WWE WrestleMania 32
April 3, 2016
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas

Watch: WWE Network

It’s the Super Bowl of professional wrestling; WrestleMania needs no introduction. But our Voices of Wrestling review team does:

  • Bryan Rose (@br26): He does…things for VOW on occasion. He’s been here a while. Utility guy, in other words!
  • Alex Wendland (@AlexWendland): NXT reviewer and Voices of Wrestling wordsmith extraordinaire.
  • Garrett Kidney (@garrettkidney): He watches TNA for VOW so you don’t have to.
  • Rich Kraetsch (@VoicesWrestling): Pays the bills, posts the posts, podcasts the podcasts.

WWE United States Championship
Kalisto © def. Ryback

Bryan Rose: Good little match. Not off the walls amazing or anything, but they played their story well of Ryback being the big giant. They probably shouldn’t have mentioned that Kalisto beat Ryback last year in the WWE title tournament, but what can you do. Kalisto’s offense is great and comes off like a star just through his work alone, but it’s the WWE machine where the more you’re on TV, the more you come across as not a star. It’s will be a tough process for Kalisto, but hey, he got a nice win here. Good for him. ***

Alex Wendland: I good start for the preshow matches, though the United States Championship has fallen miles since John Cena lost the title to Alberto del Rio. And what the hell is going on with commercials in the middle of preshow matches? 1) You own the damn network. 2) Put the commercials in between matches. This particular match wasn’t even broadcast on USA Network. But with WWE, we all know the wrestling is the least important part of the show. The match itself was good. Some creative spots playing off the size difference, including the stalling superplex (which ended up in a counter) was especially cool. I like the new Ryback attitude and moveset, but I still don’t care to watch him perform. There’s just nothing there. ***1/4

Garrett Kidney: Poor Kalisto looked like a speck on that gigantic stage. Though his gear was top notch. Ryback is neither a dynamic enough performer nor a commanding enough presence to make a big man/small man match like this work. So this was only as good as Kalitso was interesting. The right man won, Kalisto makes for a fun U.S. champion offering something different (read: fun flippies) and Ryback shall forever be mediocre. **1/2

Rich Kraetsch: I don’t care what you say, Ryback is fucking great. He may have the best big man offense in WWE right now, he’s everything a legitimate monster should be in WWE, it’s a shame he’s relegated to this. Either way, this was a fun little kickoff and as expected Ryback worked mostly as a base for Kalisto to do his equally awesome flippy shit. These two have great chemistry and I wouldn’t complain if we had a bunch of PPV rematches between the two. ***

The Total Divas def. B.A.D & Blonde

Bryan Rose:  This exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a cluster of a match, but it was perfectly fine for the most part. A lot of the heat was on Paige leading to a Brie Bella hot tag. All of it was fine, and everyone looked good in their roles and what they did. Was a nice match that put the faces over, so what more can you ask for? ***

Alex Wendland: This falls under “fun little match,” but surpassed my expectations. Everyone got their stuff in, but I question putting so much of the story of the match in Lana’s hands considering this wasn’t only her first WrestleMania, but her first match ever. It got good time and the Bellas got their WrestleMania sendoff. But why wasn’t Nikki wearing normal clothes? ***

That new WWE Women’s Championship though…*****

Garrett Kidney: It was really nice to see this match get time. There was a time when this kind of match would have been a three minute affair where half the ladies didn’t even get in the ring that was entirely designed to be a vehicle for Maria Menounos or Snooki. Instead we got a really enjoyable match where each woman got a moment or two to shine on the biggest stage. Also that transition into the Yes Lock was super smooth. ***

Rich Kraetsch: This match got just enough time that nobody was horribly exposed while at the same time the women who can actually go had a chance to shine (even if only for a few spots). As my VOW flagship co-host Joe Lanza said, “Eva Marie & Lana hidden better there than that secret email account your GF doesn’t know about.” **

The Usos def. The Dudley Boyz

Bryan Rose: This match was fine. Really not that much to say about it. Dudleys looked fine, Usos were fine, they had a fine match. I guess the Dudleys gimmick is that they’re hypocrites because they said no more tables, then they do tables spots anyway. Okay. Well, that still doesn’t explain why this match existed. It was an alright match that filled time on a bloated pre-show. **1/2

