WWE WrestleMania 32 Preview
April 3, 2016
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas

Watch: WWE Network

WrestleMania is the biggest wrestling show of the biggest wrestling weekend here in the United States, and the Voices of Wrestling panel we have chosen to preview the show is a collection of some of the best in the business… and Rob McCarron. We’ll take you through our thought process on the potential winners, surprises, future direction and more as we head into WrestleMania 32!

Your VOW WrestleMania 32 preview panel…

  • Rob McCarron (@ShakeThemRopes): Host of Shake Them Ropes, former Wrestling Observer Raw Correspondent.
  • Jeff Hawkins (@Crapgame13): Host of Shake Them Ropes, current VOW Raw correspondent.
  • Rich Kraetsch (@voiceswrestling): Host of Voices of Wrestling and The K&P Show.
  • Sean Flynn (@spiffie6123): Former VOW Monday Night Raw correspondent.

WrestleMania 32 Kickoff Show (WWE Network & USA Network)

voicesofwrestling.com WrestleMania 32 Dudleys vs Usos

Rob McCarron: This may be the end of the road for D-Von Dudley, possibly with Bubba breaking off into a singles. Or they both go. Or this is just a match and nothing changes. Prediction: The Usos

Jeff Hawkins: The Usos teased putting a Dudley through a table with a double splash. I see that happening here. Perhaps to get D-Von out, as Rob has alluded. Prediction: The Usos

Rich Kraetsch: It’s easy to forget this match is even going to occur on Sunday but it should be solid. Whether you like the Dudley Boyz in 2016 or not, they still find a way to deliver at least respectable matches every time out. On the flipside, The Usos remain one of the more boringly consistent teams in WWE (always good, rarely great). The combo of these two means absolutely nothing in the context of this Mania but whatever, it’s a pre-show match, the Dudleys probably go through some tables and we all wonder when Bubba is going to go on his TNA-esque singles heel run. Prediction: The Usos

Sean Flynn: I don’t see a breakup angle happening with the Dudleyz, though I really hope that we’re going to see Bubba getting a singles push in the summer. This match means nothing in that regard, so crowd pleasing moment as both Dudleyz get put through tables simultaneously is the real finish. Going to say it happens post-match, after shenanigans. Prediction: The Dudley Boyz

voicesofwrestling.com WrestleMania 32 Total Divas vs B.A.D. & Blonde

Rob McCarron: Eva Marie has taken a lot of flack for being the 5th member of Team Total Divas. Some of it, however, has been completely unfounded. “She’s a face now!?” No, no she’s not. That was pretty clear on Raw. Eva is there as she thinks she can save her team and be the hero. Everyone else, however, doesn’t trust her, and doesn’t feel her motivations are aligned with the rest of the group. Brie is done after this show, so I can easily see her taking the fall after an Eva miscue. Or, she wins, and gets a nice sendoff. I’m 50/50. Prediction: B.A.D. & Blonde

Jeff Hawkins: There’s only two endings for this: Eva saves the day and earns the trust of her fellow castmates after years of distrust…or she screws them and we get more contrived reality television! Cash cow’s not dead yet, and green screen interviews are cheap. Prediction: B.A.D. & Blonde

Rich Kraetsch: The internet exploded Monday when (GASP!) Eva Marie was the mystery 5th member of Team Total Divas. OH NO! All it got was a big shrug out of me. I don’t know if people worked themselves into a shoot about this being some huge surprise like Lita or Trish Stratus but whatever, who cares, it’s a pre-show match that allows the remaining women on the roster to get a ‘Mania payday and work in front of “the largest crowd in history” (actual quote from RAW last week). Prediction: B.A.D. & Blonde

