickering really hurt the match. The crowd wasn’t as invested as the traditional Toronto crowd would have been and didn’t fully get into it until the plunder with the thumbtack which is a complete shame. Regardless tho these two really put everything out there in this match. I’m not big into hardcore matches especially with women but for this feud it completely works for me. I felt they worked to their spots well into the match, feud and their characters. Sometimes plunder matches just feel like plunder for plunder sake but I felt the intention of both women. I have to give it to them for putting it all out there since neither really work that style on a regular bases. I know a lot of people don’t like these matches but I enjoyed it alot and would easily recommend. Rosemary got the victory with a spear threw thumbtacks followed by a sharpshooter on thumbtacks. I for one, am really looking forward to their cage match in October. ***3/4

Jesse Amato def. John Greed

As stated in the Suave match, I feel like the Overdogs (Greed and Suave) feel a bit purposeless right now. Unlike Suave tho, I don’t mind Greed’s work in the ring. I feel unlike his tag partner, Greed has presence and is a solid worker. I’m not the most familiar with Jesse Amato. From what I have learned he’s more of a deathmatch wrestler and he works for Smash’s developmental promotion Infinity. Knowing this, to my surprise, Jesse was pretty solid. Although Amato kinda looks like a budget Necro Butcher, he is clearly a better worker in a non hardcore match. With that said, this was a bit of an unspectacular match. It wasn’t a bad match by any means but I struggled to remember any spots from this match once the show was over. It didn’t really leave any impression on me good or bad so I had to rewatch this before review. They worked well enough though. Amato got the win at the end with a crossface. It was a solid short ** special.

Chavo Guerrero & Gabriel Fuerza def. Well Oiled Machines & The Fraternity

This was a solid triple threat tag team and more of a showcase of Chavo Guerrero and Gabriel Fuerza than anything else. Gabriel Fuerza and the Fraternity are from SMASH’s developmental promotion Infinity. Both are young solid acts in their own right. The match itself was quite good with Well Oiled Machines getting the heat on Chavo before Gabriel got the hot tag. Well Oiled Machines I feel are a real strong southern heel tag team. They really work with each other and that style of match well. I personally would have structured the match differently with Gabriel being the smallest guy in the match getting the heat and Chavo making the hot tag but I don’t really think that’s a big detractor to the match. This match had some really fun moments with Chavo paying homage including the return of Pepe. What I will say though is I found the inclusion of Fraternity was completely unnecessary and never really added to the match. The Fraternity were really bizarre during the heat though as they was cheering for Chavo to tag in Gabriel. They had a nice dive sequence but I don’t think they were needed at all. With that said the match in itself was quite good and had some really nice moments. ***¼

SMASH Wrestling Championship
Mark Haskins def. Tarik

This is Tarik’s title shot after winning Gold 2k16. When he originally won the tournament I believed that this was where Tarik was going to take the title off of Gargano. To the surprise of many Mark Haskins defeated Gargano at Progress Wrestling’s 5000 to 1 to win the championship. Now you don’t need me to say this but Mark Haskins is awesome. He’s one of the few wrestlers I get a legitimate intensity from their demeanor when they wrestle. He reminds me a lot of Shibata in that respect as a lot of his offence looks stiff and believable. He really brought the best out of Tarik in this match. I find Tarik is one of those guys who is a good worker but it’s really depending on who his opponent to how good the match is. This to me is probably the best I’ve seen Tarik. These two had a really great, well built match and if this is the type of wrestling we are going to get for SMASH vs. Progress, we are in for a treat boys and girls. I honestly believe if this was anywhere else it would get a lot of hype online. It started out slow with some testing of the water but when it got going, man did it get great. I honestly won’t be able to do this match justice, if you have a chance watch this match. ****¼

At the end of the show we get an Overdogs promo where Suave is fired up about how little they mean to the promotion at this current time. It looks like they finally get some sort of direction and character. I like the sense of realism and for once am actually a bit intrigued at where the two of them are going.

Final Thoughts:

Super Showdown IV is one of the strongest offerings for the promotion featuring a bonafide Match of the Month candidate in Haskins vs. Tarik. For those cherry picking Mark Haskins vs. Tarik is must watch, especially if you plan on watch SMASH vs. Progress. I would also highly recommend Allie vs. Rosemary and Tyson Dux vs. Kevin Bennett.