Alex Wendland: It was pretty easy to guess, but the postmatch was far more memorable than the match itself. The Usos still don’t have an edge or anything particularly interesting about them, but the Dudley Nostalgia Tour has peetered out as well. That left, well, not much to this match. I would’ve preferred to have the women’s tag close the preshow and the unveiling of the WWE Women’s Championship lead into the main show. **

Garrett Kidney: For the fourth year in five The Usos were featured in a pre-show and this was easily their worst. This was the definition of “just a match”. The post-match took precedence because there was literally nothing to the match itself. The Usos have badly lacked some sort of spark or edge since returning as a team and The Dudleys continue their painfully mediocre return to WWE. *1/2

Rich Kraetsch: Any Dudleys match immediately get derailed by the fact that they still do the Wazzup spot. That commercial first aired in 1999. That’s 17 years ago. Think of how many of the 100k or so in AT&T Stadium weren’t even alive. This was beyond worthless, even for a pre-show.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Zack Ryder def. Sin Cara vs. The Miz, Stardust, Kevin Owens ©, Sami Zayn & Dolph Ziggler

Bryan Rose: Crazy match. It had every spot you’d imagine in the ladder match and it was just nuts the kind of spots they did. Sin Cara did the amazing dive off the ladder onto Stardust who was on the floor. Crazy. Sami had some great offense including a tope through the ladder to the outside and his tornado DDT through the turnbuckle. Ryder winning is…very surprising, but hey it was a nice win that people got into. This was one of the better ladder matches we’ve seen on WrestleManias for a while. ****1/4

Alex Wendland: There was so much to love about this match. Extended Sami Zayn-Kevin Owens segments, multiple Stardust tributes to Dusty Rhodes (the “Hard Times” on the back of his gear was my favorite) and the surprise win for Zack Ryder. Obviously Zayn and Owens don’t need a title for their feud, but I’m glad to see Ryder get a true “WrestleMania Moment” after so long. In the end this was a lengthy spotfest opener that overdelivered and lit a great fuse on WrestleMania. Hope everyone is OK after a lot of incredible bumps. ****1/4

Garrett Kidney: Matches like this live and die by flow. Spectacle is a given but whether that spectacle can be weaved in a way that feels fluid and satisfying determines the degree to which these matches click. This was tremendous. Each spot was set up and knocked down without feeling contrived, some great character moments were built into the match (particularly Owens and Zayn continuing their endless rivalry as well as Miz’s hubris costing him the match), and it was all built on top of some spectacular set pieces. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will have their WrestleMania moments in the future, it was nice to see somebody like Ryder get a meaningful memory like this. Also I cannot be convinced that Sami Zayn is anything other than the best wrestler in the world. No wrestler makes me feel every single thing he does better than him. ****1/4

Rich Kraetsch: We knew this would be a total clusterfuck but at times it went above and beyond. I’d put it just below last year’s Ladder Match but only because there were so many guy in this match that had no business being in this spot or winning this match. I mean, c’mon, Zack Ryder winning the IC Title at WrestleMania? It’s unbelievable and it killed all the momentum of the m….wait, what? He did what? Well all be damn. Seriously, Zack Ryder winning is a hell of a story and I’ll be interested to see what they do with it or if he’s merely a transitional champion. The story of this match, regardless of the winner, was Zayn/Owens and their continued fued. It’d be nice if the commentators could really hammer home why these guys hate one another but, maybe that’ll come in time. The other story was Sin Cara who worked his ass off in this match taking insane risks and really showing himself to be solid hand in this company. Like Money in the Bank before it, the IC Ladder Match is a perfect way to kick off the show. ****


Chris Jericho def. AJ Styles

Bryan Rose: This was…good. Very good, actually. It kind of struck me here, though – this feud would have been so much better a few years ago. It’s kind of obvious now though that while Jericho is still a pretty good worker, he’s just kind of slow and plodding compared to Styles. There’s still a few spots here and there that just seem off, and I never thought it was Styles. Still, this was a pretty good WWE type of match where it was nothing much to start, picked up towards the end and there were a ton of cool near falls. Finish made sense as Styles won the best of 3, so it was natural for Jericho to even it up. I’m guessing we’ll see one more match somewhere down the line where Styles wins the series and we can move on. ***3/4