Sean Flynn: First off, if they needed a redhead that Total Divas fans would know, Saraya Knight is right there! Before all the rumors about Daniel Bryan having issues and possible marriage strife I figured that this would be the chance for Braniel to lead the crowd in one last Yes! Chant before heading off to days filled with composting and babies. But now the focus has turned to the living avatar of Total Divas, Eva Marie, and her interaction with her new team members. I wish this was later on in the show, as the crowd will not be settled in enough to fully express their disdain for her. I feel like it is impossible to really analyze this match without knowing what the plotlines for TD are going to be next season. It is a scene devoid of context, so we can only watch the spectacle. Prediction is decided by coin flip. Prediction: B.A.D. & Blonde

voicesofwrestling.com WrestleMania 32 Kalisto vs Ryback

Rob McCarron: A sleeper match, really. No one is giving this a shot, but it’s a Kickoff Show match with Kalisto as a first time singles competitor at WrestleMania. Ryback seems like a super motivated guy, and his best plus Kalisto’s best could make this a fun watch. Prediction: Kalisto

Jeff Hawkins: Or a “put you to sleep” match. Ryback’s going to get the intial heat, doing big guy strong spots throwing Kalisto around. Kalisto will come back and hit the crowd pleasing spots and end the pre-show on a high note. Prediction: Kalisto

Rich Kraetsch: This is going to steal the …pre-show. But, no, seriously. These two have solid chemistry, Kalisto will surely step up in a big moment and for all the flack Ryback gets, he’s not as bad as people make him out to be. The goal of this match (especially with the pre-show placement) is Kalisto doing a bunch of cool looking dives with Ryback as a base, a babyface title win and the crowd cheering as WWE makes their final sell for WrestleMania on the Network. Count me in. Prediction: Kalisto

Sean Flynn: I’m with Rob on this one. Being on the preshow should guarantee that this match doesn’t have time to get too slow or hang around too long. Give me 8-10 minutes of Kalisto flying around like a crazy person, being lawn darted by Ryback, and lots of random in-ring shouting from The Big Guy and I’ll consider this a success. Since this is being aired as the last chance to get people to buy the Network or the PPV I think it ends with the awesome flippy masked guy winning and the crowd being theoretically pleased with the outcome. Prediction: Kalisto

WWE WrestleMania 32 (PPV & WWE Network)

voicesofwrestling.com WrestleMania 32 Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Rob McCarron: Big Show and Kane have been continuously focused on as the two primary candidates for victory, which is about WWE’s norm. Focus on the big guys! The big guys have the best shot to win! I don’t anticipate a Big Show or Kane victory, however. The Wyatt Family has been a focus on WWE TV, but not really in regards to this Battle Royal. I feel that’s by design, as Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman are the most likely to win. Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Jeff Hawkins: If the Wyatts are anywhere near this, Bray wins. If not, I would not put a surprise past WWE here since this has no real consequence. Titus? Samoa Joe? Baron Corbin? A legend for one last pop such as Jake the Snake? Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Rich Kraetsch: I guess we’re all picking Wyatts, huh? In that case, I’m going with Braun Strowman! But seriously, Braun seems like the easy pick here. Clearly WWE thinks highly of the guy and an opportunity to show his girth in this style match is right up Vince McMahon’s alley. Moreover, with other notable all-time heavies like Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry in the fray, the opportunity for Braun to get the beefy torched passed to him makes all the sense in the world. Prediction: Braun Strowman

Sean Flynn: This has to be Braun Strowman doesn’t it? He’s big and fat and has a center of gravity approximately 4 inches below his shoes. Plus Roman is going to need some victims to plow through until Summerslam gets close, so I expect his endless history with the Wyatts to come into play. Expect it to come down to someone small and plucky bringing the fight to Braun until the big fella is just too damn fat to throw out. Maybe Tyler Breeze gets a moment in the sun. Prediction: Braun Strowman

