Wrestling Podmass for April 15

No Ric Flair show yet, and with the European tour it doesn’t look like there will be one this week. There are rumblings the show may be done, with Flair’s co-host Conrad dropping cryptic statements on Twitter (when asked by a fan for a statement or update on the state of the show, he replies “It’s @RicFlairNatrBoy’s show. He will announce something when there is something to announce.”)

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They said it…

“If you don’t walk into every situation in life trying to see exactly how much you can get away with, you’ll never know how truly brilliant life can be.” – Enzo Amoré

“It was like wrestling with a cement truck filled with barf.” – Bret Hart on grappling with Vader

“Lance Storm is a dour, droll, daft, cunty man with the personality of a dead house cat. And it says a lot about a guy when he likes something so much that he decides to make it his profession, and then he’s terrible at it. He couldn’t do a promo to save his life. His work, his offense in the ring was business exposing, soft, choreographed garbage. If you hate wrestlers who have choreographed matches, cunty Lance Storm is their godfather. And actually, let me say this, there is some common ground, Lance and I have something very much in common, Jim, as I sit here in my office at my desk today talking to you, Lance and I have drawn the exact same amount of money in the wrestling business.” – Brian Last

The Usual Suspects

Eastern Lariat (4/9/16): Strigga is joined this week by Dylan Harris of Puroresu Spirit for another jaunt through Japan. Zero One’s 15th anniversary show and Big Japan’s Strong Climb Tournament get the majority of the focus, but there’s also talk of the Champion Carnival and Japanese representation on the big NXT Takeover show. Zero talk about New Japan and their (at the time) upcoming Invasion Attack show, which was surprising, but I appreciated the more obscure topics few shows are discussing. A lengthy outing at over 100 minutes, but it never dragged. THUMBS UP

VIP Lounge (4/10/16): The show kicks off on a very interesting note, as MVP discusses how the podcast two weeks ago lead to his dismissal from Lucha Underground due to spoilers getting out. I give him credit, he accepted all the blame for the situation, and didn’t even let Alex call out LU for the absurdity of the situation. Unfortunately, that segment is only the first nine minutes of the show, and the rest is talk about MVP’s new band, what TV gets wrong about prison, and the pair’s exploits in Dallas. They go ninety minutes and it really drags by the end. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Indyriffic (4/11/16): Matt and Jaims run down the big WrestleMania weekend (JVDB was present in Dallas, Matt was not), discussing WaleMania, Ring of Honor, Evolve, and WrestleMania itself. It’s a fine recap, but I miss the interaction with guests, and a week after the fact all the talk feels a bit outdated. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin Show #315 (4/12/16): I thought this was a repeat when it first popped up in my feed, as Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady were listed as the guests. But it turns out they got such a good response Steve had them on back-to-back shows, joining the illustrious ranks of repeat guests like Ted Fowler. They tell more stories about Enzo’s broken leg, Cass’ singing abilities, dress code, traveling with Kevin Owens, life on the road, and a lot more. Everyone sings “My Girl” at the end too. I actually liked this one more than their first appearance and there are some really funny stories. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #222 (4/13/16): Konnan, Court, and MSL have a breezy show running down all the latest fun in the world of wrestling (and boxing at the end). They talk about Raw, TNA moving into a barn, and the wonderful Global Force Gold scam, er, business. They actually try and call the number, but it only goes to voicemail. My only complaint is that Konnan hasn’t addressed anything with AAA, but it sounds like that was reserved for one of the pay shows. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #113 (4/12/16): Dave Meltzer makes a long-awaited return to the show. The whole show is Jim fielding topics from Twitter, which makes for a varied show and also has the added hilarity of JR reading wacky twitter names. They talk about current events like Mania, TNA, and NXT, and also get into more esoteric territory like wrestler unions, Larry Sweeney, and the origins of the star rating system. It’s always great to hear Dave outside of the usual audio schedule, and this show flew by. Ross is on quite a roll. <Meltzer’s interview starts at 13:07> THUMBS UP

