VOW Match Madness Tournament 2016

In celebration of the NCAA D-1 Men’s Basketball tournament, commonly referred to as March Madness, we here at Voices of Wrestling thought it might be fun to have a tournament of our own – VOW Match Madness, the Best Wrestler of Right Now.

We’re introducing Match Madness, a 64 Wrestler single elimination tournament set out to determine the Fans’ Choice for Best Wrestler of Right Now – Featuring YOUR VOTES determining the winners of every match, and eventually, the entire tournament.

Today, we’re set to reveal the Tatsumi Fujinami Region – 16 of the best wrestlers in major promotions in Japan. As the week goes on, we’ll continue to reveal the entire field of 64, including the final two regions: Bryan Danielson (Indies) and Brian Pillman (Wildcard).

The Tatsumi Fujinami Region (Japan)

voicesofwrestling.com Match Madness Tatsumi Fujinami

The Fujinami region features 16 of the best wrestlers from various promotions in Japan. Pro Wrestling NOAH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, CMLL, ROH, and Dragon Gate see entrants vie for the regional championship and trip to the Final Four. Discuss the seeding, vote for the winners of each match, and follow along to Match Madness at the VOW Match Madness Forum!

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