WrestleMania 32 AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

Rob McCarron: Although AJ Styles has done almost nothing but win matches so far in WWE, there are still AJ Styles pessimists out there. Those pessimists think that Chris Jericho will get the win just to spite Styles. No other reason. “They’re going to beat Styles just to prove a point.” Well, sure, Styles may lose. The reasoning, however, could simply be to surprise the audience. After all, Styles is the most logical winner. Just a few years ago, Kane beat Randy Orton in what was thought to be an obvious Orton victory. It has happened before that, too, but the recent example shows Vince’s mindset at times when results are thought to be too obvious. Hell, look at the main event last year. Roman was an obvious win… until he didn’t win. I think AJ Styles will win, so all that could be meaningless. If Jericho wins, however, it won’t be “just to spite Styles.” Prediction: AJ Styles

Jeff Hawkins: Sting. This is last year’s Sting match. Everything says they should put over AJ Styles. Every piece of logic in your brain tells you AJ Styles as a new commodity should win here. Everything tells you it would help give AJ some more credibility, even though that’s debatable since we’ve seen this 3 times. But AJ isn’t a Vince/Dunn guy. He’s small, he’s a “rookie” he’s Southern. “He can be built to a point, but does he need big wins?” “Everyone’s expecting Styles, we need to mix it up.” I can hear these rumblings. Contrarian pick. Prediction: Chris Jericho

Rich Kraetsch: WrestleMania season is wrapping up so it’s time for Chris Jericho to go back to being a middling rock star. Funny how his band always has availability in March and April. Oh well. This feud started hot, got even better but has unfortunately succumbed to modern WWE story arch. If these two didn’t have to interact in some form every single week, it’d probably be a hot program. If instead of calling each other names, they just beat jobbers each week while calling the other one out, it would’ve still been a hot program. Unfortunately it’d been muddied by horrible distraction finishes, name calling and all the other crap that just proves simple is often the better route in pro wrestling stories. Regardless, the match will be pretty damn awesome. They’ll get time, Jericho is still as solid as they come and Styles is arguably the best wrestler in the world. I’ll try not to let the silly story ruin this for me because it could be great. Prediction: AJ Styles

Sean Flynn: If this match was Styles against nearly any other vet I’d agree with Jeff. But because it is against Jericho, I feel like he planned out this angle with AJ going over in the end. It seems as though Jericho is given a free hand to work his stuff as long as it stays firmly in the midcard, so meddling from Vince/Dunn isn’t being weighted in the way it normally would for me. Either way this will likely be the best wrestling match of the night, and if Jericho has anything left in the tank it has potential to be a classic. Prediction: AJ Styles

WrestleMania 32 Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Rob McCarron: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn in a singles program has to come out of this, and those singles matches throughout May should be great. It’s a big reason why I’m completely fine with them not doing Owens vs Zayn as a singles here at Mania. Let’s build up the program to those who may be unfamiliar, rather than just throwing Zayn vs Owens on the card to potentially be forgotten on a show with a load of important matches on it. If anything, this should be a really fun kickoff to the Owens vs Zayn feud we’ve really been waiting for. My prediction is either Owens or Zayn, but for story sake, Owens should win it. Prediction: Kevin Owens

Jeff Hawkins: Kevin Owens retains to move to a one on one with Zayn. Unless Zayn ruins it and they they think the feud is strong enough to move these two away from the belt and they give us a Zack Ryder transitional reign. But the safe money is on Owens. Prediction: Kevin Owens

Rich Kraetsch: The match that should definitely just be Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens, now involves Sin Cara, The Miz, Stardust…and Zack Ryder. Oh boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they should save Owens/Zayn for a PPV when it’ll have a little more focus, sure. My counterargument: now I have to watch Stardust. Look, this will still be a lot of fun, Dolph will take some crazy, unnecessary bumps and Owens/Zayn will have some fantastic interactions. Still, I’m way less excited for this than I should be. Owens retains to build towards his inevitable singles feud with Zayn. Prediction: Kevin Owens

Sean Flynn: This car wreck feels like the place to throw a curveball if you’re WWE. I think that Owens and Zayn end up canceling each other out in the match, and that moves them into a non-title feud post-WM. Because I said “curveball” not “acid-fueled fever dream” I can eliminate Stardust and Sin Cara. Each of the remaining three could win. Miz is always a safe choice to be a heel champion as he always gets feuds heated up reasonably well. Dolph has midcard credibility and would get a nice pop from the crowd. And Zack Ryder would be the curveball of curveballs. After much thought and deliberation, I think the spring will be about the chase for someone. Though why anyone would want this accursed title I’ll never know. Prediction: The Miz