Alex Wendland: This was AJ Styles’ punishment for spending a decade in TNA. Styles and Chris Jericho have had a handful of good matches now which have never broken through the barrier to great. With this loss, Styles is already “just a guy” in record time and all of his momentum is gone. This match was no different. It’s still great that Styles pulled off the Wrestle Kingdom-to-WrestleMania combo, but the match and the result both left a lot to be desired. ***1/4

Garrett Kidney: Can these two please, please never ever go near each other again? I’ve spent literally this whole week watching old AJ Styles matches and I’ve never seen AJ have less chemistry with somebody. Everything they did look laboured and pained. They looked so clumsy any time they went near each other. This was by no means a bad match but it was solid in spite of itself. Part of it was down to Jericho no longer being able to wrestle the pace he used to, but most of it was simply these two not working well together in the slightest. Of course Styles losing to Jericho of all people at WrestleMania is extremely dumb but that’s to be expected from a company who holds success elsewhere against people. Styles deserves, and is capable of, so much more than this. Jericho needs to go away. ***

Rich Kraetsch: This was as good a Raw match as you’ll ever see. As a WrestleMania match, between these two, it left a little to be desired. It’s not that it wasn’t good, it was very good but on this stage, with these two, we expected more. Perhaps we need to temper expectations with Jericho from here on out. He’s looked increasingly clumsy and slow in this most recent comeback. We may have reached a point where he no longer can shake the cobwebs off every March. Styles losing is a little perplexing and it means he’ll get the blowoff win at Extreme Rules or maybe even Payback depending on what dive bars booked Fozzy for their summer concert series. If that win will mean more then than it would have at Mania remains to be seen but this was an odd booking decision. ***1/2


The League of Nations def. The New Day

Bryan Rose: Eh, just a tag match. Nothing bad, but pretty much a Raw match. New Day got a cool entrance at least, looking like Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z. This was more about the post-match shenanigans with Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and Mick Foley coming out and clearing house of the League of Nations. When the New Day came in to act like goofs, Austin stunned Woods and they were never seen again. I mean of course that was the goal, people were happy and the segment wasn’t a disaster in any way. But at the same time, I can’t help but think this is one of those segments where WWE thinks of what’s in the now and not necessarily what’s going to happening a year from now. It worked tonight, but what’s going to happen in a few years when maybe HBK, Austin and Foley aren’t going to come in for a pop? **

Alex Wendland: What’s the point of that? WWE is burning through matches AND the few guys who are actually over without any discernible plan. Did The League win just so a bunch of legends could come out to bury the guys who actually won the match? Don’t get me wrong, I love every Stone Cold Stunner I see and that League of Nations beatdown was piles of fun. But New Day are the biggest (only?) faces of any measure on the roster anymore. But they’re going to get taken out in an inconsequential match on the biggest show of the year? I loved, LOVED the post-match craziness and especially loved Steve Austin hawking his Broken Skull IPA in the celebration, but I’m not here to rate the post-match, I’m here to rate the match. And I didn’t like what I saw. **

Garrett Kidney: Basically the whole point of this was so New Day could fall out of a giant cereal box. The match was only window dressing for the old timers to show up The League of Nations in a way The New Day weren’t allowed to. The match was fine, the post-match was good fun, seeing Michaels in his ring gear was weird, and the most entertaining act in the company were relegated to side act (and weren’t even allowed to get a tacit endorsement from the legends trio). Skip the match entirely, it doesn’t matter, go straight to some old favourites having fun instead. **1/2

Rich Kraetsch: As I said on the VOW flagship previewing WrestleMania, there was no reason for these teams to have “a match”. This should have been a spectacle, Slick should’ve come out with The New Day. A bunch of old timers, random people, unicorns, props, whatever. Nobody needed to see a back and forth contest between these two teams. Unfortunately, that’s what we got and while it wasn’t a DUD it was utterly heartless and lacked any juice. The LON winning made even less sense… until the post-match segment that saw Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels return. This was a weird way to use one of your most over acts (The New Day) but these types of things shouldn’t surprise you with WWE anymore. *1/4



