Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Tuesday, May 10
Impact Zone
Soundstage 20, Universal Studios
Orlando, FL

Jeff Hardy opened Impact upset that Decay attacked him last week, costing him a World title shot. Decay interrupted saying their attack on Hardy was merely business. They were compensated to attack Jeff. Abyss mentioned that they’ve faced off many times which made me think about how Hardy and Abyss first wrestled eleven years ago. That is a very long time. Crazy Steve talked for a while and he doesn’t sound nearly intimidating enough to be an evil clown. He just sounds like too nice a fellow. Decay beat down Hardy before James Storm (who has gone back to his tremendous old Longnecks and Rednecks theme) made the save. Storm, who was due a title rematch, enlisted Jeff Hardy as his partner to face Decay for the tag titles.

TNA World Team Championships
Decay© (Abyss and Crazy Steve w/ Rosemary) def. Jeff Hardy and James Storm

Storm and Hardy ran wild before they cut off Storm. Abyss chokeslammed Steve onto Storm. I always enjoy when tag team partners use each other as a projectile. Storm made the tag to Hardy who took out Decay and was going for a Swanton when Willow appeared at the top of the ramp. This distracted Jeff allowing Abyss and Steve to score the win. I’m not normally a fan of distraction finishes but I suppose when you see your split personality alter ego in front of your face that may startle you. Jeff Hardy brawled backstage with a number of different Willows later in the show. Nothing much to the match itself. **

TNA World champion Drew Galloway made his way to the ring and called out Bobby Lashley. Lashley obliged and Drew suggested that Lashley was more of a coward than his physical appearance should suggest. Lashley said he’s destroyed the entire roster while Drew said that he didn’t fear Lashley. Drew suggested that they fight there and then but Lashley, feeling like he had already gotten into Galloway’s head, suggested they wrestle next week instead. Lashley is considerably more confident and assured talking than he was even a year ago. Eli Drake came out and said he’d take up Drew on his offer of a World title match. The Rising explodes! Who even remembers The Rising? Stand up.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Drew Galloway© def. Eli Drake

Drake got the better of the early stages before Drew cut him off with a lovely belly to belly. Galloway went up top for a clothesline but Drake ran up the turnbuckles Kurt Angle style and threw Galloway to the mat for a near fall. Drake attempted to hit Drew with his Feast or Fired King of the Mountain shot briefcase but referee Brian Hebner took it off him, allowing Galloway to hit the Claymore and the Future Shock for the win. Drake is a solid wrestler and you can occasionally see the makings of more than that but he needs to be challenged to raise his game and improve. A serious extended programme with somebody like James Storm (who isn’t up to much himself at the moment) would be really good for him. Drew is always great. Lashley Speared Galloway once again after the match. **1/4

EC3 came to the ring and invited Mike Bennett (who was shown paying a visit to a Smashing Pumpkins concert earlier in the show – is that technically product placement?) to the ring. Bennett said he had nothing left to prove after taking away EC3’s streak. Bennett said that if EC3 can overcome all the demons from his past in a series of matches and only then will he give EC3 a rematch. EC3 accepted so he will start in the main event against a mystery demon from his past in a Six Sides of Steel match. Simple little conceit to give EC3 something to overcome before getting his hands on Bennett again.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Jade© def. Gail Kim by Disqualification

Sienna (the former Allysin Kay who debuted as Maria’s heavy last week) was at ringside. They started with some clean, sporting counters and reversals. Jade hit a beautiful bridging German suplex for two. Gail connected with a crossbody off the turnbuckle to the floor. Sienna distracted Kim allowing Jade to hit a suicide dive. Sienna attacked Jade to cause the DQ. They were doing some really fun stuff before the DQ finish. I still think these two could have a tremendous match if they were given a chance. Sienna dropped Kim after the match too. **3/4

Mahabali Shera def. Al Snow

Snow cut a promo from his wrestling academy about how he was going to make pro wrestling great again by keeping the riff raff out. So Billy Corgan got a Smashing Pumpkins plug in on this show and Snow got a plug for his academy in. Snow jabbed Shera in the throat with some kind of foreign object. Josh Mathews made the fair point that Al Snow was not above being a comedy character in his career, though I suppose it is fine for a heel to be a total hypocrite. Snow dominated Shera for a long time, way too long for what this match was trying to achieve and for the particular talent in the ring, before Grado distracted Snow handing Grado the win after a Sky High. Shera in singles matches is not a particularly good idea. *

Six Sides of Steel
Ethan Carter III def. Rockstar Spud

Basically the story was that EC3 was the overwhelming favourite but Spud could sneak out of the cage and win causing EC3 to lose his match with Bennett. EC3 whooped Spud before Spud whipped EC3 with his belt. Spud hit a top rope elbow but EC3 kicked out. EC3 press slammed Spud from the top of the cage and pinned him after a One Percenter. This was a fairly solid match with one big notable bump at the finish. The EC3/Spud dynamic isn’t quite as effective with the roles reversed though. **3/4

Final Thoughts:

A fairly run of the mill show that lost some of the energy and momentum built up last week. Also this show had three title matches and a steel cage main event but none of that was advertised. TNA has to start making that kind of stuff feel important. Otherwise what’s the point of it all?