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They said it…

“Louisburg, Tennessee is not that big a town. I stayed…the hotel I stayed in, it was so small, so cheap, they stole *my* towels.” – Jim Cornette

The Usual Suspects

MLW Extra (3/19/15): Court runs down the Gawker verdict with (who else?) David Bixenspan. They discuss what went wrong for Gawker, what happens next, how much money Hogan is likely to see, and more. If you’ve followed Bix’s twitter closely none of this will be new information, but if you’ve only seen the “Hulk bodyslams Gawker for 115 million” headlines, this conversation does a good job digging deeper into the story. THUMBS UP

VIP Lounge (3/20/16): Former WWE star Carlito Colon joins Alex and MVP to talk about what he’s been up to in wrestling, being single (contrasted to MVP’s fatherhood), and working to preserve your body. That’s really it. There aren’t any great stories and everyone sounds bored by the end. This was a short show by VIP Lounge standards (going under an hour) but it still ended up dragging. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin Show #309 (3/22/16): Steve talks to former Navy Seal Mark Divine. The first half of the interview is actually really interesting, as they discuss how Divine went from a CPA to being a Seal, the harsh training to get into the program, his brief run in the beer brewing business that tore his family apart, transitioning out of the service, and more. But the interview is overlong at 90 minutes and starts to drag when he discusses his fitness regimen. I mean, why do we need another yoga program when we already have DDP Yoga? THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Sharpshooter Show #4 (3/22/16): Another NFL interview, as this time a chat with the Seattle Seahawks AJ Francis. The discussion is similar to last week’s talk with Torrey Smith, but Francis is a huge wrestling fan and even sticks around to discuss current events. But enthusiasm aside, it’s really no different from talking to any other fan. After that, Bret and company discuss the match against Diesel from Survivor Series 1995 (a great match, and Bret has some interesting insight) and run through the mailbag with some cool tidbits on the time Bret was a voice on the Simpsons. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Ross Report #110 (3/22/16): Former WWE Diva Mickie James sits down with JR. They have a fairly comprehensive call, covering balancing motherhood and wrestling, the WrestleMania match with Trish Stratus, the terrible TNA angle where James Storm threw her in front of a train, Global Force Wrestling, and whether or not John Cena got her fired (I had always heard of run-ins with Batista, but whatever). Thankfully Ross isn’t in full slobber mode like he has been with prior female guests, but aside from some interesting stories (like Vince almost firing her after her V-lick (her term) at WrestleMania) the interview is fairly bland. <James’ interview starts at 22:50> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #232 (3/23/16): Chris is joined by Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain (his real name, as confirmed in the interview). Lots of Maiden talk, including their current tour, their private 747, while the band still works today, the time a backstage fight got turned into a B-side, Bruce Dickinson’s battle with cancer, and more. McBrain is a definitely an affable fellow, but I began to lose interest when they were discussing the techniques of drumming. Maiden fans will devour this one, though. Jericho also talks to Maiden’s opening act Raven Age, whose lead singer just happens to the son of Maiden bassist Steve Harris. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

MLW Radio #218 (3/22/16): Colt Cabana talks to Court and Konnan, who is on time for once. The theme of the whole show is life after working for the WWE, which all three have done. There’s lots of talk of Colt’s life after WWE, bring his own boss and traveling to places like Russia to wrestle. It’s nothing you probably haven’t heard on Colt’s own podcast, but it works well in this context. Konnan also brings up Twinkie the Kid and the Yeti, hopefully ending that joke for good. Court tries to wrap up the show but they end up talking television for another 20 minutes in a goofy but endearing segment. THUMBS UP

Bauer & Pollock (3/23/16): B&P discuss the final build to WrestleMania (with an interesting aside on abusing gimmicks), more on the Hogan/Gawker verdict, MMA becoming legal in New York, Bobby Roode and Eric Young leaving TNA, UR Fights’ amazing first show, AAA’s Rey de Reyes and the state of lucha libre, the one year anniversary on the passing of Perry Aguayo Jr., what could have been with the WCW Invasion, Court being left home for WrestleMania XXIII, and more. A pretty packed week of news and some interesting asides like Court’s beef with Michael Hayes makes for a solid listen. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #294 (3/24/16): Former TNA Wrestler Johnny Devine is the guest. There’s actually not much talk about TNA (except in a tangential manner), the show is mostly about Devine’s early years, and his difficulties in breaking out while being isolated in Calgary. The last portion of the show deals with his harrowing story of getting stabbed during a street fight while in Nashville and subsequent recovery. This didn’t go where I expected, but it was a compelling listen. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #310 (3/24/16): The show titles lists DDP and Ted Fowler as the guests, but the show is mostly Teddy with DDP coming on for 15 minutes at the end. Ted Fowler 316 talks about the time he was in a Mexican jail (sadly, he got out), golf, and bug bites. Page then comes on to ostensibly discuss Freebird stories, but it quickly turns into him recounting his old WCW glory days. Honestly, not sure why I expected anything else. THUMBS DOWN

The Jim Cornette Experience #121 (3/24/16): “Jim Cornette talks with Joe Cazana.” That’s all the introduction says. Cazana is a former wrestler and historian (whose grandfather was a famed promoter), and he and Jim do a deep dive on Tennessee wrestling history. It’s really a lot of fun even if you’re not familiar with the territory. And the introduction goes as long as the actual interview, which I guess is progress. <Cazana’s interview starts at 43:46> THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #231 (3/25/16): Jericho has WWE referee Charles Robinson on to talk about their recent skirmish, but they blow through that pretty quickly. Soon it’s on to Robinson working on a nuclear sub (!), how he got into refereeing and WCW, a story where Arn Anderson didn’t talk to him for a year, his Ric Flair worship, Randy Savage collapsing his lung, moving to the WWE, and a funny prank involving the Rock. I probably wasn’t expecting much but Robinson has some great stories and a varied career. <Robinson’s interview starts at 4:34>THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

MSL & Sullivan Show (3/25/16): Something different, as MSL and Sullivan spend the whole show discussing current topics like Hogan’s big lawsuit win and what he really wants, UR Fight and what they did wrong on their first show, Stephanie McMahon and building talent, and the future of Daniel Bryan. Some might lament no retro review this week, but the current events discussion is always my favorite part of the show, and the change in format for at least one week was much needed. THUMBS UP