Apparently no Bret podcast this week. The podcast week in review, brought to you by Five Four Club (or our Amazon and WWEShop affiliate links).

They said it…

  • “Would you listen to 3 hours of Flo Rida to be on my podcast?” – MVP, after Pete Rosenberg invited him onto his podcast to review a 3-hour Raw
  • “I’m going to try that tonight at Chipotle.” – Colt Cabana, after Lance Archer revealed that Davey Boy Smith Jr. once paid a tab in Japan by autographing a wall as “Gorgeous George”
  • “There’s a famous saying way back when that sometimes the needs of the one outweigh the many needs of the few and the several. A very famous man once said that.” -Kenny Bolin

The Usual Suspects

VIP Lounge (5/15/16): MVP and Alex are finally back together after a several week hiatus. They pick up where they left off, talking Alex’s writing exploits, MVP’s adventures on the independent circuit (easily the best part of the show), and current thoughts on the WWE. The entire episode goes under an hour, and the more succinct discussion is for the better. However, said discussion never rises above “decent,” although you do get to hear MVP sing some Everclear. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin Show #325 (5/17/16): Steve vows to cross an item off of his bucket list. Sounds great right? Well, he dream is to build a neon clock, so he chats with Curtis Simpson of Curtis Clocks. They talk about building clocks. That’s really it. What else can I say; the show is about building clocks. Thankfully it’s a pretty short interview, but also extremely tedious. THUMBS DOWN

MLW Radio #227 (5/17/16): Konnan, MSL, and Court run down some recent news, but really the show is centered around two big topics: the future of CM Punk in UFC (and if he has one), and the blowback from Konnan’s recent comments about leaving AAA (Konnan dumps pretty hard on Dorian Roldan). There’s a bit on current events in the WWE and ROH booking problems, but I quite liked the digressions on this show. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #118 (5/17/16): JR has a chat with the recently released Hornswoggle. Swoggle (as he’s known these days) was just on Steve Austin’s Unleashed show last week, so there is some overlap, mainly talking his release and drug test failure. But JR mostly fields Twitter questions, so you get more insight into his future in wrestling and the famous WeeLC match. If you listened to Austin’s show and are pressed for time, you can take a pass on this one, but on its own it’s an enjoyable listen. <Swoggle’s interview starts at 21:27> THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #248 (5/18/16): Jericho mentioned on the last show how the Scorpions were flying him in for a podcast interview, so today he sits with rhythm guitarist Rudolph Schenker. Unfortunately, their time was pretty limited (as Jericho explains in a lengthy opening), and they even had to break the interview into different sessions. When they do talk, there are fun topics like being a rhythm guitarist, playing huge festivals, and rocking a moustache. But the disjointed nature of the interview means it’s not as great as it could have been. <Schenker’s interview starts at 17:14> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Art of Wrestling #302 (5/19/16): The second live show from Dallas, this time Colt and Marty trot out Lanny Poffo (talking poetry), Lance Archer (talking about Taka Michinoku and Harry Smith), Kevin Gill (Juggalo Championship Wrestling), Bobby Fulton (wrestling in Japan), and Brian Cage (being huge and Scott Steiner impressions). As usual for live shows, this is pretty hit and miss (the Poffo segment is quite awkward at times) but Bobby Fulton is the clear highlight. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin – Unleashed #326 (5/19/16): Steve talks to bodybuilder, actor, and model Mike O’Hearn, who’s been on the cover of 100’s of magazine covers and romance novels. This doesn’t sound promising, but the parts that focus on topics outside of working out (namely O’Hearn overcoming dyslexia, almost becoming a WWE wrestler, and being on American Gladiators) being the highlight. But when they do a deep dive into workout regiments the show begins to greatly drag. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Jim Cornette Experience #129 (5/19/16): Jim & Brian open the episode with a lengthy intro talking about Target protests and the durability of Jerry Lawler. Then Kenny Bolin returns to tell a story about losing his wallet. That’s about it. Bolin’s son briefly shows up at the end too. It’s a pretty slight episode, but the slow build Bolin/Last alliance continues to entertain. Check out this week’s 6:05 Podcast for a much better Cornette & Bolin appearance. Bolin’s interview starts at 33:15 THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #249 (5/20/16): Former Saturday Night Live star Dana Carvey talks to Jericho. Lots of chat about his days on the show, famous impressions like George Bush, famous characters like Garth Algar and the Church Leader, and stories about Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, and Dennis Miller, plus other topics like playing the drums and his new show on USA. This was a show right in my wheelhouse, as I grew up on all this, so I imagine this might as well be in Latin for a younger listener. Still, Carvey has lot of great stories and this interview flies by. <Carvey’s interview starts at 5:40>THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

MSL & Sullivan Show (5/20/16): Another format switch, as aside from a brief (but interesting) discussion of comics and wrestling, and a quick look at the 10/7/96 Nitro, it’s almost an all mailbag show. There questions are pretty wide ranging, covering Ric Rude’s toughness, agents in pro wrestling, and the dearth of false finishes in today’s matches. The usual solid show. THUMBS UP

Bauer & Pollock (5/4/16): B&P close out our column with a recap of all the week’s news, including: John Cena hosting the ESPY’s, the Rock’s upcoming film roles, the 2 hour Raw replay on SyFy, Impact’s lack of replays, Lucha Underground’s ratings, Stephanie McMahon’s book and the endless potential of a Vince autobiography, Shane’s upcoming interview with Mick Foley, NXT tryouts, Cedric Alexander leaving ROH, UFC sale update, CM Punk’s future in the Octagon, Extreme Rules, the Best of the Super Juniors, GLOW returns?, and more. Again, a very nice wrap up for the week in wrestling. THUMBS UP