The Sharpshooter Show #7 (4/13/16): No guest this week, so that segment may have been dropped, which would certainly be for the best. Instead Bret and co give their thoughts on Raw, with Bret hilariously steamrolling his kids. Then we get some thoughts on Bret’s classic with Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996 with some interesting thoughts on the finish, and a mailbag to wrap things up. I really do appreciate Bret’s honesty, and there’s no way I can hate a show that contains the quote at the top of the page. THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #238 (4/13/16): Chris Jericho interviews Carrot Top, which seems like the logical end of something, either podcasts or civilization itself. This is all sounds awful, and it does start off badly, with both men talking about their famous fans. But then it turned around and I actually enjoyed it. Say what you want, but Carrot Top has been a success, and there are a lot of stories about George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, David Letterman, Gallagher, and more. This may be more Carrot Top than you’d care to hear, but it’s not without merits. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (4/13/16): The dynamic duo have a lot on their plate, running down the Rock’s upcoming Baywatch movie, 30 for 30’s Ric Flair documentary, the passing of Balls Mahoney & Blackjack Mulligan (and Court’s interactions with both), TNA woes, Renee Dupree’s lawsuit already being tossed out, King of the Ring possibly returning, new talent in NXT, Sami Callahan in Lucha Underground, Wade Barrett in NXT, Kota Ibushi’s future, John Cena’s new show, Scott Steiner’s new restaurant, Invasion Attack, Cauliflower Alley, Phil Baroni vs. New Jack, Matt Riddle, Rey Mysterio in Chile, ROH’s slow but steady growth, and Tatanka! A supersized show (83 minutes) but a fast moving one with all the topics. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #297 (4/14/16): After Colt appeared on MLW Radio, Konnan returns the favor by showing up on the Art of Wrestling. The entire discussion is based almost entirely on his early days in Mexico, how he basically fell into the business and became a huge star. There’s nothing about WCW and only a brief bit on the Max Moon gimmick. Frankly, there’s no shortage of opportunities to hear Konnan on a podcast, and if you do listen to him you’ve likely heard all of these stories. But the stories are very good and he and Colt have a natural rapport. Colt promises Konnan will be back and I can’t wait to hear it. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #316 (4/14/16): It’s episode #316 and Austin…doesn’t acknowledge it. He does talk to Court Bauer about the 11 day old WrestleMania card, though. They run down the card and give their thoughts, and while I agree with a lot of their thoughts, I’ve heard about 10,000 takes on WrestleMania by this point, and it just feels like the show was months ago. On its own it’s fine, but we’ve heard Court say plenty on the matter and Austin isn’t exactly full of hot takes. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Jim Cornette Experience #124 (4/14/16): Ricky Morton comes by the JCE for a lengthy and very fun chat about his glory days in wrestling. You get lots of fun tidbits about a prank he pulled on Eddie Gilbert after Gilbert saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, teaming with Ken Lucas, riots, the state of wrestling, and a lot more. But what everyone is talking about is the opening, where co-host Brian Last goes full blast on Lance Storm over comments Storm made about Last. It’s an amazing rant that sees Jim having to play peacekeeper (repeat: JIM CORNETTE is trying to calm the situation). <Morton’s interview starts at 33:50> THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Talk is Jericho #235 (4/1/16): Smith Hart is the guest this week. You get basically a quick history of the Hart family, with discussion of Stu and Helen as parents, growing up in the Hart house, the heyday of Stampede wrestling, the power of Ed Whalen, Vince buying the territory, thoughts on his siblings and more. There is a lot about wrestling, but it’s mostly about growing up a Hart. And interesting show and Smith sounds just like Stu (or at least everyone’s imitations of him). <Hart’s interview starts at 5:08>THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show (4/15/16): Lots of fun discussion to start the show, highlighted by Kevin talking about working with Blackjack Mulligan, plus thoughts on John Cena’s prospects in Hollywood, Shaq wrestling at Mania 33, and more on Global Force Gold. Then we get thoughts on the 9/23/96 Nitro, which has the build to Halloween Havoc. No mailbag, but it’s really not missed. Another rock solid show. THUMBS UP