Over the Top Wrestling
Even Better Than Better Than Our Best
May 28, 2016
Dublin, Ireland – Tivoli Theatre


Danny ‘The Beast’ Butler def. Dunkan Disorderly

The opening contest saw the return of ‘The Beast’ who came out to an impressive crowd reaction given that he hadn’t been seen in OTT for some months. It was a hard hitting quick paced match with Danny getting the better of Dunkan for most of the match. Dunkan was a great heel throughout, threatening to take the beasts beard as he had done to Justin Shape on the previous show and at shouting “god save the queen” in which the crowd reacted with a “The queen’s a C**T and so are you” chant. The Beast took advantage and gave Dunkan a big Undertaker-esque chokeslam before spearing Dunkan to the outside. On the outside Dunkan got a cricket bat from under the ring (a very heelish weapon in Ireland) which he hit Danny with for the DQ finish. After match had ended, Dunkan attempted to shave the fallen Beast’s beard but was interrupted by Justin Shape. He ran scared but returned when Justin’s back was turned and knocked him out with the cricket bat also. Butler got his beard cut and low blow for good measure. This was a solid opener to the show that had the crowd fuming in disgust.

‘The Ultrastar’ Angel Cruz & The Fabulous Nicky def. The Ballymun Bruiser & Terry Thatcher

This was the comedy match of the evening. It began with the Ultrastar demanding his young bodyguards (they seriously look about 12) carry him to the ring on their shoulders which they struggled with. These two young lads are the perfect hopeless stooges. He declared that last month he accidentally pulled down the rope on his tag partner Nicky and that he really loved him and everybody in the crowd. The match began with Angel wussing out of going one on one with the Bruiser and immediately tagging in Nicky who made every move seem homoerotic on a bashful and frightened Bruiser. When the Bruiser finally got his hands on Cruz, one of his bodyguards interrupted but got caught himself by Bruiser. Nicky saved the young lad which Cruz took exception to. More miscommunication followed for the glamorous duo and it was all very hilarious. The little wrestling in the match was quite good, Terry Thatcher is a believable aggressive smaller guy (reminiscent of Paul Robinson in PROGRESS) and It’s always good to see the Bruiser who’s a staple of Irish wrestling . Nicky hit a lovely enzuigiri followed by a Rough Rider but was intercepted by Angel Cruz stealing the pin fall as Nicky went to the top rope. It ended with Cruz talking Nicky around into giving him a hug and then calling him a W*nker behind his back. Great fun match – more story and comedy than wrestling. Served its purpose well.

‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll def. Ryan Smile

This was match of the night right here. I heard some even say it was the best match they’ve ever seen in OTT. It started with some slick chain wrestling with Marty getting the better of Ryan for most and then they went into more quick paced high flying which Ryan came out on top of and then descended into literally a bit of brilliant everything. Most people already know how great Marty is but Ryan looked every bit as good here. The crowd got behind him. Marty was also very popular with the crowd as he usually is. Even when being the Villain people just love his shtick and here was no different. He trolled the crowd by getting everybody to move from their seats in the dive zone for no reason and then just tossing Smile back into the ring. A friend who isn’t familiar with Marty asked me why everybody was “Shhhhhh” ing as he lined up for the finger snap spot, said friend then roared “AHHHH YOU DIRTY ROTTEN B*STARD” which echoed the feeling of everybody around us at that moment perfectly, no matter how many times I see that it always makes my skin crawl. The match ended as Marty got Ryan in the Chicken Wing and delivered multiple elbow strikes until Ryan passed out and the ref called for the bell. Smile looked like a dead fish, some women in crowd looked genuinely worried and upset. After the match Scurll commended Smile on his fight and suggested a rematch which Smile agreed to. I think this may be in August but could be wrong. I want to see it again for sure.

OTT Tag Team Titles
The Kings of The North (Bonesaw & Corvin) def. The Gymnasties ( Sammy D & B-Cool) The Kings of The North (Bonesaw & Corvin)