No Holds Barred Street Fight
Brock Lesnar def. Dean Ambrose

Bryan Rose: Completely underwhelming. For weeks they’ve been pushing that this was going to a crazy, all out brawl. They did brawl around the ring, but man, this did not deliver in the least bit. Lesnar destroyed him forever and ever, Ambrose brought out his weapons but they were immediately discarded and Lesnar pinned him clean in the middle with one F5. If this was an all out brawl with Lesnar squeaking by with a win, that would have been fine. Ambrose I think got approximately one nearfall during his entire offense. This whole match was booked to get Lesnar over and Ambrose to be absolutely nothing. Another shining example of what I explained in the New Day match, and to boot this completely failed to meet any expectations they were building towards. Fun, intense match but nothing like you’d imagine on paper and did absolutely nothing for Ambrose in the long run. ***

Alex Wendland: Another match that was overhyped (or appropriately hyped since this is WrestleMania) and underdelivered. This was supposed to be a war and instead it felt like a battle. Such a short match for something that got so much time over the past few months. The performance from both guys was good, and I would never go so far as to minimize a German suplex onto a pile of chairs. This is WrestleMania and everything to this point, with the exception of the ladder match, has been entirely inconsequential. ***1/4

Garrett Kidney: That was…underwhelming. Even by 2016 Dean Ambrose hardcore standards this was considerably less fun than Ambrose’s match with Owens at the Rumble. The Lesnar formula is growing a tad tired and this match did very little for Ambrose. I was a staunch advocate of Ambrose winning but at the very least I expected Ambrose to go down with a fight. And that simply didn’t happen. Ambrose was comprehensively beaten and was allowed to show very little head to head with Lesnar. Lesnar just steamrolled him. Ambrose now has consecutive high profile matches. This show has followed WWE’s worrying long term trend so far. Ambrose, Styles, The New Day and The League of Nations have all been booked as lesser than the stars of yesteryear. To see Ambrose get to show so little fight and fire is really disappointing. **3/4

Rich Kraetsch: I liked this but it felt like something was missing. The match, as anyone could have predicted, focused on Brock suplexing and destroying Ambrose while The Lunatic Fringe would find openings every so often to use a weapon. The entire match felt like it was building to a moment where Dean would use his ace in the hole and win the match. Then, it was over. It never quite hit that second gear and has to be considered a tremendous disappointment. **3/4


WWE Women’s Championship
Charlotte © def. Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

Bryan Rose: After months of bad booking that really got no one over, and uninteresting but okay build for this match, the end result was…really amazing. All three women shone here. Add the fact they finally got rid of the butterfly Diva belt and the term Diva itself seems to be dead, for the first time in ages it seems like WWE is really going all the way with the women feeling pretty damn important. This helped the match, which was great action throughout and never let up. All three women were fantastic here and there was a bunch of fun near falls and submissions. No one looked bad, no one was made to look like a geek. Of course, everyone will say this was Sasha’s night, and it was probably was, but I didn’t mind the finish too much. They see something in all three of them, none of them are going anywhere and while I wouldn’t have had Charlotte retain, what’s done is done. Fantastic match. ****1/4

Alex Wendland: Finally the second WrestleMania-worthy match of the night…and it had to be ruined by a dirty finish. Is this WrestleMania or is this some garbage July WWE Network special? None of these matches mean anything and let’s not forget that the first woman to ever hold the WWE Woman’s Championship needed a man to get the job done. Her father no less. You’re not fooling anyone here, WWE. As much as everything surrounding this match was problematic, the action was exceptional. It felt like a big deal and it was a big deal. Additionally, it was the only match on to this point on the card that was treated like a big deal to the fans in Dallas. I loved everything until the ending of this match. Where was Snoop? Can we get a main roster women’s division with results that are befitting the exceptional talent putting on the show? ****

Garrett Kidney: It’s matches like this that real revolutions are built upon. From the entrances, to the atmosphere, to the performances to the post-match fireworks – everything about this match felt like a big deal. It felt special. These three (as well as Bayley) form the basis of a perfect foundation for a division that could become something special, that could legitimately change the perception of mainstream womens wrestling. They worked the better form of a three way match, building around all three women rather than an unimaginative series of singles matches. Charlotte’s moonsault to the floor was flawless. Becky’s suplexes were awesome. Banks was magnetic from start to finish. On a show featuring AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose, and The New Day – these three outshone them all. ****

