Another week of WWE Superstars, another week where I get to watch someone’s final WWE match. It is beginning to feel like a wrestling themed reality show where I get rid of some schlub every week. Although if that were true this episode of Superstars may not exist. Hold tight- it was pretty schlub heavy.

Titus O’Neil & Jack Swagger def. The Social Outcasts

O’Neil and Swagger is the definition of thrown together. I have a soft spot for Swagger and will go to my grave saying the ‘E could get more out of him. Rich told me last week that reviewing Apollo Crews matches was my trademark- unfortunately, my trademark is reviewing Outcasts matches. The crowd were pretty into Swagger and he got some nice pops in the opening exchanges. Swagger is subjected to both Outcasts offence. O’Neil came into the match to treat both Los Unlovables to a couple of boots to the head before picking up the win with the Clash of the Titus. Please no more Outcasts matches.

This Week in Superstars History (05/11/1991)

As modern day Superstars recapped Raw with footage of Dean Ambrose ranting about an imaginary asylum, I happily watched footage of a man in an imaginary Funeral Parlour. Hey, the more things change right. Twenty-five years in the past but keeping the theme of the review in the Henning family, Mr Perfect was the guest of the funeral parlour along with Bobby Heenan. We will see this pair in again in about a month when we get the debut of one of my 1990s favourites The Coach. On the angles side of things, after a Big Bossman squash, the Nasty Boys assist Jimmy Hart stable mate, the Mountie by handcuffing Bossman to the rope for a cattle prodding.

In the ring, Rowdy Roddy Piper took on Rick Martel. This was a really fun brawl built around Piper’s injured left knee. Piper showed the classic ‘more guts than brains’ and Martel capitalised. The ongoing DiBiase/Piper house show feud was built into the match and we get a Million Dollar Man promo video questioning Piper’s brains. Piper managed to use a length of bandage and a jug of water without getting disqualified which was quite the feat in 1991. Piper picked up the win with a small package.

A personal highlight of this episode was the version I watch had a classic shouty Vince advertising Hot Ticket PPV: WrestleMania Heroes.

Zack Ryder def. Stardust

Here we are — Codydust’s final WWE match. This had a pretty high energy opening but went off a cliff quickly. An unkind assessment of Rhodes would be he never does much anyway so how could one tell if he’s phoning it in here.  That being said, the match was cut with two breaks which is crazy for one of these Superstars main events so maybe it was a bit of a stinker. The high energy opening replaced by Cody holding Ryder in a rest hold spot for an unspeakable length given the match. Ryder got the win. I have no great memories of Rhodes with the company bar a vague recollection of matches against Mysterio. I’m not sure what he’ll do next but I won’t be surprised if he shows up in some of my future ICW reviews.