This week’s episode of Lucha Underground was perhaps the least “Lucha Undergroundiest” episode of the season so far. No mumbo jumbo, few frills, all action. It was a straight forward, action packed episode that went down smooth and yet still moved our characters along their way.

It was an episode about endings. The feud between Cage and Johnny Mundo finally came to a climax. The Trios Tournament ended and brought us new champions. Pentagon Jr., well… he just appears to be finished.

Cage and Mundo had a cage match for one of Dario Cueto’s Aztec Medallions. It wasn’t a great match, but it certainly had its moments. Cage got his power moves in and looked good doing them, Mundo found ways to use the cage to showcase his athleticism. They both turned in solid performances, but the match never really kicked into that next level for me.

One of my favorite spots in the match involved the kendo stick Taya passed in from outside. First, she hit Cage with some shots that looked more like an 8th grader with a pool noodle than peak Sandman. After that, Mundo grabbed the weapon and more than made up for it. What was great, was Cage grabbing it and swinging at Mundo who jumped around the cage, using his parkour skills to avoid the swipes like a ninja.

When all was said and done, Cage won after kicking out of the Magic Killer and then hitting Mundo with a Steiner Screwdriver on a chair. It looked brutal. Cage now has the third Aztec Medallion, joining Aerostar and Texano.

The story telling here was concise. Cage finally got Mundo alone in a steel cage where Mundo couldn’t run away and Taya was minimized. Taya found an opportunity to get involved anyway and Mundo tried to run away. Cage, the técnico, conquered all in the end and found a way to get the victory. It was a satisfying conclusion to the rivalry.

We also got the finals of the Trios Tournament with a wacky 4-corner trios match. The match rules were a bit confusing and never really got fully explained. I suppose you could use the levels of dramatic irony in the show say that Striker and Vampiro were left in the dark on the rules, but that doesn’t really work for me. Besides, Striker attempts to explain the rules, he just fails. When Castro got pinned, I was super confused. Why did Joey Ryan just stand there and let it happen?

The story of this match was flips. It felt surprisingly controlled and contained, when I thought for sure it would break down into chaos. For whatever reason, it never felt that way for me. It was a good match with some great spots to get the crowd going. I do have to say this was the best Prince Puma has done at showing charisma in the mask maybe ever. He was really able to put a personality out there in a way that I think is often lacking.

We ended in Pentagon Jr.’s dojo lair with him and his master. We see that Pentagon is now wheelchair bound and is rolling around the dojo like Professor X. His master demands that he stand, but Pentagon cannot. Vampiro pours candle wax on him and Pentagon tries to stand, but falls to the floor, where he is told he is weak.

I don’t know how into seeing a weak Pentagon Jr. like this I am. I suppose we have enough monsters running around the Temple with Matanza, Mil Muertes, and Cage also being out there. Still though, I prefer to have Pentagon snapping arms and being crazy than showing weakness like this.

it will be interesting now to see where they go after this episode. What will be next for Cage? Will Johnny Mundo find another way to get a medallion? How will the new trios champs be treated and what will be in store for them? Will Pentagon Jr. get his swagger back? I, for one, am looking forward to those answers.

The Matches

  • Aztec Medallion Match: Cage def. Johnny Mundo – While I don’t think it warranted a “This is Awesome” chant, (particularly when it came early in the match), it was still solid. Thumbs Up
  • Rey Mysterio Jr., El Dragon Azteca Jr., & Prince Puma def. Son of Havoc & Ivelisse; Fenix, Jack Evans, & PJ Black; & Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, & Joey Ryan – A fun match with some impressive flips and dives. Puma and Dragon Azteca in particular come out of this looking like world beaters. Thumbs Up

Random Thoughts

  • “Like Peter Parker trapped by the Fantastic Four”
    • Wait… what?
  • “Put ‘em in the shamrock, 6-6-6”
    • Huh?
  • "The star of Bethlehem has lead these three wise men to their destiny! Thus, the first part of the prophecy has been fulfilled and now the question remains, is it salvation or the beginning of a dark and brutal end?"
    • Alright guys, you’re cut off.