WWE Superstars
April 22, 2016

Big Show def. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

Big pop for Big Show from the London crowd. Show looked like an elder statesmen with his polite waves and unsteady gait. Bo and Axel combined their collective brain power and decided to attempt a double lock up with Show which ended with them on the outside. Dallas was pretty unperturbed by this and decided it was time for a Bo Train- which given that this was in England, one assumes it’ll be privatised and half an hour late the next time we see it. Back in the ring, Show channelled his inner Ryusuke Taguchi whipping Dallas and Axel off the ropes and into his behind. The Outcasts got a little offence before Show double choke slammed them both for the win.

This Week in Superstars History

I’m choosing to ignore the incessant RAW rewind nonsense. I can only assume if you’ve found the time to read a Superstars review, you probably caught the previous weeks RAW. Instead, I’m going to fly through the highs and lows of an episode of Superstars from April 1991.

Coming from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas (home of the CM Punk pipebomb) came this instalment of Superstars. With WrestleMania VII not far in the rearview, Macho Man Randy Savage joined Vince and Roddy Piper on commentary after losing a retirement match. The seeds are sown for the Earthquake/Jake Roberts feud as we get footage of Jake chasing Earthquake off with Damien. Earthquake reveals his fear of snakes in the most shouty, early 90s WWE way possible.

Vince seemed to have decided that one way to get The Berserker over was to explain the etymology of the word berserk and a few facts about Norse gods he pulled from an encyclopaedia. Bret Hart took on Barry O, a jobber with a little too much pep in his step and Randy Orton’s uncle.

This episode had a reasonably famous angle from the Funeral Parlour with the Ultimate Warrior as guest. The Undertaker beans him across the head with the urn and locks him in a stylised Warrior casket. Several of the WWE suits come out brandishing all manner of tools—none of which they seem to be able to use—in a vain attempt at getting Warrior out. When the finally freed Warrior, Savage on commentary told us that even though the Warrior retired him that “this wouldn’t be my way”. So there you have it folks, Randy Savage had no desire to try to kill the Ultimate Warrior.

Kalisto def. Tyler Breeze

Back in 2016, for what was a very enjoyable little match. Kalisto’s initial offence was crisp with believable kicks to Breeze’s legs. Breeze looked disinterested in the opening minute or two but the response he got to an impressive kick to the chest of Kalisto from the apron sprung him into life. After this, Breeze took control and had a couple of near falls. Kalisto avoided a clothesline with a matrix style duck and went straight into a spikerana resulting in a near fall. After more back and forth, Kalisto hit a 450 splash before hitting his Salida Del Sol finisher. A good match overall and maybe it got a little more time as this show was taping in London. A reminder, if one was needed, that Breeze has got some wrestling chops although it looks like he’ll be using them on Thursday and Friday nights exclusively.