WWE Roadblock 2016
March 12, 2016
Ricoh Coliseum – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Watch: WWE Network

The Shake Them Ropes crew (Jeff Hawkins & Rob McCarron) take you through this weekend’s WWE Network exclusive live-event special – WWE Roadblock 2016 – featuring Triple H defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose.

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Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt

Jeff Hawkins (@crapgame13): Brock smash Rowan, Brock smash Harper, Brock have staredown with Strowman, Brock eventually pins Bray. Something smells about replacing Harper with Bray, but I guess since Bray has no WrestleMania plans for which to be built, he’s as good a choice as any. That said, the tease at the end of Raw where he caresses the belt feels like it might lead to something, so he could take the loss here and the Wyatts may end up reappearing in the main event. I’m counting on it. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Rob McCarron (@ShakeThemRopes): A shocker would be this match going longer than five minutes proper. If WWE adds another Andre battle royal to this year’s WrestleMania, Braun Strowman’s use at Roadblock will be interesting. If he escapes Brock-Smash, that could be telling to his use inside the Andre match. I wouldn’t be surprised, either, if Braun does get destroyed by Brock as well. Bray should escape too much punishment, but he probably won’t escape a loss. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

Jeff Hawkins: I am quite fond of both of these teams for different reasons. The Revival is as close to old school 80’s tag team wrestling as one can get in the modern Sports Entertainment era (and they still need a cowardly manager, where can I send a tape). Enzo and Cass are a living embodiment of Henry Hawk and Barnyard Dawg from the old Warner Brothers cartoons (look it up). I tend to think American Alpha win the belts in Dallas, but Enzo and Cass aren’t on the NXT card and they’re not on the WrestleMania card yet. I would not put it past anyone to put the belts on Enzo and Cass here for a couple weeks as a thank you for time served, and add a team to the NXT Dallas match. What gets taped isn’t always what is shown. The safe money is on the Revival, but I have a feeling that if Enzo and Cass are main roster bound, this would make a nice introduction with a win, be it clean or otherwise. Prediction: Enzo and Big Cass

Rob McCarron: There are a ton of reasons why it makes sense for Enzo & Cass to win here. They aren’t on the NXT Takeover Dallas or WrestleMania card at all right now, which seems criminal based on their ascent over the past year. They’re also a much hotter act than the Revival, seemingly able to get American Alpha over more as a serious team in NXT. Plus, an E&C vs Alpha vs Revival triple threat for the titles at Takeover could work. However, I’m sticking to my belief that nothing major is happening on this show. At least, nothing that will change the Mania weekend cards. Prediction: The Revival

WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day © vs. League of Nations (Sheamus & King Barrett)

Jeff Hawkins: Awwwww Toronto! Semi-heels vs. Hired Goon Heels. The New Day are just whimsical enough to pull off being faces for this match, and the League of Nations went from potential power to C-list Rogues Gallery. I rank them somewhere between Justice League Antarctica and Firestorm’s villains. Barrett’s on his way out, so he’s doing the honors, my hope is Sheamus puts on a good show and doesn’t kill Kofi. I’m not expecting much other than the paint by numbers to get to spots, but it is a house show, perhaps this will over deliver Prediction: The New Day

Rob McCarron: King Barrett is in the YOSHI-HASHI role on Saturday, ready to take the fall to Big E’s Big Ending, most likely. New Day will retain the titles, and run off to their next adventure – something something Statue of Libooty. Prediction: The New Day

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H © vs. Dean Ambrose

Jeff Hawkins: Say it with me, “Dean Ambrose is not winning the WWE Championship.” Say it again, “Dean Ambrose is not winning the WWE Championship.” Keep saying it until you no longer have doubt. Will it be a fun hard hitting brawl? I think so. Will it be safe so as not to put HHH at risk? Yes. So that means Dean is taking copious amounts of damage. But wait, Dean is third from the top at WrestleMania, is he not? How do we rectify this? Enter the Wyatts, because I don’t believe in coincidence. Then enter Brock, who will save both Dean and presumably HHH (who may be “laid out” to avoid a confrontation) to then deliver a F5 to Dean leaving him easy pickings. Everybody “wins” in that the Wyatts get their heat back, Brock gets built up with Dean, Dean gets screwed out of the title again and HHH gets booed. Prediction: Triple H

Rob McCarron: You wouldn’t sacrifice the second-top babyface in WWE, currently scheduled to have a main event match at WrestleMania, in a storyline get-me-over match at Roadblock… would you? Here’s what I know won’t happen – Dean Ambrose winning the WWE Championship from Triple H. It’s not happening, so temper expectations. I don’t believe Dean will lose without some sort of interference, either. In fact, I think Dean will win the match – via DQ. The big moment of the show will be the return of Roman Reigns to help clear the ring, showing his continuing support of Dean while also being ready for the fight from Triple H. Prediction: Dean Ambrose… via DQ