No column next week, as it is school vacation and I will likely be too busy with games of Monopoly Jr. to listen to any podcasts in a timely manner.

Flair hasn’t posted a show yet. Also, nothing blew me away so no best of the week.

The podcast week in review, brought to you by Guitar Center (or by Voices of Wrestling’s Amazon, WWEShop and SeatGeek affiliate links).

They said it…

  • “Creative satisfaction is highly underrated.” – Sean Waltman
  • “Smelly went to go make these shirts up, and they said ‘I’d rather be dead than average.’ And it says Mad Dog Mike Bell, and a guy said ‘Are you Mad Dog Mike Bell?’ And Mark said ‘No, that’s my brother.’ And he said ‘What happened to him?’ And Mark said ‘Well, he’s dead.’ And the guy said ‘That’s dedication.’” – Chris Bell

The Usual Suspects

VIP Lounge (2/8/16): Willie Mack of Lucha Underground joins MVP and Alex. They talk about Mack’s crazy upbringing, how he got into wrestling, getting signed by the WWE and immediately getting released, how he rebounded with Lucha Underground, working for Lucha Vavoom, and a lot more. There’s some decent information here, but it never really grabs you, and Willie seems to disappear at points. Although you do get to hear Alex tell the story about the Boogeyman having an asthma attack again. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin Show #297 (2/9/16): Steve talks to recent Broken Skull Challenge contestant Todd Carroll about his recent appearance on the show. They discuss his strategy on events like the Log Jam and the Nutcracker. I understand Steve using his podcast to push his television show, but the interview isn’t good. At least the last guy had an interesting MMA story. THUMBS DOWN

The Ross Report #104 (2/9/16): Sean Waltman makes his second appearance on the show. In a bit of a format change, Ross fields questions from Twitter, so Waltman talks about some pretty obscure topics (plus you get to hear Ross say wacky Twitter names). Topics addressed include wrestling in Global, the infamous angle with Razor, and the famous Raw match with Bret Hart. Waltman’s recollection is fairly amazing (he knows the date of the Hart match off the top of his head) and this is an enjoyable show. <Waltman’s interview starts at 18:30> THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #220 (2/10/15): Primo & Epico Colon sit down with Y2J. Lots of talk of Puerto Rican wrestling to start, from Carlos Colon’s stardom to the death of Bruiser Brody. Then it segues into a discussion of how both men found their way into the WWE, teaming up, becoming the Matadores (and getting paired with El Torito), and more. There are a lot of fun stories here, like Carlos chaperoning a WWE tryout and Jericho getting hit in the eye with a football. Jericho closes out the show with a brief but heartfelt remembrance of Axl Rotten. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #213 (2/10/16/16): Daniel Bryan, not surprisingly, dominates the early part of the show (they even play part of his speech to open the show). Court and Konnan discuss both his segment on RAW, and also what it means for both Bryan and the company going forward. Konnan also gets into the recent turmoil of AAA but doesn’t say a lot, although he comes off surprisingly sympathetic to Sexy Star. There’s an unfunny mailbag segment, but a fun discussion of ECW at the very end of the show saves it. THUMBS UP

Bauer & Pollock (2/10/16): John and Court (who sounds terribly under the weather) of course spend the first chunk of the show talking about Daniel Bryan’s retirement and legacy (and that first class of the Texas Wrestling Academy), CMLL looking to broadcast TV abroad, CM Punk’s planned fight, Okada’s thoughts on the WWE, Mike Quackenbush as a trainer at the Performance Center, ROH upgrading their television setup, and more. Sadly nothing about the Titus O’Neil story, which I guess broke too late, but still a handy recap of the week’s new. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #286 (2/4/16): Something totally different this week, as we get a preview of Colt’s new podcast “The Wrestling Fringe” where he and a guest discuss a wrestling story on the, well, fringe. This week Colt speaks about Tom Magee’s infamous tryout match with Bret Hart, and how the WWE though they had found their new Golden Boy. It’s done in a produced NPR style, and it’s an interesting first effort, if on the short side, but long time fans won’t learn a lot. He’s got other shows with Rob Naylor and David Bixenspan over at, which I won’t be covering, since Howl is a paid site (although the code “Colt” will get you a free month). THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Jim Cornette Experience #115 (2/11/16): No guest this week, as instead Jim and MSL discuss Jim making nice with Marco Corleone, more trash talk for Lucha Underground, an extended bit on on the Rick Pitino/Louisville Cardinals scandal, and a lot on Daniel Bryan’s retirement and the cost of high impact wrestling these days. A mixed bag, although the Bryan stuff is very well done. This is MSL’s last show, as he’s replaced by Brian Last next week, which should be great. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #221 (2/12/16): Legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen in the guest this week. He talks about his career, and working with acts like KISS, the Clash, John Lennon, Blondie, and a lot more. I liked the discussion of modern photography in a age where everyone has a camera at all times. The show is basically a Gruen monologue, but he has a lot of great stories so you won’t mind Jericho seemingly vanishing for minutes on end. Just note: if you aren’t really familiar with a lot of these acts, you may not get a ton our of the show. THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show #18 (2/12/16): MSL & KS run down the week’s news, notably the Daniel Bryan retirement, but also on the recent incident where TNA’s Raquel was assaulted in the ring during an independent show (which Sullivan ties into an incident early in his career). Then they review the second hour of the 9/2/96 Nitro where the Giant joined the New World Order, which leads to an interesting discussion on why the Giant was chosen. A quick mailbag closes out another solid show. THUMBS UP