I don’t often plug my own stuff, but to celebrate 10 years of podcasting, I produced FIVE episodes of Joe vs the World this week. You can find them all by visiting the VoW forums here.

Another light week, as again no Sharpshooter Show or Bauer & Pollock.

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They said it…

“I said “Change your browser,” and Jim said “Isn’t that the guy from Sha-na-na?’”- Brian Last on Jim Cornette’s computer problems.

The Usual Suspects

VIP Lounge (4/24/16): MVP is on the road again, taping multiple interviews while on the road, much as he did with Lucha Underground in that ill-fated podcast a few weeks ago. This time, while in Chile, he talks to Hugo Savinovich, Konnan, Rey Mysterio, & John Morrison (with Carlito hanging around in the background). Morrison remains a very enjoyable podcast guest, which is interesting because he had the hardest time finding his personality in the WWE. But the one I wanted to hear more from the most was Hugo Savinovich, who sounds like he has a wealth of stories. Hopefully MVP doesn’t get canned for this show (and if that sounds harsh, he makes the same joke himself during the show). THUMBS UP

Indyriffic (4/25/16): European wrestler Big Damo drops by for a chat with Matt and Jaims. He talks about the burgeoning European wrestling scene, getting to work with New Japan wrestlers, his time in TNA, and his upcoming trip to America. Damo comes across as a likeable chap and even if you don’t know anything about him, topics like NJPW and TNA should pique your interest. THUMBS UP

Eastern Lariat (4/25/16): Dylan Harris is back for his second stint in a row as a cohost. He and Strigga start off the show with a breakdown of New Japan’s Invasion Attack show, which is fairly old news by this point, but Dylan was a bit more negative about it than most others, which lead to some good discussion. They also hit on the Big Japan Strong Climb tournament, All Japan, and Sendai Girls. They also mention me by name, which doesn’t guarantee you a passing grade, but it doesn’t hurt. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin Show #319 (4/26/16): Steve kicks off the show with a heartfelt remembrance of Chyna, so they worked so closely for years, as well as Prince and Lonnie Mack. The rest of the show is Steve taking questions, which thankfully center around wrestling (outside of some detours into trucks and beer). Interestingly, Steve thinks the quality of matches during the Attitude Era was higher than it is now, which will (and has) set off some discussion. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #224 (4/26/16): A bit of an odd show, as it’s just MSL and Konnan going over some MLW Clubhouse questions for 36 minutes. I really did like the bit about Jeff Jarrett not putting people over, but often both men don’t have great answers, and the whole show is so short you can safely skip this one. THUMBS DOWN

The Ross Report #115 (4/26/16):Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff is the guest this week. He and Jim talk all things ROH, their upcoming PPV, the relationship with New Japan, developing talent, and more. It’s the kind of interview where they cover a lot but you learn nothing (outside of maybe a passing comment where Koff says ROH would be interested in working with the WWE). Even with more controversial topics like past bookers Gabe Sapolsky and Jim Cornette, Koff gives nothing but compliments. It’s silly to expect hot takes from an executive, but the interview is mostly a puff piece. <Koff’s interview starts at 22:18> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #242 (4/27/16): Sami Zayn returns to TiJ for a solo interview. He talks about his first WrestleMania experience, putting ladder matches together, the injury he suffered against John Cena, being a weido, meeting Axl Rose after a Guns n’ Roses concert, helping get Skid Row back together, and wrestling Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn is so inherently likable, and not only does he have some funny stories, you get a lot of insight into how he is as a wrestler and a person. <Zayn’s interview starts at 9:30> THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Art of Wrestling #299 (4/29/16): Savio Vega is the guest this week. Right off the bat, there’s hardly anything about WWF in here outside of a little bit on Kwang, so nothing on the Nation of Domination or Boriquas. Instead, the whole show is how he got into wrestling in Puerto Rico, going to work for Bill Watts, and returning and becoming a star. The interview doesn’t go where you might expect, but it’s still an interesting story. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #320 (4/28/16): Steve felt down in the dumps after Tuesday’s show, so he calls on Ted Fowler to cheer himself up (it had the opposite effect on me). But in fairness, this was one of Teddy’s better outings because he tells two stories where he comes off like a total numbskull – one where he gets scammed online and another where he thinks his cleaning woman was hitting on him. Steve chimes in with some dull stories about removing a Band-Aid and getting an MRI. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Jim Cornette Experience #126 (4/28/16): Kenny Bolin is back to give Jim hell. After his last appearance with him and Brian Last bickering endlessly, this time they’re all chummy, much to Jim’s dismay. It’s a funny bit, but the end of the show with Kenny talking about his mail-order bride derails the show. The intro is really lengthy and involves a Trump rant, but Jim is still unable to watch the Revival/American Alpha tag match, apparently making that his Starrcade 1991. <Bolin’s interview starts at 34:25> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #243 (4/29/16): Jericho talks to Annie Lobert of Hookers For Jesus. As the name implies, she was a former Las Vegas call girl for years before leaving that life behind and starting an organization to help other women like her. She talks about the harrowing details of her former life: assaults, drugs, being locked in a car, having guns pulled on her, and more. It’s not a breezy listen, but it remains compelling throughout. <Lobert’s interview starts at 4:05> THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show (4/29/16): The current events discussion is back, and it’s a lengthy, looping discussion involving music festivals, legitimate toughness in wrestling, and . Then he have a review of the first half 9/30/96 Nitro, including an interesting discussion of how to book wrestlers after a lengthy trip to Japan and WCW’s possible expansion into Germany. No mailbag, but it’s not really missed. THUMBS UP