The Gymnasties finally got a match for the OTT tag titles after completing the stipulation of winning 3 matches in a row. We had some big match entrances for this one with the ‘Nasties coming out to the Karate Kid theme song Joe Esposito – “You’re the Best Around” with all new gear and the King on the North being led to the ring by a marching drummer and 4 United Kingdom/England/Red hand of Ulster flag carriers. To quote a self-confessed “Prod” from the north @PrayforPatrick “Protestants believe in hard work, flags, bonfires and marching”. The entrances alone had the crowd riled up. It was very much the loveable underdogs vs. the bullies portrayed excellently here. The Kings are seriously intimidating, Bonesaw took advantage of this by shouting at the ref Niall Fox who later got accidentally laid out with a missed superkick by Sammy D while B Cool finally landed an RKO (He usually dives up and gets nothing!). Instead of attending to the ref, the ‘Nasties decide to go for a double team Brain buster but Dunkan Disorderly arrived on the scene while they were fooling around and hobbled both lads with a double low blow. He was then immediately laid out by Justin Shape who had the Cricket bat. The ref became alert again and there were a load of crazy rollup nearfalls harkening back to past Kings matches. Sammy eventually hit a jawbreaker type move and B Cool got the roll up victory. The pop was here was insane. It must have been a combination of it being a pay off after month and months of the heel champions reign along with the struggles of the ‘Nasties, but also I don’t think people expected that to be the finish. This was a super feel good and fun match, I don’t even think people would have needed to have followed OTT for the story in this one to get across.

After the match Workie, of The Lads From The Flats, came out and said he didn’t want to interrupt but asked if he could have the first shot at the titles. Justin Shape reminded him he doesn’t have a partner anymore to which he responded word for word “it’s alright, people , know me like, I’m sound, next month…look” and pointed to the screen which revealed Colt Cabana was coming! The crowd was very excited for Colt Cabana who has never wrestled in Ireland before. The Gymnasties agreed to the match.

Pete Dunne def. Joe Coffey

This was a big deranged man vs an even bigger man. Joe Coffey is someone I had only seen once before (and couldn’t remember) so I didn’t know what to expect. The match began with the two exchanging blows and shoulder tackles trying to rock the other but as a whole it was a slower pace (as in taking their time strategizing) than what we usually see from Pete Dunne in OTT and showed a different side to him as he’s usually the more intimidating in stature competitor in the ring. Here he had to be the more ruthless of the two biting and manipulating the fingers of Coffey. It all worked very well. Joe Coffey looked great and made a believer out of me. Pete got the victory after multiple head kicks and his finisher the urmmm… pump handle spinout flatliner?! He needs a name for that thing.

Logan Bryce def. Bull Dempsey

This wasn’t particularly good but was quick enough. The two brawled out into the crowd by the bar. Lots of back and forth striking in the match, nothing that looked overly impressive.

Bull certainly isn’t having a Matt Sydal/Drew Galloway esque “why did they let him go” tour after leaving WWE. The right man won in Logan Bryce. His Lariat finish didn’t look as good as it usually does here. I want to see more of Logan, I think he’s a really good hoss, never need to see Bull again. It’s worth noting that that Irish crowd are a lot more forgiving than what an English Indie crowd would be here to Bull, most seemed to have enjoyed him or at least enjoyed reciting quotes from the Irish play “The Field” (see the Bull McCabe).

After the match Bull has a dance with the Session Moth Martina it was fun he looked like he was having a ball.

No Limits Title
Luther Ward def. ‘The Anti-Hero’ Tommy End

This had a big match feel. Tommy came out first to a great response from the crowd and Luther came out on the shoulders of Rocky Mac to a hero’s welcome as always. The crowd were split on who they favoured in this one.

Luther jeered Tommy as Karate Kid at the beginning of the match where Tommy was the attacker trying to get the better of him. Luther tried to keep him locked into holds but Tommy broke out and delivered his signature lightning kicks and knee strikes. We had a big dive by Ward to the outside knocking through the rows of chairs (that don’t separate) and later when they eventually got to their feet Tommy knocked Luther into the 3rd row with a kick. It looked like Tommy might get the win after a series of sick looking flying knees to the head of Ward along with a double stomp from the top rope, but Luther kicked out and came back to hit Tommy with big leaping clothesline. They traded kicks until Luther hit a second big clothesline followed by his Emerald Frosion finisher and straight into a crossface which made Tommy tap. They shook hands and hugged after Luther celebrated. The crowd chanted “please come back” but after two title matches (both losses) I doubt he will but I’d love to be wrong.

The champion Luther Ward is collecting skulls of Europe’s top Indy guys and next month faces Big Damo O’Connor. Also announced for next month Colt Cabana, Tyler Bate and Nixon

  • Fight of the Night: Smile Vs Scurll
  • Moment of the Night: ‘Nasties win
  • Man of the Match (MVP for American readers): Marty Scurll
  • Please Try Harder: Bull Dempsey