We’ve got some real star power on WWE Main Event this week. Kevin Owens faces the Ace of Main Event and Rusev beats Ryback for the hundredth time!

Kevin Owens vs Jack Swagger

In a match that is comparable to perhaps Naito vs Tanahashi, our lord and saviour Swagger, faces his toughest challenge yet. His incredible run on recent Main Events has actually given me the feeling that he could win here. This is his show after all, and it’s not like anyone would watch this and see Owens take the loss anyway. Maybe Swagger is lined up for a big push and it starts here?

I snap out of it as soon as they lock up.

Swagger’s streak has certainly seemed to affect his confidence however: he opens the match strong and goes toe to toe with Owens. Naturally it isn’t long until Owens regains control and sarcastically puts his hand on his chest and yells “WE, ARE IDIOTS” before hitting Swagger with a senton. After a bit more banter (including singing Oh Canada during a headlock), and a pop-up powerbomb reversal into into a Patriot Lock, Owens finally hits his finisher and wins the match. Surprisingly fun match, and most certainly recommended.

Dudley Boyz vs The Ascension

Last week, the Dudleys lost to the Social Outcasts, so this match is now for the official crowning of the ultimate jobbers in the tag team division. It only takes four minutes to crown worst team in the WWE as the Dudleys don’t even pretend to treat Konnor and Viktor as a threat. A ‘hot’ tag to D-Von ends in a 3D for the win.

Rusev vs Ryback

This match has been done many, many times, spanning three different pay per views. I’m doubtful that this will be their best match, nor their last, but should be as solid as always. This makes for one of the best main events of WWE Main Event in some time. It runs for just the right amount of time before Ryback’s limited moveset gets boring, and there’s a bit of experimentation of moves from both wrestlers. Multiple tests of strength leave the two powerhouses exhausted, throwing haymakers at each other until one of them collapses. It’s no Ishii vs Honma, but close enough. Thanks to a slap from Lana, Rusev is able to lock in the Accolade and submit Ryback.

Final Thoughts: Two good matches this week, hopefully setting a trend for the rest of the year. For the first time, Main Event isn’t utterly skippable!