WrestleMania 32 New Day vs League of Nations

Rob McCarron: New Day, with intervention from The Rock. The Rock is tired of coming back to support his loser cousin, so he’s going to demand to get paired up with a hot act. Hey, hey, how ‘bout some New Day. The Rock… Jonathan Coachman… New Day. Quite the group this week. Prediction: The New Day

Jeff Hawkins: New Day…is now well worn catchphrases and merchandise. Who is the fourth? Someone cool like the Rock or someone not so exciting like the Godfather and a bunch of hoes to dance post-match? Either way, the Lads get beat. Prediction: The New Day

Rich Kraetsch: Does anyone actually believe this is going to stay 4-on-3? There’s no way, right? Someone’s coming out to help The New Day and honestly, I’d be cool with this match breaking down into pure madness. Does anyone REALLY want to see The New Day and League of Nation have a 15-minute back and forth match? Admit it. You don’t, it’s okay. You want The New Day flying from the roof on unicorns, you want The Rock coming down to get involved somehow, you want Slick (who will be at the Hall of Fame the day before) shuckin’ and jivin’ with the New Day. Honestly, I’d be disappointed if we just got a well-worked match here, bring on the crazy~~!!! Prediction: The New Day

Sean Flynn: New Day has to find a way to go absurdly over the top with their entrance. If I were running the show this would be the moment for the glorious return of Ernest “The Cat” Miller and the red shoes of death. Though to be fair I find spots for that moment on most shows. Not just wrestling ones either. More realistically, given the way New Day has been neutered lately, I expect the traditional “all the weirdos get together, maybe Ron Simmons says ‘DAMN!’ and then everyone dances” spot here with Francesca II playing “Deep In the Heart of Texas.” Also, wrestling may or may not occur. Poor Rusev, he had a tank and a ravishing Russian this time last year. Prediction: The New Day

WrestleMania 32 Divas Championship Sasha Banks Becky Lynch Charlotte

Rob McCarron: I could make a case for either of the three to win. My gut tells me Sasha Banks, with her then revealing the WWE Women’s Championship on Monday to usher in a new era of the division in actuality. Charlotte, of course, could win, then reveal a new belt and name for the division as a sign that she has cleared out the Divas. Becky Lynch, in what could be considered a surprise, could win and still face off with both Charlotte and Sasha afterwards to create a summer of strong women’s matches and programs. Whoever may win is certainly going to have to deal with Bayley on the main roster soon, also. Prediction: Sasha Banks

Jeff Hawkins: In most builds you either get everyone beating each other, or both challengers beat the champ. Becky has gotten squadoosh in this build. But, I think that’s kind of the point. Despite being the most technically sound, that’s what’s she’s here to do. This is a Sasha/Charlotte feud with Becky not being left out because she’s too good not to put in a match. With Flair, Arn, Hayes and Dean all giving “ideas” I can’t see anyone overruling Charlotte getting a “moment” here. I like all three. Lord knows I’ve been behind Sasha and Becky for a while, but I think Charlotte retains. Horsewomen forever. Prediction: Charlotte

Rich Kraetsch: The time has come for a new voice for the Divas division. No, Charlotte isn’t going anywhere, she’ll still certainly be apart of it but letting Sasha blossom is the right move here. If she wins, it has the chance to be yet another (but perhaps honest) restart to the “Divas” division. A Sasha win could signify the end of the Divas and the beginning of the women. A Sasha win could mean the Divas Revolution, for all it’s negative connotations could have actually worked out in the end and be a success. A Sasha win could mean so much to not only Sasha but every women’s wrestler in WWE and NXT. A new start, a fresh chance. Or, you know, Ric Flair can making humping motions and hold someone’s feet down while Charlotte pins her. I like the Sasha win better, let’s do that. Prediction: Sasha Banks

