No VIP Lounge, I guess due to WrestleMania travel. Flair hasn’t popped up yet, but if he does a show it’ll be included next week. I liked a lot of things, but not enough to really call anything best of the week.

The podcast week in review, brought to you by Casper Mattress (or Voices of Wrestling’s Amazon and WWEShop affiliate links).

They said it…

  • “I like everyone on the show to have a gimmick and a character.” – Vince Russo, not talking about booking a wrestling company, but about assigning a nickname to his podcast cohost
  • “I think Teddy’s totally, totally 100% insane, and that he’s probably in need of a good psychiatrist. He’s not all there, Teddy’s nuts, he’s totally fried. He’s…I feel sorry for him and I worry about him.” – Bret Hart on his nephew Teddy
  • “It’s funny that your fallback was Hollywood. Because that’s easier than wrestling, right?” -Silas Young, when Colt Cabana revealed that he once planned to drop wrestling and try Hollywood when he hit 35.

The Usual Suspects

Steve Austin Show #313 (4/5/16): This is just a replay of the Mick Foley interview that aired on the Network last week. You don’t lose much only listening to the audio, but as I wrote last week there’s a lot of repeated stories and an unwelcome appearance by Mick’s daughter Noelle. Steve does record a new intro and talks about sharing some beers with the boys at WrestleMania, but really nothing worth going out of your way to hear. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Brand #1 (4/5/16): Vince Russo comes to Podcast One! Basically, he’s taking his daily video shows on the Relm Network and uploading audio only versions a day later. So here, Russo, Jeff Lane, and Disco Inferno run down WrestleMania. I can’t deny they had some salient points about the card, but Russo and Disco are such abrasive personalities it makes for a tough listen. I was doing some soul searching about whether to include this, until I realized this is a daily show. Yes, Vince Russo five days a week. I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass, even if the show description promises “superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women).” THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Ross Report #112 (4/5/16): When you need someone to help you review WrestleMania, who better than Jim Cornette? But while this certainly sounds cringeworthy, it’s actually pretty solid as both men are in a shockingly positive place when it comes to WWE, with no “it was better back in my day” style comments. Cornette’s even a big Dolph Ziggler fan! They close it out with a fun mailbag including stories of fighting fans. That makes two good shows in a row for JR. <Cornette’s interview starts at 4:24> THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #221 (4/6/16): MSL is back full time, and Konnan is late again. Topics discussed include the dearth of new talent on Raw, the success of Enzo Amore and failure of Baron Corbin, their respective Mania weekend experiences, being live at NXT, WaleMania, Colt Cabana, WrestleMania finishes, and the current financial state of WWE, and Marty Jannetty’s antics. It’s very nice to hear MSL back on the show, although it’s very strange that everyone is just back together after the exceedingly awkward breakup last year. THUMBS UP

The Sharpshooter Show #6 (4/6/16): Bret, Nick, Blade, and Dallas all run down the big WrestleMania and NXT cards. Bret’s the star here as he mercilessly buries the show for lacking real wrestling and blaming all the geeky writers. You have to admire Bret, on so many of these other podcasts hosts walk on eggshells whenever they lodge a complaint, but the Hitman is nothing if not honest. Nothing about retro wrestling, but Bret does have some sobering thoughts about his nephew Teddy. THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #234 (3/30/16): Queensryche’s Todd LaTorre and Michael Wilton join Jericho for another musical interview. The earlier half of the interview is all about Todd replacing longtime singer Geoff Tate and the state of the band (the usual “everything is awesome,” not that you would expect much else). I liked when they discussed the group’s heyday, touring with AC/DC, making videos, and getting on MTV. The usual solid if unspectacular musical episode. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (4/5/16): B&P are back for a full WrestleMania recap: the card itself, NXT, the many debuts and the missing Bullet Club, Raw’s rating woes, Roman’s potential slow turn, Shinsuke Nakamura’s potential, Dr. Phil, Shane/Undertaker, Sting’s retirement, Brock Lesnar possibly running out dates, John de Mol acquiring WWE stock, Dave Batista’s role in Blade Runner, Invasion Attack, Gawker’s appeal, AAA on the Fight Network, and more. A nice recap with some underreported stories and Court gets very fired up at times. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #296 (4/7/16): Colt talks to Pro Wrestling’s Last Real Man, Silas Young. Young talks about getting cut from his developmental deal, getting his gimmick by copying his dad, parenting, traveling up and down the roads, and more. Silas makes for an interesting interview subject: he’s made some headway as a wrestler, but not overwhelming success. The conversation in fun and produces some really funny moments. Colt also briefly discusses his return to Ring of Honor over WrestleMania weekend. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #314 (3/31/16): In a timely interview, Steve sits down with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, who made their Raw debut this week. The two discuss how wrestling fandom and how they got into the business, Cas’ early cowboy gimmick, Enzo’s football career, getting signed and how they became a team, having heat in developmental, and tag team wrestling in general. Enzo and Cas have a lot of chemistry and I thought they played well off of Steve. THUMBS UP

The Jim Cornette Experience #123 (4/7/16): Jim is on the road this episode, as they taped on Monday when he was still in Dallas. He and Brian run down the weekend’s festivities, but a majority of the show is spent on WrestleMania. Well, Brian runs down the show and Jim just reacts, but it is an interesting listen. There is some overlap with this week’s Ross Report (which is to be expected), so I would say you can choose one or the other. But again, a show focused entirely on wrestling makes for an easy recommendation. THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #237 (4/8/16): TiJ sets up shop on Badstreet USA as Jericho talks to new WWE Hall of Famers Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin. Lots of talk about the glory days of the ‘birds, how Jimmy came on board, Terry and Buddy, lots of crazy stories (most involving urination), Jimmy’s short stint on the writing team, his time as a pilot, and lots more. A lot is repeated from Hayes’ appearance on Flair’s podcast a few weeks back, but taken on it’s own it’s a fun victory lap for the new Hall of Famers. THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show (4/8/16): The dynamic two are back from Dallas and give a quick recap of their trip. Then it’s a recap of the show itself, the state of the WWE’s fandom, and the fundamental problems with Shane/Undertaker, and Roman/Triple H. MSL didn’t have time to watch Nitro with all the travel, so no trip into the Wayback Machine this week, but a fun mailbag session closes things out. THUMBS UP