Welcome to WWE Main Event, where NXT talent comes to die!

Bo Dallas def. Darren Young

Bo Dallas looks like a can of Red Bull in his new singlet, and that’s the only hot take I have on this match. The Social Outcasts continue to pick up wins on other disgruntled midcarders that missed the opportunity to be relevant, even with a stupid gimmick. Watching the way that Young gets thrown around here, it’s hard to believe that he had a tag team title reign with Titus just last year. He lands some impressive suplex variations on the other members of the Outcasts, before going for a roll up that Bo just reverses by sitting on him, leading to Darren’s loss.

Naomi def. Paige

As the longest match on this episode, the streak of good Divas’ matches continues on Main Event. Paige showcases some of the stiff offence we know she is capable of, but rarely bothers to utilise. Brutal knee strikes, headbutts, and senton dives to the outside provide a reason as to why this is her house. Naomi too brings hard kicks and great character work she may have learnt from working with Sasha Banks. Paige tosses Naomi across the ring with a fallaway slam after some ineffective Mike Bailey kicks, following up with satisfying superkicks. Tamina saves her partner from certain defeat following a Rampaige, and gets another superkick for her trouble. After a bit of awkward cuddling, Naomi locks in Slay-O-Mission for the win. Great Divas’ match yet again, I’m starting to think it’s all due to Charlotte not being anywhere near them.

Ryback def. Tyler Breeze

Oh God why? Why is Ryback beating Breeze? Ryback is forever in this unwieldy push where he gets big wins on occasion and consistently ruins things for people you actually like. But it never leads to anything, sure he won the Intercontinental Championship but all he did with it was undo all the work Bryan had done to elevate it. He hasn’t been over since 2012, but here he is steamrolling through the wonderful Tyler Breeze. For the next two weeks, Breeze is relegated to the dark show of Main Event, the very bottom of the barrel and a loss to Ryback via Shellshocked sends him on his way.

Braun Strowman def. Fandango

It’s clear from the get go that Dango is well out of his league. The Wyatts all crowd around a ringpost and laugh at him during his entrance like a gang of corner street bullies. Fandango just pretends they aren’t there and half-heartedly tries to get the crowd to dance. They don’t.

Using his natural grace, Fandango floats like a butterfly to avoid coming into contact with Strowman. As it turns out, he also stings like a butterfly, and gets floored before he can get a move in. In no time at all, he’s caught up in the choke, and it’s all over.

Final Thoughts: The women deliver yet again and get the time they deserve, but the show suffers overall from having four matches on it.