Sean Flynn: I know how we got here, but I don’t know where we’re going. With the Bellas no longer the antagonists of the division, and outside of Paige no other talents that can feasibly carry an important feud, the Divas cupboard is looking bare beyond these three. Maybe Emma is back for good. Maybe Natalya gets to act important again. Oh God Eva Marie is here and has to be involved in the title hunt for Total Divas plotlines. The point is that whatever happens here, these three will likely continue fighting over the belt for a while longer. If Banks is getting the full Snoop Dogg entrance, I have to think she gets the win on the big stage. Hopefully they don’t fall prey to Mania jitters. Prediction: Sasha Banks

WrestleMania 32 No Holds Barred Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar

Rob McCarron: Brock is 1-2 in his last three WrestleMania matches, with his lone victory being that match with Undertaker that no one thought he’d win. This year, I’m seeing a lot of talk about how there is no way Dean can lose. Not so fast, my friends. Dean is a loser on PPV. That’s basically his gimmick. He’s Mick Foley, in more ways than just now using the barbed wire bat. He doesn’t have to win to retain his fanbase. He doesn’t have to go in there against all odds and overcome those odds – he just needs to show that it is possible. He’s done that. He’s made it seem possible he could win the WWE title, without actually doing so. He’s made it seem possible that he could be made the top guy in WWE, without that being so. On Sunday, he’ll make it seem like he can beat Brock Lesnar… without actually doing so. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Jeff Hawkins: Dean Ambrose is going to get killed, and have another match Monday. That’s what they do to him. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Rich Kraetsch: Welp. I was coming into this space to make my “Dean Ambrose is a perennial PPV loser and is going to get destroyed by Brock” hot take but… I see that’s been done. Instead I’ll let you know that Dean Ambrose is a perennial PPV loser who once went over a year without a singles PPV victory. Sure, this is a new Dean Ambrose but, is it really? Does WWE see what seemingly so many of us do? I wouldn’t bet on it. Ambrose would be a made man with a big win over Lesnar here but the probability of that happening is slim. Brock is still Brock and while he’s being paid the big bucks, he needs to remain strong. This will be a really cool match with tons of bells and whistles, chainsaws, weapons — the perfect recipe for these two to do something special. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Sean Flynn: This match needs to be the closest thing to an old ECW crazy brawl possible. I want things and people flying everywhere. I want Lesnar picking up fans and using them as clubs to beat on Ambrose. Give me Dean trying to use the chainsaw but Brock just snatching it out of his hand, throwing it away, and accidentally decapitating R-Truth. All of the glorious violence and Dean Ambrose dying for our entertainment that money can buy. I expect Brock to beat Dean until he starts seeing Moxleys from centuries ago. But I think Dean will win. Why? Because he’s going to get help from an old friend. An old friend who has issues with Brock Lesnar. Yes, there is a plan, and every plan needs an Architect. Prediction: Dean Ambrose

WrestleMania 32 Undertaker vs Shane McMahon

Rob McCarron: The Sting vs Triple H match of this year. Something is up here, although I’m not sure what. The addition of the “Undertaker’s last WrestleMania” stipulation caused me to heavily lean on a Shane McMahon win. Shane gets everything if he wins, while Undertaker really gets nothing. He can lose things with a loss, but a win is just a win. With all of the injuries to WWE’s roster lately, it seems plausible that Shane was just called for this one night so that Vince could put on a good show. If that is the case, than Undertaker is winning and Shane leaves the next night. However, if Shane is going to take on a Bischoff role as an on screen player for a period of time, a Shane win is almost a sure thing. There are factors to go either way, so I’m tossing a coin. Prediction: Shane McMahon

Jeff Hawkins: Undertaker’s going to throw Shane around. Undertaker’s going to kill Vince. Somehow, Undertaker is also going to go down for three. How? Who knows. Secret plan with Shane and Vince? Shane and Balor Club? Shane and Wyatts? Shane and the Mean Street Posse? I myself think Shane and some remaining plunder from the street fight. Prediction: Shane McMahon