Rich Kraetsch: More than just the formation of a new women’s division within the company, this match ushered in a new era. People will have gripes with the finish (Charlotte retaining the championship) but this was a match that meant so much more than who stood tall at the end. Sasha Banks is a made woman after this match showing off her tremendous skill and bumping ability and Becky, while being overshadowed at times, held her own and looked every bit the mega babyface we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. One of my biggest gripes about modern WWE is how triple threat matches are booked. You know what I’m talking about big move done to one of the wrestlers, they roll out of the ring for five minutes, someone takes their place, rinse and repeat. Throw that out of the window. These women found creative ways to integrate all competitors into almost every moment of the match and despite one big botch and some other sloppiness, their ambition should be revered. This was without a doubt the best main roster women’s match I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see what magic these women can achieve with the company finally behind them.  ****1/4


Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker def. Shane McMahon

Bryan Rose: This was a pretty okay match highlighted by a sick spot. Shane looked better than I would imagine and didn’t look lost, and took a lot. I just find it funny for weeks they were pushing this “RAW MIGHT BE BETTER AGAIN GUYS” if Shane wins, then…he didn’t. So Raw is going to continue to suck, guys. They’ve told you outright. More weird booking on a weird show. But the match was fine for what it was. ***

Alex Wendland: What the hell am I supposed to think of this match? The whole thing led to one insane, incredible, Shane-O-Mac-only spot. Arguably the spot to end all spots in the history of WWE. From the second Shane got to the top of that cage my heart was in my throat. It was unbelievable in the best way possible. Yet again, every single match in WrestleMania 32 has cut against the grain of what the majority of this audience wanted to see. Shake Them Ropes’ Rob McCarron said it best: “We had our show on Friday. Sunday is Vince’s show.”

This was a three-star match that I’ve GOT to push to four-stars for Shane’s beautiful, stupid leap. ****

Garrett Kidney: I kind of loved this. This was two middle aged men slowly, dramatically trying to murder each other. They slowly built the match toward that one huge, jaw dropping, heart pounding spot – each moment progressively bigger and more daring than the last all leading to that final unbelievable leap of faith. I was legitimately concerned for Shane’s well being when he climbed that cage. This is exactly what I expected out of this (and probably a little more because they relied less on outside shortcuts and had more of a straight up match). These two did a tremendous job selling (and some cases it may not have been selling) the stakes of this match and exhaustion of the match. Undertaker and Shane’s facials and body language were perfect. The whole thing was one giant spectacle. It wasn’t about moves or holds (even though there were a surprising number of holds), it was all about emotion, drama, spectacle and pageantry. And one insane, memorable bump. It was exactly what it should have been. ****

Rich Kraetsch: I was a little surprised at the reaction of wrestling Twitter throughout this match. No, it wasn’t quickly paced. No, it doesn’t make sense that Shane McMahon took The Undertaker to his limit. Yes, Undertaker winning means The Authority remains in power for now, but what did you expect? It was Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker, the story going in made no sense, Shane had to work a somewhat even match with Undertaker for it to have any kind of juice (as little as this match did) and The Authority will remain in power for now. Reactions have seen this match used as a microcosm of all that’s wrong with WWE and I think that’s way too extreme. There are plenty of other glaringly awful booking decisions (hell, on this show alone!) that represent WWE’s misrepresentation of their fanbase’s wishes. Oh and the Shane bump. Literally insane. You’ll see this spot over and over and over again in video packages and rightfully so, this was one of the most impressive, dangerous and scary things I’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring. ***


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Winner: Baron Corbin

Bryan Rose: It was a battle royal. Too much focus on Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry. If I never have to see those three on television again I’d be so happy. The Shaq/Big Show stuff was okay, but would have probably been hotter years ago if they actually did it back then. Everyone else was completely irrelevant. DDP was in and did his stuff. Corbin getting the win and the rub was a nice choice. It actually felt like for once WWE was giving someone a win because they plan on a direction for someone, which felt like a breath of fresh air on this show. 1/2*

Alex Wendland: They put a young guy over for the first time on the big show! That guy was Baron Corbin. This was garbage with a bow on top. There’s no problem if the ARMBAR goes on 2nd and this is what happens, but after the mess of booking that has been this WrestleMania, this is par for the course and what WWE deserves after the mess their promotion has been since WrestleMania 31. *

