Tonight we say goodbye to a couple of WWE NXT favorites on their way – well, long since gone to – Monday Night Raw and the WWE main roster.

American Alpha snuffs out Enzo and Cass

The crowd, as NXT crowds do, chanted “this is awesome” before the bell rang. It was decidedly not awesome at that point. We need a better chant: my vote is for “I’m excited.” That suggestion sucks, so get at me on Twitter with your best suggestion.

The challenge from Enzo and Cass on last week’s NXT was the best non-Nakamura-related segment on a decent show. And the match was pretty fun. The teams don’t have the best chemistry in the ring, but having Chad Gable beat up on Enzo Amore made the champions look great considering Gable and Enzo often play the same role. Even still, Cass’s destruction of Gable put great heat on Jason Jordan even after the WWE Network cut to commercial the first time Jordan and Cass squared off and returned just in time for Cass to tag back out.

Both of these teams are stratospherically over, to the point that the crowd seemed almost paralyzed by who to chant for.

American Alpha wins pretty handily with the Grand Amplitude, which Corey Graves finally recognized by it’s proper name once again.

No Way Jose rolls Alexander Wolfe

No Way Jose, huh? That’s a name now, I guess.

Alexander Wolfe, however, has incredible 1980’s music. He’s equal parts Alex Wright and Ivan Drago. Now there’s a prospect.

As good as Wolfe’s music is, Jose’s music is Fandango-levels of catchy. The gimmick, unfortunately, is just as dead in the water as Fandango’s was. Is. It’s the same damn gimmick, just with salsa dancing and white, linen pants instead of ballroom dancing.

The problem is that you can’t take Jose seriously when he would rather dance than wrestle. There’s room for comedy on the average wrestling card, but there really isn’t room for full comedy matches on NXT when you have one hour of programming per week.

Also, that name. Jesus, that name is terrible.

No Way Jose (sigh) wins with a wind up punch.

NXT General Manager William Regal has a sit down in the WrestleMania Axcess boiler room with Elias Samson and informs him that he’s going to get a big opportunity next week when he has the chance to face off against Shinsuke Nakamura. Samson played what might as well have been the death song from Sonic the Hedgehog with a look on his face that showed he was a man who knew he was going to be kicked in the face next week. A lot. This was the most character we’ve seen from the Drifter since his debut. Check it out below:

Nia Jax rips Deonna Purrazzo

Not much to say about this match. Nia Jax won in about two minutes with a leg drop. Deonna Purrazzo tried for a roll-up, but it didn’t work. That’s about all she did in this match.

Bayley is backstage to talk about how dangerous Asuka and Nia Jax are, but…


It started last week, but I was willing to let it go as a one-time thing. The makeup gimmick just isn’t who Bayley is, and it doesn’t work for the character. The only way this turns out well is if Bayley becomes delusional and tries to distract everyone from her lack of championship with increasingly garish getups.

Samoa Joe smokes Apollo Crews

This match got an absolute ton of time. The bell for this main event rang with 28 minutes left in the episode. Just kidding, the match only went about 10 minutes and the show ended more than 10 minutes early.

Samoa Joe, sporting a bit of swelling around his right eye from the cut he suffered at Takeover: Dallas the night before, had what is probably Apollo Crews’ best non-Finn Balor match since coming to WWE. Before the first commercial, both guys were pretty much hitting their individual TV match spots, but both guys took off after the first commercial.

Crews played a new role in this match. He’s a physical phenom who can match joe in strength and easily best him in speed, but Crews doesn’t have the mean streak that Joe does, and that’s what cost him the match.

After throwing everything he had at Joe, Crews went for the spin-out powerbomb, but couldn’t lift Joe through the move. Instead of prolonging the match, Joe locked on the Coquina Clutch after the corner STO and quickly ended the match.

This was a pretty great TV match and it makes for two worthwhile main events in a row from the WrestleMania Axcess tapings. In a pre-Shane McMahon era WWE, this would’ve been the best match of the week in WWE.