Welcome to WWE Main Event, with all your favourite washed up NXT stars!


What I was hoping to be a fun accidental nostalgia NXT show actually turned out to be pretty disheartening. I wish the Lucha Dragons were booked consistently, I wish the crowd would chant “YAH” with everything Konnor does, I wish no one ever got called up from NXT. Kalisto is doing better than expected which I’m thankful for; I hope he gets to tango with the likes of Zayn, Neville and Cesaro before his inevitable fall from grace. Sin Cara meanwhile, had a great showing in the WrestleMania ladder match: although I doubt anything will come of it, he’s proven himself to be a good hand in those types of matches.

The Ascension then, are the current definition of failed NXT proteges. Were they not ready? Did no one backstage take a liking to them? Did they simply fail to get over? It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them future endeavoured by this year’s chopping block. In a singles match, two wrestlers with conflicting ideal paces can make for an interesting dynamic. Here though, the Dragons are a bore versus the slow pace of the Ascension, and Konnor especially can’t keep up when the match turns against their favour. The Lucha Lads get the win following a Salida Del Sol.


Next on the card of poorly executed NXT nostalgia acts is one of my favourite feuds from those times. These two always work hard on Main Event, but it isn’t long until Lana comes down to interrupt. This has already been done a couple times by this point. We’ve still yet to see Lana in a singles match: word is that although rumours of heat are completely false, there are still some nerves with getting in the ring with her given her lack of experience. Her short exposure at WrestleMania was harmless, even impressive, but she was obviously protected from having to be in the ring of extended periods of time. Summer goes for a roll up following a distraction, but Paige counters it into a roll up of her own for the win. Post match, Lana delivers a Rusev-esque high kick to Paige.


The crowd are more inclined to chant “Cody” than they are to cheer Sami Zayn, but oh well. A Roadblock rematch wasn’t what I was hoping to see from Zayn, but WWE rarely throws me a bone. I pray that Sami won’t suffer the same fate as fellow ‘”little Canadian” Tyler Breeze. He’s been booked into almost exclusively big segments so far, and has immediately entered a program with Owens, which is a great idea, I just hope they don’t burn out all his potential feuds too fast, I’d like to see him vs Cesaro later down the line.

Sami doesn’t get lazy just because he’s on Main Event. He’s pulling out dangerous spots like suddenly moonsaulting off the barricade, and diving here and there, I appreciate the effort, but will he have this same enthusiasm in a few months? Sami puts on one of his renowned comebacks and gets the win with the Helluva Kick.