Garrett Kidney: I was writing my part for Undertaker vs. Shane and I looked up to see Tatanka in the ring, unacknowledged by the announcers, just standing there in the corner and I was suddenly very confused. Baron Corbin, who is a terrible, bland, soulless, emotionless, charisma void wrestler who managed to join Bram in the club of people who even Austin Aries couldn’t drag to something watchable, who people suddenly pretend he isn’t those things because he’s good at banter, won in a boring match highlighted by an old basketball player. *

Rich Kraetsch: Battle Royals suck. Baron Corbin, who’s been an amazing heel in NXT won this and was put over like a babyface. Go home WrestleMania, you’re drunk. ½*


WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Roman Reigns def. Triple H

Bryan Rose: The weird thing about this match is that it wasn’t bad. It really wasn’t. But the psychology was all wrong, not to mention the fact that the crowd didn’t care and were chanting for NXT and Nakamura. It’s the worst kind of match you can have to close out the show where it’s solid, but not what you would imagine from a WrestleMania main event. It was so much like Orton/HHH from WrestleMania 25, except this had a less interested crowd and a finish no one except Vince McMahon wanted. But at the end of the day, this was the show he wanted, and for the first time in years he didn’t let anyone tell him otherwise. The end result? The biggest event in WWE history. Over 85,000 people. A new live gate record. Tomorrow’s subscriber numbers will probably be huge. It’s just not the best one in terms of in ring quality, booking, logic, or storytelling. But I guess those aren’t important anymore on the biggest stage of them all. **1/2

Alex Wendland: One hour. One full hour. That was the time between Baron Corbin eliminating Kane in the Battle Royal and the start of the “main event.” This could’ve been the greatest match of all time and we’d have been disengaged by the time it started. This was trash. As of the conclusion of this match, never have 101,763 people in one area been so quiet. If you think about it, though, this was the perfect main event for this WrestleMania: slow, boring and bad. They tried literally everything to get Roman Reigns cheered in this match, including the ol violence against women trope. This was a WrestleMania with just two matches that I would recommend TO A WRESTLING FAN. I can’t believe they put on a show of this scale that was this bad. I know WWE can shoot itself in the foot, but this was a new level of…whatever that was. **1/2

Garrett Kidney: I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I’ve been watching this show for nearly seven hours, if the pre-match Rock shenanigans took the steam out of me, or whether it was Triple H’s trademark slow, plodding, needlessly long methodical match structure but I couldn’t connect with this match on any level. Instead of working a compact, action packed fifteen minutes sprint, they went double that – basically ensuring that the audience got bored. The Reigns push failed long ago but that hasn’t stopped WWE. They haven’t shown any inclination toward adjusting for the audience’s response, instead burying their head in the sand and driving forward. Reigns will fail as champion, that’s not a bold prediction or anything it’s simply a fact. Add this to the ever increasing pile of underwhelming, underperforming Triple H WrestleMania main events. I was even excited for this match before that show and it slowly sucked the life out of me. A really disappointing, but not entirely unexpected end to the show. I’ll never understand how you can totally ignore the responses of your paying audiences. **3/4

Rich Kraetsch: On our preview of this show, I wondered if we’d see the standard Triple H WrestleMania main event — generic “methodical” dollar-store Harley Race-esque offense from Triple H building to a big moment of comeback for Roman Reigns. We got that but it was so much worse than I can even describe. This show ended 48 minutes after the hour, that’s almost a full hour longer than any four show should go. This combined with an unimaginative match structure absolutely killed the crowd and wrestling Twitter from every corner buried this match six feet deep and rightfully so. Maybe if Roman was moreover this would’ve been different but I really don’t know, it sucked. It went too long. The layout of the match led to no points where the crowd could even get into it. Roman had a few points here and there where he’d rise up but his lack of connection to the crowd made those utterly emotionless. Then he just… won.

Triple H main events suck. I feared we’d get WrestleMania 25 vs. Randy Orton all over again and while that was a worse overall match, the feeling was all too similar. This may not be the worst WrestleMania main event of all-time but it was certainly the most boring. There’s no excuse for this type of match this long into a show. **