Rich Kraetsch: I’m having a hell of a time picking a winner in this match, especially with the added stip of Taker’s last Mania if he doesn’t win. I don’t think that teet has been sucked quite dry enough so I don’t see Undertaker losing. Yet… it doesn’t make sense for all this build to be put into Shane for a one-off match against The Undertaker. It really does feel like he’s apart of some grander change in the Authority role for the company. But still… it can’t be Undertaker’s last WrestleMania… can it? Some have theorized that Shane could simply win and say “Nah, you’re good” and allow Undertaker back but damn if that isn’t disingenuous. WWE has no regard for stipulations but that would be crass even by their standards. I thought all this babbling would help me decide who wins but I still don’t know. Let’s say Undertaker wins and Shane finds another way to shoehorn himself into the Authority picture. (Secret meeting, consortium, lawyers, paperwork, you know, exciting stuff like that!) Prediction: The Undertaker

Sean Flynn: The night after Mania is traditionally the most watched Raw of the year. I think this year the main event of that show is going to be Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon. Because Undertaker is going to win at Mania. But somehow even he will be an afterthought to McMahon family drama. I don’t know how it happens. One way or another Taker will beat Shane, and Shane will appear the next night on Raw with a challenge to Vince for one last fight. Sadly I don’t think we ever get to find out what’s in the mystery lockbox. Though I think we all know that it’s just naked pictures of Gary Strydom. Prediction: The Undertaker

wwe wrestlemania 32 preview Triple H vs Roman Reigns

Rob McCarron: How will WWE get out of a Roman Reigns victory this year? They don’t have the Money In The Bank this go around, and a DQ would be a super lame way to end the main event of WrestleMania. So, unless Triple H wins clean, what’s the other option? They don’t get out of it at all, is one. Roman Reigns wins, and off to the races we go. Or… Roman wins, and a heel turn on Sunday night, leads us into a very interesting summer. However they do it, Roman has to win. He should, he will. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Jeff Hawkins: Here we are again. The precipice of the future. How do they play it? Heel turn? Straight ahead? Wyatts saying “anyone but you Roman” AGAIN? HHH beaten to the point of sympathy? Alliance with Shane? Steph turn on HHH to go with Roman? The possibilities are endless, the end…not so much, but it should be interesting on Monday with that crowd. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Rich Kraetsch: Let’s first set the record straight: Triple H aint winning. As tone deaf as this company is they wouldn’t dare have one of their primary figureheads walk out of Mania defeating one of their young stars. The question now becomes, how do you have Reigns win? Is it a simple Reigns… reigns supreme and we’re off the races with a janky, disjointed babyface world champion who isn’t over? Does Vince simply push through the muck and say to hell with it? Do we get the heel turn many have asked for? Honestly, option three seems the most likely at this point. The build to this match has shown that WWE has little faith in Reigns to perform at a high-level in front of a hostile crowd. With Seth Rollins due back soon and a glut of potential top babyface challenges, it seems so simple and so right that Reigns simply acts as a patsy for Triple H, The Authority and Vince McMahon and takes his rightful place as the corporate champion. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Sean Flynn: There can’t possibly be any way they deny Reigns for a second year, can they? No. If HHH goes over here then we are seeing not just a main event, we’re seeing the final changing of the guard for who controls WWE. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. HHH will have help, the match will be an old-school main event brawl, and I would not be surprised to see multiple legends interfere. But more than anything they so want Reigns to be cheered and loved as he finally reaches the mountaintop for more than 5 ¼ minutes. And only one ending could possibly make that happen. The familiar music plays, a triple powerbomb occurs, and the Hounds of Justice stand tall as a unit for the first time in almost two years. And really, either this happens, or we watch Rock try to endorse Roman again and get booed like crazy. I like Dwayne too much for that to happen again. Prediction: Roman Reigns